Dorei-Ku the Animation – Epsiode 11

Midnight’s thoughts

Due to some technical difficulties. I’ll be posting for Dorei-ku this week in Tsuyoku’s stead.

So with that out of the way, let’s dive into this weeks episode of Dorei-ku the animation.
You know, somehow I forgot entirely about Takio Minato. I forgot that he was the guy from the first episode in the scene with Julia at the host club. I forgot that Eia had stolen his slave from him. I forgot that we saw him with the bag that had the gas mask on his phone trying to contact Sachi.
I actually forgot he was a thing.

I’m not entirely sure if the fact that he’s always been in the background and suddenly he’s super important is oddly clever, or really stupid writing.

He’s the one with the gas mask that took down Maria last episode. He also swayed Fujiko onto his side by mentioning Shinnosuke to her. Stealing her from Setagaya, gathering information on his location and getting the way that the Judgement SCM works from her.
As for how the Judgement SCM works. It’s basically advanced conditioning. It counts on a slaves memory of what it’s like to enter and lose a duel and replicates that in the SCM and the user. So it can not be used on someone who has never lost.
Which means it can’t be used on Eia.

Speaking of Eia. She’s on the run as she lost all her slaves to Setagaya as well in an underhanded move, Yuuga saved her by pushing her out of the way as they fell into a trap and told her to run. Okay, seriously anime, you can’t redeem him for me. You’re trying really hard but I have not forgotten, nor will I forgive what he did to Eia and Ayaka back in episode 5.

Knowing how the Judgement SCM works from Fujiko. Taiko comes with two guys not wearing SCM’s and himself, who has never lost and can’t be controlled by the Judgement SCM. He basically tortures Setagaya, ripping out his teeth and eventually forces him into a duel.
It is a game of truth vs lies. Basically, if he calls Taiko a liar and he’s wrong. He loses. So Taiko lets the truth out. How he got the info on Setagaya, on the Judgement SCM. How he used Fujiko’s obsession to his advantage.
Setagaya calls him a liar and well, it’s all true.

This leaves Taiko with basically all the slaves in the series. Which basically answers my question on how we’re going to wrap this all up in one episode now. However, is Taiko really going to be the final villain for Ryuuou and Eia to beat? The final shot of the episode with Taiko and his slaves, shows Zero switch personalities to Kiyo and pull down the gas mask.
So is it going to be Taiko or Kiyo that they have to face in the end? If it’s Kiyo, why? What motives would there be since the only motives we’ve seen from Zero’s ghost/split personality is that they want Zero released from slavery.

I am entirely unsure how I feel about this turn of events. I can’t decide if I love the fact that he’s been there the whole time and there’s been hints of his involvement but he wasn’t a major player…or if it seems like a bull shitted stupid way to get all the slaves under one owner for the final showdown to happen.

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