After last weeks’ episode, it turns out Ton remembers everything that went down. Vlad’s charm was ineffective on her, at least until she had discovered her friend was kidnapped. And once again, I was quite impressed with Ton. She really isn’t your typical heroine. When she accidentally touched Vlad’s chest, she was completely unfazed and focused on the fact her friend was kidnapped. When she learned that he did try to use a charm on her the night before, it infuriated her. She was quite reckless though with going out on her own to rescue her friend, she ended up getting injured in the process, but otherwise made it out in one piece since Vlad was able to bail her out of an ugly situation.

Vlad really does try to act cool, but he keeps on missing the beat. The only times he nailed it was when he was able to summon himself to Ton’s location and snuck into the police station with Detective Gregory’s help to borrow evidence for their investigation. It also turns out he is Count Dracula, Bram Stoker’s ultimate vampire. And apparently, if he sucks a Human’s blood, they will turn into an Umbra (Shadow). But it’s a bit strange to hear considering umbras are supposedly born from Human fear and anxiety. It’s a weird concept, but hey I guess it works???

We also learned Luke is a descendent from a Werewolf Clan, but has left them and is currently a lone-wolf. Toyru is a jiangshi, he accompanied her great grandmother, he’s been around since the 19th century. And then we have our new character who is also part of the cafe: Wayne, a ghost Vlad had picked up six months ago. He is quite fun, and I like that he doesn’t actually have a physical body, enabling him to possess all sorts of things and be helpful in a very creative way. Taking possessing of Shinyao’s phone to unlock it, and being the tech guru of the bunch was quite fun to watch. Since these are pretty ancient, it’s hard for them to understand technology, everything Wayne was saying when he was explaining how the app works was gibberish to them. The only thing they did understand, was the fact it’s super creepy, and scary how much information is collects on its user. To be able to predict its user’s thoughts, that is a very scary thing! Jeez, I wouldn’t dare to use an app like that! That’s way too much!

It looks like there’s a potential love-line in store for Shinyao by pairing her up with the red werewolf. It looks like he may be breaking himself away from Haysin (the shady dude who reclaimed Ton’s grandmother’s ring), who got him to do the dirty work of kidnapping her, and delivering her to Jack the Ripper. Instead of letting Ton save her, he personally took Shinyao out, but it appears he is still holding her captive, as a means to protect her from harm. However it’s a bit weird to see him be so obsessed about protecting a total stranger, unless he is afraid she will be used by Haysin again. Either way, the execution was sloppy on that end. Hopefully we they will clear things up within the next episode, since they wanted to use this as a means to force the two werewolves to encounter one another.

And speaking of the devil: Haysin is clearly not Human. I don’t know what he is, but he is likely someone powerful. We don’t know why, but he wants to awaken Rijan’s blood within Ton. What will become of her after that is uncertain, but as Vlad said, it is eerie how similar Ton is to her grandmother. I really do wonder if she is her reincarnation after-all.

Overall, this weeks’ episode pretty much reaffirmed that I am going to enjoy this show, but it feels like it’s going to be one of those shows I would  enjoying watching more than covering it. That being said, I will still give it one more episode to get a feel for it, but sometimes it’s just not meant to  be. We will have to see, I started off with seven, but I have been making quite a cut since!


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