Dorei-ku the Animation – Episode 6

I’ve wanted to know the history behind the SCM since the beginning of the series. What kind of twisted man would make a device to turns people into slaves? How awful do you have to be to think of a concept like that? Well, honestly, pretty awful. However it’s not the guy who made the SCM that is the awful person, but one of his assistants that ran off with the research.
The original purpose of the SCM was to be used on animals to help in animal training. So it’s fitting that we get this backstory from Zushiōmaru.

Zushiōmaru ran off from his home with Eia to follow a cute female dog. However, in his pursuit, he found himself lost and injured. This is when he came across a kindly man named Sumida. Sumida was making the SCM to make animal training easier, when one of his underlings, a man named Setagaya steals the research with the intention of using it on people.

Sumida takes responsibility for this and leaves the university. Zushiōmaru takes the scm in his mouth, with the intention of tracking down Setagaya and getting revenge for Sumida. He sets off to search for only a day, but comes back to find his kind new master. The man who treated him so kindly, hanging from the ceiling.
Wow, i’ve thought a lot about what kind of backstory we’d get for the SCM. This was nothing like I imagined. I felt genuinely bad when I saw the body hanging there.

After being left without an owner,  Zushiōmaru wanders trying to find Setagaya. We get a brief run of how we’ve seen him up until this last episode and now he has become the slave of Yuuga. Tying Eia to the SCM’s and leaving him unable to perform his task.

Speaking of Yuuga. I have little to zero sympathy for anything that happens to him this episode after what he put everyone through in the previous episode. Honestly, thank goodness I wasn’t reviewing last episode because did I have some strong words for Yuuga.
So watching his get owned by the ‘crazy person’ and tied up naked in front of his mother was oddly satisfying. Interestingly, the ‘crazy person’ has 3 slaves. Not counting  Ayaka that she stole from Yuuga. She also has Zenichi as was stated in the previous episode and the two people from episode 1.

Yuuga becomes her slave and is sent to capture Eia and Zushiōmaru. Where he finds himself in another duel, another loss, freeing himself from being the crazy persons slave and finding himself the slave of…Eia. Who was able to read him perfectly and go through with her promise to put on the scm and help him should he ever become a slave.

They track down another slave and force her into a duel. Eia, who was previously so against SCM’s in the previous episode is using her’s rather aggressively now. Of course, it all amounts to exactly what I thought it would. A crusade to free as many slaves as possible and to put an end to human slavery and SCM’s.

God I knew I was attracted to her from episode 1. I picked right, she’s got a wonderful passion and refuses to let anyone else suffer. She took her misfortune last episode and turned it right around. She did not have to suffer as Yuuga’s puppet but rather turned herself into the puppeteer.
I still hate Yuuga for what he did in episode 5. I hate that he abused Ayaka the way he did. I hate the way he claimed to ‘love’ Eia while making her suffer. Watching him team up with her to put an end to SCM’s does not redeem his character in the slightest for all the horrible things he did in just that one episode. It’s a start though.

Now we’ll just have to see how things go, can she realistically hope to overcome Ryuuou and the ‘crazy person’, other name Fujiko Taito?
What about her comment in episode one that she regrets deeply getting involved with any of this. What point in the series was that talking from? Episode five? or further on? Only time will tell, but this seems to be the path of the rest of the series and I am rather excited.

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