Episode 3: Sacred Treasure Lostvayne

With all the build up to the Gowther and Diane fight, I was a bit disappointed it was resolved so quickly. But on the other hand, it has to move the plot along, especially with the Ten Commandments on the move. And while I don’t really like Meliodas all that much, I always appreciate it when he gives someone a good thwak to the head when they deserve it. With what Gowther did, he rightfully deserved so.

I have such a hard time connecting with Gowther at this point since he clearly doesn’t understand human emotions and just does things while observing the cause and effect. But I can’t completely hate him since he’s just trying to learn things his own way. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way since it seems that Diane also feels the same towards him after finding out that he was never human, but actually a doll created by powerful magic. As someone who has skipped ahead in the manga I constantly had to refrain myself from saying anything when my friend wonders how Gowther survived when his head got cut off at one point. Well, there’s your answer lol.

With how it was set up in season 1, I thought after meeting King, it felt like the plot was moving into searching for the sacred treasures. Since he had explained their significance and importance, it almost felt fit for them to go on a fetch quest, especially since they found Diane’s sacred treasure fairly quickly. But, I guess that was a fake out because we get flung into the final struggle arc, which was actually pretty good since I didn’t see it coming. However, I was starting to wonder when the story would address the missing sacred treasures again. I was surprised at how somewhat anticlimactically Merlin gave Meliodas’s treasure back. At this point I’m like, “of course she had it” because Merlin is OP as heck with her transporting everyone to Camelot, FLYING Hawk’s mama (that part actually amused me a lot) and shielding the ENTIRE kingdom from the Albion’s attacks if not temporarily. I actually don’t know what to think of Merlin right now. So far she just seems like she always has the right thing for any given situation. I guess I’m conflicted with her character? But I digress…

All of season one, the Sins were basically OP as heck compared to everyone they went up against, except for Hendrickson. However, we see that that chapter has now closed and the power levels of the enemies are much higher. The albions aren’t even the main bad guys and their levels are already 1000 over the Sins. Which means that the Ten Commandments are going to be ridiculous in their levels. Certainly something to look forward to if the opening is any indication.

Episode 4: The Ten Commandments on the Move

And thus we get to see what’s going on with Ban and King and by the looks of it, not so great with another awakened Albion attacking the Fairy Forest and Gerhearde trying to force Ban into being tree food for eternity. But man, if I didn’t love King back in season one, I as sure as do love him now (even though I loved him back then too and just love him even more lol). He’s the king these fairies don’t deserve. Despite the cruel treatment on his arrival back to the forest, he valiantly fought to protect it with everything he had, even going as far to almost get himself killed.

Words can’t describe how much love King has for his home and his friends. He cares so deeply to those he treasures that he’s willing to sacrifice everything to protect them and it literally kills him on the inside when he sees that he can only do so much. Especially how in the past he wasn’t able to save his friends who were kidnapped, he had to kill his best friend, had to wipe the memories of his beloved, find out that his original home was destroyed and his little sister killed. I think King suffers from caring too much, but that’s also what makes him such a great character and why I love him so much. To see the fairies rise up to protect the forest in his stead and having Gerheade tell him that he needed to live above all else, hurt him deeply. HE JUST WANTS TO BE A GOOD KING.

We see how far this determination can go as King is able to pull out True Spirit Spear Chastiefol and one shot the Albion. The build up to it was so emotionally charged as well and to hear all of that emotion from the VA, that’s voice acting quality right there. Not to mention the pose that King did after he speared the Albion was just 10/10. Sorry, my animation nerd is showing, moving on. I also get the feeling Ban is rubbing off on him as he even states that he’s a “greedy” king who wants to protect everyone.

But man, can I just say that Galand’s arrival was also SO GOOD. Especially since Hawk had pointed out that his power level was a ridiculous 26,000. And even then, Galand isn’t at his most powerful but he’s weakened. I think THAT was the kicker to that whole scene and it was so well done. That final shot of darkness surrounding Galand and that single glowing eye gave me CHILLS. It’s so foreboding and it’s fantastic. With the Ten Commandments being beyond OP, at this point, I’m actually finding it difficult to believe that the Sins can defeat them. Seriously though, how are they going to top 26,000 power?


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