Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Ep 10

Wow this episode hurt like a bitch, I knew this was going to happen, but it didn’t make the pain any less. My heart broke for the two of them, because god, they are such a good match. They feel comfortable enough to open up to each other, something Mitsuyoshi in particular is not used to doing. Even he wondered why he can talk about these things so easily with her, and tried expressing himself a bit more, starting with asking if she wanted to have coffee with him, or maybe he wanted to say something else but was too afraid to.

Mitsuyoshi did a lot of things that was a bit out of his comfort zone today, but it was a challenge he accepted. Their “date” together allowed them to spend some quality time together without the interference of others. And today, Mitsuyoshi’s feelings for Teresa began to surface, and although he hasn’t quite recognized it just yet, the boy has been blushing more times in this episode than the entire series thus far. The timing of his feelings starting to come together was just a little too late, and has to face a bomb being dropped, where he learns through his teacher’s announcement, that Teresa and Alex have returned to their country.

And my god, that was just cruel of them to just pick up their things and go without saying good-bye, or letting anyone know. It was not fair of them to do that at all. I expected at least some form of courtesy to at least tell the group that they are leaving. I am upset with Teresa for not telling Mitsuyoshi when she had the chance to.

And now poor Mitsuyoshi, is left to suffer from unbearable shock. The worst part is the fact Mitsuyoshi still had things he wanted to say to her, such as giving her that picture. He had it all printed out for her, only to learn she’s gone and there’s not telling if he will ever see her again. And the chances are, the girls made it so they can’t be reached, even by email. What really hurts the most is that now that she’s gone, this is going to force Mitsuyoshi to realize just how much space she had taken up in his heart. I am very curious to see how the next episode is going to turn out, especially since Mitsuyoshi looks so incredibly heartbroken, probably feeling the pain of ‘losing’ someone so suddenly again. God damn it Teresa! You shouldn’t have done that!

The symbolism of the wall between them/worlds apart. GAHHHHHH!!! MY HEART CAN’T TAKE THIS!

But the two are bound to reunite at some point or another. I do believe by once again, bringing up the subject of his Mitsuyoshi’s fear of flying and heights, are setting up the possibility of embarking on the mission to fly out to her country to meet her— as corny and unrealistic as that may sound. There are a lot of loose ends that needs to be addressed, such as Teresa’s secret of being royalty! It is probably safe to say Ijuin will be the one to cover the flight costs, and the crew will fly out to to Larsenburg. What will happen from there on out, who knows? But the show definitely feels like it’s setting itself up for Mitsuyoshi and Teresa to have an unspoken love between them, and stick to being just friends. It sucks, and and would stay true to the show’s title, but unfortunately they have been setting it up, so it’s not like it is something that is coming out of nowhere.

There is also an interesting parallel that is likely to be drawn between Reiko/Rachel and Mitsuyoshi’s grandfather. It seems he and the elderly couple knew Reiko/Rachel and haven’t seen her since she went to study abroad in Larsenburg and eventually ended up getting married there. And now the two of them are connected one more with the children they are raising, Mitsuyoshi and Teresa, establishing a connection through the North Star, something the two of them likely have also shared in the past. Whatever relationship the Mitsuyoshi’s grandfather and Reiko/Rachel had, he will surely be passing on some words of wisdom to Mitsuyoshi.

Although this episode broke my heart, it is safe to say this has to be the strongest one to date. With are two episodes left, it will be interesting how it will unfold. Regardless, I am bracing myself for a heartbreak…. On the extra note: I guess that guy who we saw help Teresa win the fan for Mitsuyosh appears to have actually been a secret agent, probably meant to protect her. If the crew do end up going to Larsenburg, it wouldn’t surprise me if he were to be the one to help them out.

2 thoughts on “Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Ep 10

  1. Little late seeing this chapter, but anyway…
    The person who helped Teresa win the fan was none other than the Rainbow Shogun actor himself. He knows the couple well, being a regular at Mitsuyoshi’s coffee shop ;).

    1. Yeah I don’t know why I changed my mind on what i thought he was last week when it’s what I thought the entire time?! 😂 LOLOLOLOL. It was cute nonetheless!

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