I don’t even know how I feel about this episode. I’m so confused and concerned and grossed out. And shocked. This episode went in a completely different direction that I thought, which I guess is a good thing because it wasn’t predictable? But this episode, as usual, was over the top and unrealistic in certain spots (well, all of it and I’ll get to that) which made watching it entertainingly dumb. Well, I’m halfway through this show so I should get used to it. But I was completely unsettled.

After this episode, things are really making sense concerning Satou. Just from the flashbacks we had gotten before I already knew that Satou had grown up in a terrible environment, but I didn’t know just how bad it was. This episode, I had thought that Satou really was going to take Shoko to her apartment. But instead, she takes her to her aunt’s apartment, which is in the same apartment complex where Satou really lives! It had my jaw on the floor when I realized that. The first part of the episode was pretty intense when we see two police officers in front of the door. I think most people thought that they were standing in front of her actual apartment with Shio. The nervous look on Satou’s face made it seem that way. The smell complaint the police were coming to check on made us think that it was the bloody room Satou never cleaned up. The hesitation Satou had was because of Shio and her secret being made known to officials. It all pointed in that direction and it was really tense and suspenseful, so much that the homeroom teacher that had followed them was having a very….exciting time, having a really hard boner at the look of worry on Satou’s face. But to everyone’s shock, the person that opened the door wasn’t Shio. It was Satou’s aunt, who is alive and (not) well. The teacher was shocked because he thought she was dead and that he has disposed of her in those bags. Shoko was shocked because she had visited and knocked on the door before, and no one answered. Same with the teacher calling and never getting an answer. The show made it seem like she was dead, but she’s been alive this whole time. Honestly, it shocked me as well so I really have to applaud the show for the build-up and the big reveal. After she opened the door and introduced herself, her aunt stole the episode but Satou’s demeanor the rest of the episode was very telling.

I honestly don’t even know what to say about Satou’s aunt. She is a completely broken person and I don’t even know what caused her to become so broken. We know she has a warped sense of love, and we really got to see an example of it this episode when she went up to the male officer after they searched her home and basically sexually harassed him by saying perverse things and planting herself on top of him, and her breasts on his face. Honestly, that whole scene was gross and stupid. One, the way the police officers handled this situation was stupid. They see a woman in bandages? Don’t question it. They see a home in darkness with hardly any furniture where a child supposedly lives in? Don’t say anything. They go inside a disgusting room with a bad smell? Nothing. This deranged woman sexually harasses the police officer? No arrest. They can clearly see that this woman is out of her mind, but they leave Satou with her anyway? Un-freaking-believable. The whole scene was stupid, also gross, but also important for character reasons. The reason why Satou is so messed up is because she was raised by a woman with a completely twisted view on love. To Satou’s aunt, her definition of “love” seems to be of receiving the others’ desires, whether it’s through violence and/or sex. Swallowing desires is how she words it. The frustrations or sadness from loneliness she seems to accept in whatever form, from whatever gender whether you’re a man or woman. It explains the bandages on her face and body as she seems to let others really just do whatever they want to her.

Just from meeting her this one time and taking a look at her room, enough has been said about Satou’s aunt. This woman obviously can’t hold a job, so of course there’s only one way that she can support herself. And let’s be real here, she seems to enjoy it as she threw herself at the male officer and even offered herself to the female officer. With how compulsive she is, she probably doesn’t have any trouble finding clients for her services. Now, the smell complaint from her room? I had to replay the scene over and over again, trying to figure out what it could be. There was a wet sound from the room carpet as the officers walked around that sent chills down my spine. There was a ratty old futon with stains?/something in it. Seeing how the aunt is and imagining what she does in her down time, and looking at the objects in the room, the disgusting smell that caused a complaint from the neighbors was probably from used toilet paper/napkins, used condoms?, and fresh/dry bodily fluids of all kind. I just…the wet sound of cum-stained carpet makes me want to vomit. I want to vomit after typing that sentence.

All of this was bad enough, but it was worse finding out that Satou may have been sexually molested by her aunt as a child judging from the flashback we saw.

After Satou and Shoko leave, it seems like their friendship is over. Satou purposely brought Shoko to her aunt to try and scare her away, which seemed to have worked. So her happy sugar life is protected again as Shoko will probably stop from prying in her life. Satou made herself clear to the principal as well, though he’s still wondering what he disposed of. Satou goes back to her apartment and is happy once again as she hugs Shio, and she immediately goes to clean the bloody room. In some ways I feel bad for Satou. She grew up with a crazy aunt and she believed in a terrible love. Not wanting to be like her aunt, she slept around with lots of guys to try to find love that was different from her aunt’s, which didn’t work out. Until she met Shio. It’s funny how much Satou doesn’t want to be like her aunt, but their manipulative nature is pretty similar. I think this is what it means by the episode’s title, “What the Sugar Girl is Made Out of”. Of course, I’m not excusing Satou’s actions at all.

Next week, we’re finally going to get the story of how Satou got apartment 1208, and probably how this whole messed up story began.

You know, I said last week that Shoko was maybe going to die this episode. Well, she did and she didn’t. She’s still breathing and living in the physical sense, but she’s probably really dead on the inside. Like I am after writing this review.


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      You and me here. I was dying for the episode to finish but I dreaded having to write this up. There’s been a lack of blood in this horror show, but lots of…other stuff.

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