Oh god, alright, anyway. Episode two picks up with Ash arriving where Eiji and Skipper have been taken. He calls out Arthur, he knows he’s there and he’s betrayed them. What he doesn’t know is that Dino is in on this. So he’s not just facing a traitor from his own group, but against the mafia as well.
He has his gun, but they tell him to put it down or they’ll shoot Eiji. He sets down the gun and Skipper and Eiji are locked up.
Marvin is trying to get information out of Ash. He smacks him around with his belt for a bit. Ash gets tossed in with Skipper and Eiji, when Marvin comes by later. Ash takes advantage of the fact that Marvin finds him attractive by acting like he’s going to give his body to him and then knocking him out. The three boys escape, only to hit a dead end.

Then Eiji, the absolute madman, pulls a pipe off the wall and uses it to pull vult the wall. To Ash and Skipper, it looks like for a moment that he’s flying before crashing down. Eiji lives, but is deeply injured. He stumbles off to find the cops and get them to where Ash and Skipper are being held.
Meanwhile, they are caught and with it no longer being safe there. The group prepares to move. Though as they are leaving, a bit of Ash’s gang that is loyal to him comes to fight. The cops show up too. In the absolute chaos, Marvin shoots Skipper.

I am still unspeakably upset about this. So is Ash, he runs off after Marvin in a blind rage. The two of them driving to a apartment building.
Ash heads inside to confront him, but finds him already dead when he gets there. A gun, probably his own gun, planted on the floor. The cops turn up. This was a trap.

Dino paid off the cop in charge of this area to make sure that Ash would be taken to jail and locked up. The cops that are his allies can do nothing to stop this because it’s not their jurisdiction.
This part of the episode had a moment that was distinctly uncomfortable. I’m glad that it refrained from showing anything or even implying more than it did. The fact that the cop that arrested Ash would play videos of Ash being sexually molested in front of him is disgusting.
Yes, it’s a great way to establish motive for wanting Marvin dead. It’s gross that he would play it in front of the victim though.
Seeing as Ash is injured, he’s transferred to the hospital before being taken to jail. Where the cops that are his allies talk to him and try to get him to spill what it is that he has on Dino. Ash isn’t talking though and he makes it clear that he may not of killed Marvin, but if someone else hadn’t offed him. He would of, and it does not bother him in the slightest that the bastard is dead.

They even send Eiji in to try to talk to him and have him ask what he has on Dino. He’s not speaking, and Eiji doesn’t force him too. He can see, he can see that Ash wants to face Dino on his own terms. That he has long past accepted his own death.

The cops are trying to find a way for Ash not to be killed in prison. As Dino has more than a few guys planted in there. They have a inside as well though, a guy named Max. They’re hoping he can protect Ash.

This was a good episode. It really showed how trapped and helpless Ash feels in a way, watching Eiji soar through the sky. He was jealous, he wanted to fly. He wanted to be free. These are boys I feel can really understand each other.