Ugh, this episode was absolutely awful! This has to be one of the most uneventful space battle I have ever seen. It was unbelievably boring, Alpha and Nines deserved a better exit than their half-assed deaths that left me feeling more angry about the execution of than them actually being killed off. And it is frustrating because at this point, the Nines were the only interesting thing left in this series. The worst part was how they were killed off ten minutes into the episode, and at that point I was more done than I could ever be with this show.

The most disappointing part was how the battle in space was virtually non-existent. Hiro could have simply gone alone, because aside from clearing a path for him, there was little point for Squad 13 to even be there, including Nana and Hachi. It is also beyond me how there wasn’t even a single moment of time where we felt threatened for the squad’s safety. At the very least, I had expected them to make the battle to be more of a challenge, with a lot more at stake, but nothing of the sort happened. In fact it was even weaker of a fight than we had seen taken place on Earth. It is incredible how shallow this episode turned out to be. With the sole exception of the Nines, everyone got out of the battle alive, and seemingly in good health as well.

And don’t even get me started on Zero Two’s “I want you to be Human” bullshit. I thought we already been there and done that?! Why is this coming up again? Hiro was happily butting his horns with her, and being all lovey-dovey and cuddly— I thought they were on the same page! Well apparently not. Now with that resolves, Hiro and Zero Two are now off to end the war own their own, but there’s no telling if they will return.

Supposedly, this is the reason why Zero Two went off to space to fight on her own… even though without him, she would never be able to use Strezlia’s true potential. What the hell? Again, what is the point of that? I couldn’t get over how stupid that was. What the hell were they thinking? They wanted to revisit the picture book’s tale to show them creating a brand new ending where they could live happily ever after, but god there were so many other ways they could have done this. It only made it feel repetitive, which is the last thing you need to happen when you already have uninteresting so-called fights going on in the background.

It is a bummer that Kokoro and Mitsuru only had a very brief appearance this episode. It frustrates me how they are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to wrapping up their story. These two really had so much more to offer, so it really is a shame they had to rush their “development”.

Mitsuru was the one who made the decision to stay behind so he could be by Kokoro’s side. Even though he doesn’t remember their love, his heart does, and he understands that his future involves staying by Kokoro’s side, protecting her and the baby, and it is one that he whole heartedly embraces. Their renewed confessions was the only scene that choked me up, because when Mitsuru said they can start over, and takes out the ring, it felt as though he were properly exchanging their wedding vows. As it turns out, Kokoro had been carrying hers all long as well.

It is sucks how this show went downhill so fast, there was a lot of potential but all of that has been lost. Thank god next week is the last episode, because I am ready to be done with this.


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