When someone said the author of the manga is a doujinshi hentai artist, I was like “damn”. I heard he turned around and is making normal manga now, just like this. Wait, turned around. I don’t think making hentai or pornwhas is bad, they be making money. But who made more money, the person who made Onii Chici or the person who made Dragonball.. But people get mad if things are normal these days..But I feel like this show will be crazy due to opening. Did anyone see that sh*t? It was weird.

It’s a generally good show all around, I was dying the entire time. She does the same thing that I do in certain social situations.

“ Do I do A, B, or C in this situation?”

Chio thinks like me in those situations. Especially when she saw that popular track club girl, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk to her and she kinda freaked out. That’s me when some pretty girl is talking to me, I’m like “Me?” because literally no one talks to me. Or maybe I don’t expect anyone to talk to me.

What’s up with he assassin and ninja jokes? I didn’t really understand that those jokes. But I started laughing every time she compared herself to one, I was dying over there

My favorite part was when she hit the rich guy without getting noticed and helped the kid get the balloon all at the same time. That rich guy was a dck though. He was like “ I could help you, but I’m not going to because I’m too rich for that sht” And all of his thing’s price value was it’s defense( if that were true..I would have zero defense, or barely any at all)

And everyone was surprised. I thought he was going to help, but do a half-a$$ job, but he just didn’t help at all. Wow.

Then her coming out of the hotel car garage, I almost died. She thought she got to school scot-free, but she did not. That pervert took a video of her on the way out.

The teacher tho. He was like “ Oh, hell, no! She’s such a nice girl, this will stain her record!”

Overall, this a quality funny show, it’s comedy is like Saiki and with a mix of High School Boys and Nichijou( Nichijou is pretty funny, the deer suplex is everyone’s favorite part). It’s going to be a great show, but I’m not quite sure if I’d blog it. Loving the characters, loving the premise, loving how the author is so weird should be enough. But writing about shows that don’t have a big distinct plot, that’s hard, well for me. I love watching comedy show and I never feel like watching a show with a real plot half of the time. Hmmm.

Chance of Me Watching This Show: 95%

Chance of Me Blogging The Show: 75%

Should I blog the show according to the Magic 8 Ball: Definitely ( I literally went and searched online magic ball)

Song of the First Episode: Going Crazy by Turk-Tech


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  1. Archaon The Everchosen

    She was referencing the Assassin Greed series. It is a video game series about some guy re-live his ancestors memory who just happen to all more interesting than him and all are members of an assassin order throughout the ages in history.

  2. Thong Do

    She was referencing the Assassin Creed video game series, it a series about hooded men jumping around on historical building and sometime assasin someone

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