Steins;Gate 0 – Episode 11

Midnight’s Impressions 

With Maho now tuned into the dangers of that laptop, they have to stop it from being cracked open at any cost. They go to meet with the ‘reliable source’ that Maho mentioned in the last episode and their meeting place is a cosplay shop. Strange, but alright, my first thought was perhaps that it was Yuki [Suzuha’s mother], who I already strongly suspect is acting for the Americans to try to get the information on time travel.
However, we find out that the source is actually Daru. Who runs this operation as something of a side business and he has many hideouts in places like that.
Okabe begins to explain to him why he can’t get this computer open and why it needs to be destroyed as soon as possible. He almost begins to let things about Suzuha slip in front of Maho before cutting off. She offers to leave the room and let them talk, since there are clearly things that are being kept from her. She steps out for a bit, but Daru informs Okabe that he should really stop hiding these things from Maho.

So he steps out and explains everything to her on one very important condition. Do not, under any circumstances say that he should go say Makise.

So he shares it all, the summer, the phone wave, the time leaping and the horrors of time travel with her. The horrible power that time travel has and the repercussions that come with it. The laptop is pandora’s box and if it is opened, then World War III will happen without a doubt.
Maho agrees that the computer needs to be destroyed but at that very moment. The security camera’s go off and show that their location has been compromised.

They go to make their escape from the building, taking a back exit through a secret escape route. They move out into the back alleys. Just when they think they are safe and clear, they are cornered by a group and Maho is captured and a knife is placed to her throat. The fact that the world line doesn’t shift means clearly that Daru and Okabe do not die there.
So Okabe runs a bluff. Saying he’ll hand over the laptop in exchange for Maho.The laptop and himself as a hostage.

They release Maho and come for the laptop, when a truck drives up and Okabe yells to hit the ground as the people in the truck open fire. Hitting the people and destroying the laptop.
The people who ambushed them escape and they make their way off to Faris’s place.

There is a lot of emotional bonding between Maho and Okabe in this part of the episode. As Maho comes to struggle with the loss of what she felt was Kurisu’s legacy to her. As she struggles to know what her place in Makise Kurisu’s world was…she wonders even more about what Okabe’s place in her life was. Stopping just short of asking if he was in a relationship with her.
There is also a small bit where he accidently walks in on her naked and she doesn’t get mad or slap him and accepts it as a true accident. As she slid to the ground and went numb from the tenseness and shock leaving her body and Faris screaming she was dead. Had to have something a little more light hearted in the episode I suppose.

Though the tone of light heartedness follows through to the end of the episode. As Maho and the Professor head back to America, the laptop is broken so the threat of World War III is gone in Okabe’s mind at least, time moves on.
They casually drop another not so subtle hint that the leather clad attacker working for the Americans to get the information on time travel is Suzuha’s mother as her hand is injured where the attacker got shot.
There is still also the ever present possibility that she is a red herring. We see the female professor with Maho on the plane and her lap is shown and her hand, where it would be injured is covered by a blanket. What could be hiding under there?

I can’t tell you where the plot will go from here. Is the info needed for the time machine inside Amadeus? With the laptop gone, how will things progress from here? Okabe has a standing invite to go study at the university that Maho is at and that Kurisu studied at in the past. So will we change to America for a bit?
I am unsure of how it will play out from here, but I am excited no matter what.

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