Dorei-ku The Animation – Episode 5

After last week’s shocking and exciting reveal of Ryuuou’s real identity I was really looking forward to episode 5 and I must say it did not disappoint. First off we learn that Zero was somehow able to override Ryuuou’s first command for him and he ran away. He wakes up tied up and he’s docile this time around, but Ryuuou and Chuo theorize that the SCM still doesn’t have total control over someone when they are enslaved. I feel like that’s a bit of a convenient evasion of explanation since before we’ve had characters who seem more willful than Zero be completely enslaved right away, but I suppose it’s included here at this point because of something that might happen later.

Either way, that doesn’t seem to be quite relevant yet. The important thing this episode for the Ryuuou faction is that they get a duel letter from ‘A Crazy Person’. That letter is quite original and funny to look at! Definitely right on the same wavelength as the rest of the show. I suspect that considering the involvement of Zenichi, that it might have been the same guy who gave him the SCM, but who knows!

Next, we learn a bit about Chuo Ataru. Adachi seems to be quite curious about him and she decides to go with him for a ride to thank him for saving her and Nakano before. He was made into Ryuuou’s slave by Julia. Adachi also seems interested in finding out how to get out of slavery.

It’s a bit sad to think that she was just kind of a bystander, she wasn’t really trying to get involved and now she has to endure this situation! I would imagine it’s despairing and frustrating to be in her position. Chuo admits that he used to think about that too, but not anymore. Now he just follows orders. He gives her a fair warning here too: not to trust anyone too much as there aren’t ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ in the situation. I appreciated that because it’s true! So far all characters have turned out to be cunning assholes at one point or another and that’s just the way they play the game.

In the Yuuga-Eia faction they also get a challenge letter from ‘A Crazy Person’. This is whe Eia starts getting cold feet and well, it’s both about time and also a bit earlier than I expected! About time because, well, the situation really is crazy and although Eia is kind of cunning and clever, she also still has a moral compass that Yuuga seems to be missing. She encourages him to release Ayaka and get out of the game, but Yuuga refuses. It’s funny because she thinks he’s changed, but no, he’s quite the same, it’s her who has changed her mind about this whole thing. I really am surprised their fall out happened so early and she storms off saying she won’t help him again or get involved, but that’s when Yuuga gets his ‘according to plan’ smile on.

Later on Eia gets a message from ‘A Crazy Person’ claiming they have enslaved Yuuga and she rushes off to help him, but I’d say it’s obvious the message is from Yuuga trying to fool her. And that he does! Once Eia arrives, Yuuga manipulates her into a duel by torturing Ayaka because he wants to make sure Eia will stay by his side and he’s find a way to make that happen. Here we see the true nature of Yuuga that has been hinted at since episode 2: he doesn’t care about what happens to others, only about his own insurance and he’ll do whatever to attain his goal. The duel between Ayaka and Zushioumaru can feel bit ridiculous if you can’t suspend your disbelief for long enough, but if you’re really into it, it’s absolutely horrifying. Poor Ayaka keeps getting abused left and right.

Now Eia is once again involved in this crazy game. So far she’s been the only one that hasn’t worn an SCM, I am kind of hoping she won’t have to until the end and that her eventual showdown will be against Yuuga. To see this asshole brought down to his knees by her, now that would be tremendously satisfying!

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