If I could think of the craziest show I’ve watched in the past year and thoroughly enjoyed, the first thing that would cross my mind was I My Me Strawberry Eggs. Okay, let jump in!!

The title, honestly has nothing to do with the show. Who made this title? There is no specifically strawberry anything and there is no mentioning of eggs the entire show. Okay, creator( Fujiki Maki, says MAL). I think the title is an inside joke of the author, to be honest.

This show is real old now. It aired in the Spring 2001 season, which is about 17 years ago! If you hate the old animation style, don’t watch this show. Everyone complains about the animation, but it was 2001, give them a break, They didn’t really use computers fully to make animation yet. Calm down, y’all.


When I saw this show on MAL, I was like: ” Looks weird, now I have to watch it” and I also saw that Yuri tag up on there, so it was worth checking out. It is basically about male teacher named Hibiki who has just graduated college and he has to find a job to pay his rent, but there is no schools hiring minus the private school down the road who only hires woman teachers. So his landlord wanted that rent, so she teaches him how to crossdress and he gets a job at the school down the road.

When you realize in order to get the job, you have to dress up as a girl

But then you realize you actually look good and people like you(boss face)

Then there is a bunch of character development. Hey, look! I want you to watch the show and not have me give too much away! He is actually a really good teacher and learns a lot while he teaching. He helps out students and he think highly of them and not lowly like some of the other staff.

So in the school, they are trying to make it an all girls’ school and there is only a small amount of boys. And that principal makes me so angry. She thinks all men are stupid and are lower than woman and her secretary just goes with her craziness. Let say she gets told at the end and everyone flames her. She got messed up by one man and she thinks all men are bad. The only reason there are still men in the school under her rein is because of benefactor of the school wants them to have men and she still needs a job (because her personality wouldn’t fly anywhere)

Then there are the students. The one that make stand out is Fuko because she falls in love with Hibiki in his girl self and I found that cute. Has everyone had a crush on a teacher? I think everyone has.

Kid in the back of the room: I haven’t!!!

Me: Shut Up, detracting kid!

Then there were the boys, who are tired of being oppressed by the school, who are always disgruntled. The other kids in the class who are girl who think boys are disgusting because of their teaching from the school. Ahh..Then since there is mostly girl, everyone looks up to the one who has a boyfriend and there is good 2 episodes involving that plot.

Then the 3 best characters of the show. The landlord and the other 2 men who live in the apartment with Hibiki. The other 2 men are best friend and a running gag of the show is them being perverted and the landlord chasing them. The landlord is a mechanic or engineer of some sort and she is always building things like motorcycles with attachments, which she uses to chase them. The landlord also sells things out the apartment complex to the students going to school to make extra money, which is another gag.

I didn’t like the ending of the show, I honestly wish it went on longer than it did. The ending is not bad like Maiyoiga( for all who watch the end of that sh*t), but isn’t the happy ending everyone wants. Would this show actually have a happy ending because of the way it was set up? I don’t honestly think so. But I liked the way he did things. Everyone was angry for a hot minute and then they realized he was actually a good teacher. Hibiki was an amazing teacher, he is a GTO teacher, a legend. He is amazing because he helped his students through a bunch of their problems and he helped them come to terms with them, he helped save a Fuko from a fire, he fought for change in their school, and he was spontaneous like Onizuka in GTO. The landlord helped him in most of his pursuits, which was part of one the gags.

What are you doing? Go watch the 13 episodes of this show. Like all shows, some moments will make you cringe, the ending piece will make you cringe a bit, but you’ll like it. Ignore the 2000’s animation and go enjoy this crazy yuri, crossdressing, slice of life show. And while you are in a 2000’s animation mode, go check out GTO.

Here you have 2 amazing shows to watch!