Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Episode 5

“I want to be a kid forever.”

Yeah, I think that’s the consensus of a lot of people. Now, they brought up a really interesting point with Hirotaka’s pierced ears at the beginning of the episode. They actually hold a lot of emotional meaning and I’m sad they didn’t get into it, but hopefully they’ll address it later. Because it literally broke my heart when I read about it.

That frappe looks super delicious

So we are introduced to a new character this episode and I’ve been wondering when he’d show up. After hearing about a new drink at Starbucks, (you can fool me censorship lol) Narumi goes to a nearby one and runs into a supposedly old friend, Nao, with Kabakura and Hanako sitting nearby spying (though unintentional at first). Hanako assumes it could be an ex boyfriend and we find out that Kabakura has a rather… weird perception of Narumi. I think he likes to believe she’s this pure maiden. Come on man, face reality. And I suppose that’s a good indicator that the two wouldn’t be a good fit for each other.

Also, Kabakura, your hypocrisy is showing as he tries to step in between Narumi and Nao even though in a previous episode he told Hanako to mind her own business between the little episode that Narumi and Hirotaka were having. Hanako even calls him out on it. And Kabakura proceeds to fuss like an overprotective father about the whole thing. “Is that kind of distance normal? Haven’t they ever heard of personal space?” Kabakura, you’re worrying way too much lol.

Kabakura and Hanako’s views on the topic clash, but not in the way they usually do. It was actually done in a very calm way, though Kabakura didn’t seem to be getting it. Kabakura would not want to see his significant other hanging out with exes while Hanako would rather know the truth. However, I do agree with Hanako that in these circumstances, the couple should talk things out. COMMUNICATION IS KEY. At first I was wondering why Hanako was being a little more soft spoken about the topic than usual. Was she seeing an ex or something…? And then it’s revealed that she just texted Hirotaka to come over to the Starbucks they were for the sake of his and Narumi’s relationship, much to Kabakura’s annoyance. Not sure if I agree with either of those two’s methods in this scenario… but whatever.

Everyone was probably up in arms over if this new guy was possibly going to be a new romantic rival, but nah, turns out it’s just Hirotaka’s little brother. And by seven years at that. Quite the age difference there, though I can definitely relate since I also have a sibling that’s nine years younger than me.

It was pretty hilarious when Nao revealed he’s not really into games or anime related things, Narumi and Kabakura freak out over him being a “normie.” Though Hirotaka resolves the weird tension by having them all play Super Smash Brothers. And while I can understand Hirotaka’s attitude towards Nao, dude, you’re an adult, quit being a jerk to your sibling! It’s fine to have weird sibling rivalries as a kid, but it’s frustrating to watch Hirotaka be completely dismissive towards Nao when he is like the nicest guy ever. Maybe it’s because of Nao’s inability to be decent at games or Hirotaka is just being a rude big brother, who knows. Either way, everyone has probably been in a situation where you’re playing a game and there’s this ONE person who is a pro and just wipes the floor with everyone. Always a frustrating thing… but Nao seems to take it in stride.

Then Kabakura has to go and make things awkward by essentially confronting Nao over Narumi already being in a relationship. To which makes things even more awkward with Nao assuming that meant that Narumi was in a relationship with Kabakura, which invokes a hilarious reaction. And can I say that Hanako is freaking boss by just showing she and Kabakura are the ones in a relationship by kissing him in front of everyone. Come on anime, LET US ACTUALLY SEE THE DANG KISS.

Precious Treasure~

Nao is a freaking treasure. He’s been rooting for Narumi and Hirotaka since the beginning and just breaks down crying in happiness once he finds out that Narumi is dating Hirotaka. I pronounce him captain of the Hirotaka x Narumi ship! Thought he’d be a love rival? Think again! He’s the captain of this ship! It was pretty hilarious how even Kabakura breaks down crying after seeing how loving and supportive Nao is. This is why you don’t jump to conclusions, Kabakura. And I agree with him, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BROTHER, HIROTAKA! AND DON’T TREAT HIM LIKE A NUISENCE!

This was a pretty simple episode with introducing us to the younger Nifuji brother. I appreciate they took the time to develop him a little bit with the entire episode instead of introducing him for one little scene and then going to do other things. Though, was it just me or did some of the animation and proportions look a little wonky in this episode? It didn’t take away any of the fun of the episode, it just looked a bit… weird at times.


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