Tokyo Ghoul:Re Episode 10 – They’re Taking Lives? Gosh, I didn’t know that.

They’re taking people’s lives? Gosh, I didn’t know that. I learned some new facts today. Ghouls are human too. Ah, I didn’t know that either.

Sorry everyone. This episode went from 0 to 9000, so quick. The beginning of the episode was just conversations, then it went to torture and a family extermination real quick.

So what I saying before about ghouls being human. Shiaraku was trying to figure out why he can’t use the Nutcracker’s kagune and the other guy ( Fura, was his name?) said “ The guilt of taking a human life makes it hard.”

And by the way, how does a small mole turn into a kagune growing out of her face?? What? It’s like how those people end up with giant pimples in those pimple popping videos? Or how people end up with tumors, of course.

Fura has got it right, though. Most people in the CCG: my family was killed/hurt by a ghoul and have to avenge them. I think they forget that ghouls are people too and meanwhile more humans are killing more people than ghouls. Like when people say minorities( black, Hispanic, Muslims, etc.)are killing everyone, but in reality, white people have killed more people than most of those groups. But at the same time, killing someone is killing someone, so you have to pay for that regardless of what group your part of. This anime hit me too deep. It made me think too hard.

A small taste of truth can poison some.

And that torture of that girl, and the fact that he “killed”( they didn’t show her dead, but lets assume she is dead or paralyzed for life) her. What is wrong with people?? What is wrong with that guy,  knew something was funky with that little b*stard. I love how they did the torture scene after the Fura guy talked about ghouls being human. But seriously. That girl definitely didn’t need her tongue cut out and die a slow, death( of bleeding). That guy needs to hit a mental hospital real quick.

Thanks TG wiki for some nice insight of what was going to happen to Kanae. I was not surprised when that rabbit girl jumped from the bridge piece and Kanae attacked her. She mentally broke Kanae down into pieces and it only took 2 minutes of watch time. To be honest, if you told anyone that the person they loved the most didn’t love them back and you told them what they were actually thinking the entire time in their sub-conscious thoughts, they would totally freak out and break.

Before we talk about the family eradication, lets talk about your boy Haise and his struggle of being 2 people at once. First of all, did someone forcibly make him have 2 personalities or did his body accidentally do that because of some stressful event? I should’ve have known about this earlier..

Kankei seems torn up over Amon’s death. Kankei seems torn up everytime we see him to be honest. According to TG wiki, he not looking too hot. And according to the anime, he ain’t looking too hot. In essence, if Kankei becomes the dominant personality, what will he do?? Or is Kankei not too hot because he sealed inside of this “Haise”  person?

Hmm. We don’t know

Then the family eradication. That may have been necessary, but yet so unnecessary. I mean the family is part of the auction sh*t, they have been kidnapping people, and they made the Rose group(which may or may not be affiliated with Aogiri Tree), but at the same time, that not an excuse to kill everyone in mansion and bring down their entire family and fortune. All just because they were ghouls. Ahh. Lovely. Most people in the slave trade these days don’t get arrested, tho, to be honest.

I don’t want to be a social justice warrior or be one of those annoying people that thinks every piece of everything is a social commentary( seriously, those people need to learn how to enjoy a show). But I’ve just thought a bunch about how this relates to the real world, but at the same time my thoughts are shallow. Like that empty bowl on your counter. Like a small soup bowl looking thing. Aww, nobody going to understand that.( I’m laughing at myself)

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