We have a two part mystery now, involving a new and intense gas. It looks like Market Makers, who I’m guessing is a real group and not a hoax, is behind an attack on the mayor. Well, I’m guessing it’s those two guys, or it’s the people with the strange face paintings, or it’s all of them. Anyway, this episode started off disturbing. A man that seemed to be part of this big plan was murdered with the use of the gas. The little bit that they were able to show was pretty brutal and it was weirder with that cute rabbit. That rabbit is probably evil and I don’t know why.

Tell me your secret, Mr. Yellow.

This investigation is a lot more interesting to me. The police and detectives are called to a murder scene of an assemblyman and his family who were murdered and decapitated brutally. Killer B’s insignia is left there on the wall and a groomed Keith enters the scene and examines the insignia and concludes that this wasn’t the work of Killer B. From his very quick check, it looks like the B on the wall is different from Killer B’s other marks, noting some hesitation on the B. It’s then they’re called up to the attic where they find the man from the beginning who was killed, on a chair with a box in his lap. We find out later that there was a tiny bit of the poison gas in the box, and they were able to study it at Keith’s buddy’s place. Turns out it’s a completely new gas that’s never been made before so there’s no way to fight back against it. That’s a big deal because they also found on the man’s corpse an invitation to the assemblyman to the mayor’s charity event. On a picture of the mayor and his wife is Killer B’s mark, meaning that the guys behind the murder is targeting the event to release the gas. Releasing that gas can cause millions of deaths if it escapes the building where the party will be, so the pressure is on.

The RIS try their best to keep an eye on the place but the bad guys are sneaky and are going to release the gas at the strike of 9 unless someone kills the mayor.

Meanwhile, Koku is also at the party. We get to see more of him this episode. Whoever he is, he works in the violin shop. While he can play the violin well, he enjoys making violins even more. Noting, even when he’ll die, something he’s made will live on for hundreds of years. While crafting, he hears news of Killer B on the radio and all of a sudden cuts his hand and leaves, not to the hospital but for the party. There, he comes across the…vampire people. I still don’t know whether they’re actually human or not, but he goes up to the roof to meet with one of them, a guy with a tongue and lips painted at the corner of his mouth. He mentions “that person” and says how amazing they are, but we don’t know who they are. Apparently Koku is pretty important himself, but I still don’t understand why. I don’t understand who these people want or who they are, so this exchange still does nothing for me and I hope by the next episode, something will be clearer.


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