First of all, lets talk about the strip tease to get it out of the way. Yo!! They let that happen in front of children.

And that really stopped Issei in this track for a good 10 seconds. Untill she took off her panties instead of her bra, and then he was like “Nope!” I agree this Issei, take off the bra first before the panties. It’s a must. Why am I agreeing with him, that’s creepy! Haha!

The title of the post is song lyric from a song called Porn Star Dancing by My Darkest Days( check out the CLuBLionx Nightcore video, by the way because it shows scenes from DxD)


The rest of the episode centered around the battles of the others, which were sort of entertaining.

Akeno got defeated with a reflecting attack, but I felt like that was too quick of the battle. Akeno is way stronger then that, but they only have a few episodes to finish the show, so the they had to expedite the battle. Aww, I love Akeno! But I also felt you could have dodge that attack, girl!

Kiba’s battle also ended real quick after the did his special new attack. I feel like their fight was dignified and sopfischated. The knight guy had that interesting attack where had multiple copies of him, that could have worked,  but Kiba was more powerful than him in his Holy Blade of Lighting Attack.

Gasper has gotten better, he is really trying harder than he used to. He want to be useful and help all the girls with his trap-looking self. He was able to disable the spell using Issei’s blood, so Xenovia could wreck them. He was half dead by the end of that battle, being thrashed like that.

Then they about to go fight Sairong. 3 vs 1???? Yo, that unfair. Sairong about to whoop all of their a$$es anyways.  He is way stronger than all 3 of them. They should have put Issei in there because Sairong wanted to fight him so badly, they had enough to put him and some other person in there. And I believe there was space between the strip tease and this battle…

And also Rossi is part of the Gremory household??? I didn’t know that. I thought she came to stay with them because Odin wanted her to “experience the world” and she wanted a boyfriend. She deserves a boyfriend, tho.

And the fight with Rossi and Koneko was kinda weird. Their oppeonents were strong. That guy was basically the Hulk and The Thing mixed together and he smashed Koneko and defeated her quickly and everyone was sad about that. She not dead, don’t worry everyone. Well, I think…


Ravel and Irina in the cheering squad. That’s cute. They may not be part of the household by bind, but they are they supporting them, tho. And they have what I call the ” Boob Children” and all the political people cheering them.

There is something I wanted to talk about, tho. Who is the best girl now???( I don’t count Rias in my list because she is technically always the best girl) Akeno has had barely no screentime in this season, but she still best girl in my book.  Second best girl is probably Asia, because she’s so cute and acts like everyone’s little sister. Third best girl is probably Xenovia, she’s interesting. Very interesting.

And oof, this ranking battle is so boring. This is why it takes so long y’all. Seriously. The fights went by too fast. But at the same time, I don’t want that Naruto or Dragonball sh*t( when it takes a whole 8 episode to finish one fight) But I guess it’s supposed to go by quickly, so they viewers of the ranking game don’t get bored.  Like a basketball, it’s a short game (only 1 to 3 hours) and it has quick scenes of actions and it ends quickly, so no one gets bored. Baseball on the other hand, people get real bored because the games be lasting 4 to 6 hours and the innings depend on who strikes out. And golf, don’t get me started.

Is Sairong going to defeat all of them or will the trio succeed??? Next week in a semi-interesting ranking battle.

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  1. zztop

    The source novels say Rossi race-changed into a devil to join Rias.

    On the defeats of Akeno and Kiba, author says it’s not because they were weak, but because their opponents were way stronger.

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