Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Episode 6

Okay, it’s official. I freaking LOVE the Kabakura and Hanako ship! This episode definitely showed a more tender side to their relationship and thank goodness because I was really wondering if they are actually a good couple. And I suppose it shows that despite them not really actually voicing apologies, they make it very clear in their actions. Which works for them I guess (though it’d probably be better and healthier if they voiced them). Before I delve more into that, the episode starts with a very random Kabe-don between Hirotaka and Kabakura. You can probably guess who put them up to it lol, considering they were taking several pictures in different angles.

This episode had a Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun vibe with two main characters not having their umbrellas while it’s pouring rain outside. Seemed to me that Narumi really has grown some pretty strong feelings for Hirotaka, even kind of flirting with him when commenting how she forgot her umbrella. Unfortunately, just like in Nozaki-kun, Hirotaka didn’t have his umbrella either. Though it was pretty hilarious how neither wanted to brave the rain because they didn’t’ want their valuables to get wet. Thankfully, Kabakura walked by and like Seo, gave them his umbrella as he ran out into the rain, leaving a couple of melting hearts in his wake. Though I’m pretty sure Hirotaka was just playing along, but that makes it even better. And Hirotaka demonstrates how to be a good boyfriend YET AGAIN by moving to the street side so that he could possibly protect Narumi (and his games) from random splashes from cars. And unlike Nozaki, he did it smoothly and with grace, without having Narumi get wet. It was literally the Gekkan scene done right lolololol.

Now this was probably one of the first REAL moments of tenderness between Kabakura and Hanako. Kabakura comes rushing underneath her umbrella soaking wet after Hanako was complaining about how she hates rainy days. Hanako’s reaction was adorable as she immediately started worrying about his health (even saying he should have called her) and then attempting to dry him as much as she could with her handkerchief. That was actually really adorable. And they end up having a date night at Kabakura’s place. I loved this scene because it showcased a softer side to their relationship. They didn’t have any arguing (thank goodness) and the only reprimands that were made only to show worries. Not to mention they cheered each other up with their presence, with Hanako stating that she loves rainy days and Kabakura decides to spend time with her rather than buy the new figure he wanted.

The next section starts off with Hirotaka once again being best boyfriend by recognizing that Narumi is not herself despite her claiming she’s fine (the typical I’m really not okay response). I love how perceptive Hirotaka is to the people around him and he genuinely wants to do something to cheer Narumi up. I know I’m a broken record of saying Hirotaka is best boyfriend but he literally is lol. Anyways, when Hanako suggests Hirotaka do something that Narumi would like, he immediately cuddles up to Kabakura and takes a photo of them. Needless to say I died at this moment. Hirotaka definitely knows his woman XD. And can I say that I love how much communication goes on in this relationship? Despite Narumi’s attempt to hide it, Hirotaka confronts her and after mildly offending him by saying it has nothing to do with him. They then sit down and take some time to talk about it. Hirotaka offers some gentle consoling but also tells her straight up that she can depend on him since he’s by her side, probably touching her heart in the process judging from her reaction. The reason she’s down is #relatable because her favorite manga character died. I FEEL YOU GIRL. I FEEL YOU.

It’s almost Christmas and Kabakura seems to be working himself to the bone. Not to mention he’s also more irritable than usual. But man, it was sad to find out that last Christmas, Kabakura was also working hard trying to get everything done that he and Hanako didn’t celebrate. They didn’t even talk until after New Years. Yikes.

While Hirotaka and Narumi walk through the city, they start sharing when they stopped believing in Santa. Narumi hilariously kept believing in Santa until she was in middle school with her friend telling her. And then we have the other end of the spectrum with Hirotaka realizing Santa wasn’t real in Kindergarten after finding his presents in his parents’ closet. He even freaking made a game out of trying to figure out what it was by shaking it. “And then Nao was born.” Hirotaka, why do you always have to talk about your brother with contempt? BE NICE TO YOUR BROTHER.

Speaking of Nao, they find him working outside of Starbucks in a Santa outfit. They reminisce of how they used to eat cake together on Christmas and then one time Hirotaka just starts randomly pulling on Nao’s cheeks because he liked how he could stretch Mario’s face in Mario 64. Gosh dang it, Hirotaka. I love how he describes Nao as a main character’s best friend type who disappears in the middle of the plot. I mean, he kind of is lol. Because he doesn’t have a girlfriend on Christmas, Narumi tells him a mantra of essentially saying how all the happy people should explode. Thanks Narumi. However, Nao continues being a precious treasure. If he can make someone smile, it fills him with so much happiness. BLESS YOU CHILD.

Look at that adorable blush~

I was about to be really sad for Hanako as she walks out of the office alone on Christmas Eve. Even casting a look over to Kabakura, still rapidly typing away on his computer. Thank HEAVENS that after Hanako entered the elevator, Kabakura rushed in and then took her to a fancy restaurant with a fantastic view of the city. This had to be my favorite part of the episode because it demonstrates yet another tender moment between the two. And as of this moment I COMPLETELY AND FULLY SHIP KABAKURA AND HANAKO OH MY GOSH. This moment wasn’t even in the manga and it was freaking precious. The reason he was so busy and frantically trying to get everything done was to be able to take Hanako out on this night. But I think the kicker to this moment was that he MADE THE RESERVATION HALF A YEAR AGO. KABAKURA MY MAN. YOU HAVE REDEEMED YOURSELF IN THIS MOMENT. But the sweetness continues when Hanako gives him her gift of a limited edition event item. He looked so excited and ecstatic to receive such a gift and it was just the cherry on top to such a sweet moment between the two. My heart felt so warm after this scene. Good job A-1. Good freaking job.

This episode was freaking precious with both couples being adorably sweet and tender.  This probably had to be one of my favorite episodes thus far. We’re already more than halfway through the series and I’m excited to see what else they’ll adapt~


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