Dorei-ku the Animation – Episode 10

We’ve seen Ryuuou’s backstory from Julia’s point of view. This episode we get Ryuuou’s backstory from Ryuuou’s point of view. His relationship with his mother, how they lived together as long as he could remember and she would always praise him on how smart he was. He was smart, so he would be alright and soon as she said that she started coming home less and less.
Eventually, she stopped coming home all together. Leaving him all alone to care for himself. Until Julia came into his life.

We see that Ryuuou had obtained the SCM’s online and decided, to try it out on Julia. Which matched up to what we saw on Julia’s side, upon seeing that he could really enslave people. His first thought was ‘I want to save my mother.’
So we see him go and meet with the guy who owns the brothels, we already know how that plays out.

We see a little more of what goes down with Julia and Ryuuou. The tattoo she got, a dragon and a flower to represent his name was not something he’d ordered her to do. Neither were a lot of things, like making dinner or falling into a very family like dynamic with him.
He’s clearly distressed and worried about her. He’s not giving as clear of orders to his servants.

Everything is falling apart for him.

Everything falls even more apart when his servants. Determined to save Fujiko and Julia from whatever have happened to them go off and act on their own. Capturing…uh, whatever his name is from episode 1. Guy who lost at the pachinko parlor. They get information on a meeting place and all go in to take down the person who had taken Julia…
They all put in their SCM’s and surround him, intending to force him into a duel and make him let the people he captured go. Which is all fine and good, but really one of them should of not been wearing their SCM as a safety measure.

Maybe I don’t know, the guy with the gun? Chūō, Honey, I thought you were smart. I mean, I suppose I can’t blame him because there is no way he could know about the existence of the judgement SCM. Setagaya calls Ryuuou and proves to him that he’s captured all his slaves and unfortunately, even Julia broke…

He only has Zero left, who is also Kiyo as we saw in the previous episode and kidnapped by Maria. So Ryuuou has been left with nothing and no one and that’s a horrible painful feeling.
My only hope here comes in the fact that Eia approached him during this episode. Not antagonistically. She didn’t even hint that she knew who she was.
She did nothing more then offer him a doughnut and speak about books. I’m hoping he will take up an alliance with her soon against Setagaya.

Speaking though of Zero. With their original plan to have Ryuuou release him gone from their grasp. Maria slips on an SCM, hoping to enslave Zero herself so she can release him from Ryuuou and release him all together and make Kiyo happy.
As soon as she slides the scm in though, her proximity alert goes off. She goes outside to check the source, thinking perhaps that it’s Gekkou returning from getting snacks.

What she finds instead is someone wearing a gas mask and carrying a sling shot. That claims to be very good at shooting, he issues a game against her. If she can escape, she wins. Well, she tries her best to run, but that slingshot nails her right in the heel and she’s down on the floor. She loses and becomes his slave.

God, is it wrong that I hope it’s Yuuga in another one of his flimsy disguises? It’s TOO late in the series to be adding even MORE characters and more factors to the story. I am getting severely worried about it having time to wrap up all the plot threads it does have hanging. One can either hope it starts all coming together soon or we get news of a second season.
The novels spanned three novels, with a side novel and two sequel novels. So there is a possibility this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Dorei-ku, but I still want this season to come to a satisfying conclusion.

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