Well, more like 2 or 3 punches.. But seriously when he punched the clone of Rossi, she went flying! He could probably kill a mortal with one punch. He is like Saitama. No one thinks he’s strong( some people know) and he had to train a lot to get this way.

Rossi’s attack was really cool and smart. She made a clone of herself and made it look like she “retired” and then attacked him with that holy sword. That was ingenious.  It worked as a powerful attack, but still failed against the powerful Sairong( I’m really hating his name, he about to need a name change…)

And is that knight girl just for sex appeal or can she actually attack? I think she knows real attacks, but she was never used for that in this game. Instead of practicing real attacks, she practiced her strip tease and other weird things. She was just wasting time, but adding to the entertainment of the game.

But I also think Sairong was trying to make him angry to get him at his full potential, so he can defeat him. I don’t know. I mostly think he was wasting time.

And that pawn though. At first thought, his hair was looking like Yu-Gi-Oh art and I was like “ is he trying to duel or something”( I’m dying right now..I should stop) But then he turned into a lion and I was like someone is about to get wrecked. He’s the Greek lion who defeated Hercules..Everyone is about to get it.

The fact Sairong is using him as armor is scary.. It was kinda cool. He used someone else’s Sacred Gear as armor. A Sacred Gear that could go out of control because it doesn’t have a master and he got it to become his armor and part of his family. Wow.

I didn’t think that kid he helped was too important, but he actually was important. He’s the one who started everyone cheering and told everyone not to give up.  The cheers were slightly helping him.

Why do all the past Red Dragon people have so much hatred and rage? I think they were used in a war or I think it was mentioned by the girl before that they were killed in a brutal manner( probably tortured or something). That’s interesting, I kinda want an entire history about people having Red Dragon Sacred Gear. Every single person. Okay, that’s too much, there were hundreds of people who had Red Dragon and White Dragon Sacred Gear.

Issei and the piece of the White Dragon about to use Tities Curse( aka Juggarnaut Drive without the feelings of rage and hatred) and about to try to defeat him. And the power of people cheering for him in the stands. He wants to defeat Sairong( that name, it’s like Carthus…a cancerous name my friend made up in his story) his own way. With boobies!

Of course, Issei and crew is going to win unless the author wants to play us. Which he might. Who knows, though( except light novel readers). I actually kinda want to know. Well, that’s next week.

Also, I just noticed. This is my 100th post. Thanks for reading my posts, even though I have no sense of punctually and I write how I speak. I also thank all the other bloggers for supporting me and talking to me about anime, dramas and kpop.

Commercial Break Station. My second favorite part of the show.


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  1. zztop

    The author had this to say on Sairaorg ‘s brutal strength levels:

    “(I envisioned) Sairaorg… as someone strong whom the Gremory Team has to overcome…
    (Even though stronger group members like) Kiba, Xenovia and Rossweisse…have been tasting defeat continuously, it’s not them who are weak. It’s just that their opponents were too strong.”

    PS. Tip on writing Sairaorg’s name – try breaking it into 2 sentences. Like Saira-Org.

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