Oof. When the anti-social, introvert calls you dense, that means its time to rethink your life. He is so dumb. At least read human emotions, my boy…. They roasted his a$$, so quick. Should have let him know earlier, though before this point.

There is a point where you get familiar with a teacher and you just calling them by their last name without the Mrs, Ms. or Mr. There is a point where your friend’s name becomes shortened and it turns into a nickname. There is a point where your brother starts calling you Richard Pryor. There is a point in a relationship where someone turns into someone different, an acquaintance turns into a friend then into a BFF then into a f*ckbuddy or maybe a boyfriend/girlfriend.

She’s not your president anymore. She’s Rias, a BFF you have known for years and she loves you and she wants all of you. She wants to be your girlfriend, son. (insert boy hand)

That denseness made me a little upset. I’d like to think I wasn’t that dense, but I also have trouble reading emotions. Ugh, but he still caught some Ls.

Back to real story, the ranking battle. At this point, I really don’t care about the ranking battle and think it’s going to be boring. Just because I said that, it’s going to be the best thing I ever watched. Every time I say something is going to be boring, it turns out to be fun/good.

But that press conference, everyone wanted to know about them boobs, not about the actual fight. When people ask you weird questions, freak out a little( in your head) and then answer with the calmest attitude like Sairong( this boy’s name, god…) It’s an art.

Then the student council having a ranking battle nearby, but nobody gives a damn about them because they are more concerned about the boob dragon. Actually, they should be happy about it. If they lose, nobody else has to see it and if they win, nobody has to harass them afterwards. That’s a good thing, right.

“I rather be rich than famous. That way nobody bothers me for money.” – unknown

Since it’s a shounen battle, I’m voting for the Gremory clan, but it might be one of those twist battles, in which.

  1. Sairong wins and they have go back home sadly
  2. In the middle of the ranking battle, some enemy attacks( most likely the Chaos Brigade)
  3. Something goes wrong in the battle, an accident or something real funky

I don’t know. I feel like this will not be a normal battle anyways.

How is Rias and Issei “small” fight going to affect the battle? Who are Sairongs’ pawns? Is your boy Azazel going to actually help in battle? Why does Ravel’s mom want her to be close to Issei( she want  the red dragon in her bloodline… answered!) Is Gasper going to help or not( he’s been pretty useless, lately)? Is the student council going to win their battle? Will Issei ever be able to read people’s emotions correctly and not be an idiot?

Questions that won’t be answered until next week.

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  1. Kanmuru

    I don’t see Issei’s problem as denseness… We must remember that just 4~6 months ago: He fell in love with a girl and had his first girlfriend, he spent a long time preparing the best date possible, said girl was apparently having fun until she literally stabbed his heart and told him how utterly pathetic he was, how boring everything that happened that day was…

    He was resurrected and found this cute girl who was really nice, and then she was murdered by his ex-girlfriend who said that it was gross just to have her name spoken by a low-class devil like him. And then his ex-girlfriend was killed in front of him(while begging for her life to him) by the new girl that he came to love.

    So, to me that is a really big serving of PTSD. In his head he knows that Rias would never do the same to him, but he just can’t get rid of Raynare no matter what, so while this awkward relationship situation might be partially his fault I would put the blame more on the girls who never tried to understand him or think about what he passed through, he has a baggage of PTSD to last for a few lifetimes and the last thing he needed were people calling him the worst because of that.

    Sorry if it might appear to be a rant, it isn’t. I was just thinking about it while watching the episode and thought to share my thoughts(sorry for my bad english). Thanks for the review 😀

    1. Pandora

      Thanks for the comment! To be honest, even though she was a big part of the plot, I forgot about Yuma. I don’t know why, though. She’s the reason, he’s like this and a devil. In episode 9, Issei was trying to ignore the feeling of the president’s love like you mentioned in your comment.
      And how he was holding Asia dead body in his hands in the second episode….ouch.

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