Okay, the explanation of the kind of ranking games that they were playing was really helpful because I didn’t understand how that worked.

The die roll depends on how many people you can put out and piece has a number attached to it. If they rolled an 8, they could put out Issei( whose number rank is an 8) or another lower ranking piece. They problem is that they technically can put out 2 people with an 8. If there is 2 people who are ranked a 4, you can put them out at the same time, which is a double team…and even if the lone person is stronger than them, that is still disadvantage. I felt like that was the only problem. Someone is about to get wrecked by the double team. But to counter that problem, you can can’t use the same pieces in a row and the other team doesn’t know who the other team is putting out, which makes it fairer.


Kiba is first guy to go out in this mess. I kinda want to see his new attack because he mentioned earlier that he had a new attack in the works. I think he might come close to losing and then he might surge back.

Then the rest of the episode was the general fanservice and showing that Issei isn’t as dense as we think he was( he was redeemed).

Issei thought the president only thought of him as her servant and that she can’t possibly want more, but like all romantic feelings, only one persons changes and it takes awhile for the other person to catch on. Issei also likes the president, but is keeping the feelings underwraps because he thinks their relationship is master/servant.  Rias changed the relationship with the kiss before going to Kyoto, the bathroom sex scene, and her wanting to be called her name. Relationship been changed.

“Always go out on a limb for love.”

(I just noticed that screenshot looks really really bad. But it needs to be in there.)

Then they had the whole “sucking the Dragon Power” out of Issei and they were talking about how their love for Issei will never change, and that was cute to me. Also, I done forgot about that Yuma girl and how he killed Issei and Asia. I forgot how much of a trauma that was to him and why he wants to protect all girls.

I forgot an integral piece of the plot. Oops. Hey, I watched season one in middle school, and I just graduated high school. It’s been a long time. Such a long time.

How can Azazel be the strategist and the commentator at the same time?? Yo! That should be a problem, if it isn’t already. But I guess it’s okay because technically if your strategizing, you are commenting at the same time( if that doesn’t make sense, it works out, I guess).

Then all those devil children cheering for the Boob Dragon…why is this a thing??? Why are parents allowing this?


I wonder how this ranking battle is going to be like…. Who is going to win??? What’s going to happen? Is the Chaos Brigade going to attack? Would they?

Well, see you guys next week.

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