Satsuriku no Tenshi – Episode 8 [Yeah,…i’m a monster.]

I’m going to cling to this Rachel is a serial killer theory until the show tells me otherwise. As she completely mows down the zombies with no remorse, for no reason other then they were annoying and in her way. She stomps on the crying and screaming severed hands on Eddies floor for the same reason. There is no change in her expression, no feelings, just determination on her goal. She feels nothing towards these creatures.
A lost sheep or a demon? I am betting deeply on demon.
She moves through Cathy and Eddie’s floors and sees their phantoms. I’m banking on the idea of a hallucination caused by the priest still, and things proceed like this until they get down to Danny’s floor. As Rachel is standing there, thinking about the pact she made with Zack on this floor. She’s attacked by something, a green goo chases her down and when it splashes her. The pinkish tone that everything has had since the priest started her trial vanishes. It all suddenly seems so much more real.

Still despite everything being more real, just like on the other floors. Danny’s body is missing, Rachel looks all over the floor for the medication for Zack. Yet there is no medication on the floor, she returns to the priest and states this to him and he claims to not know why there is no medication on the floor. Though he asks if she does not consider that all of these things may be her fault. All of the misfortunes. As Eddie said, everyone around her is going to die suffering. Even Zack.

Speaking of Zack. As Rachel descends down to Zack’s level to hopefully get some bandages and get the knife that he requested her to get. We cut back to him bleeding out, yet still alive and dreaming of when he was a child again. Right after he killed his parents, he left the house and wandered alone. A woman driving past notices him and stops her car, she gets out and sees Zack covered in blood and starts freaking out. He kills her in cold blood and crawls into her car to sleep.
The next morning, a kindly old blind man raps on the window to the car and questions if there is anyone in there. He hears Zack is a child and brings him home, feeds him, gives him a place to sleep. He asks for nothing in return but company.

Even when Zack goes out and kills someone, even when he states this plainly to the blind man. That he just killed somebody because he felt like it, the old man only asks one thing “What do you feel like doing now?”
He covers Zack in a jacket and lets him sleep. He goes out to get food for the two of them, but he never comes back. When Zack goes out to find him, he finds that he was killed while he was out. Killed for the thrill and killed for the meager amount of money he had on his person. Zack finds the people who did it, laughing, laughing about what they’ve done. He sees it, happy people like them are what create monsters. So he kills them, he kills them both brutally.

Yes, he is a Monster.

We cut back to present day and there is someone standing over Zack. Someone that should be dead, a body that was missing despite the mist being gone. Doctor Danny is standing over Zack and I believe he wants revenge.

This episode was super emotional for me as a Zack fan. I was so happy that he found someone who could care for him and really upset when the old man died! I was afraid that the old man would betray him and try to turn him into the cops or something, but no, he was killed and it was awful! Zack had already killed three people by that point. He was by no means an angel, still, I feel like he deserved some kindness in a world that had been so cruel to him up until this point.

The next episode is titled.

“There is no God in this world.”

Considering how important the idea of ‘God’ and the promise between Zack and Rachel being made to God has been up until this point. I’m interested to see what will happen here to skew that idea and lead towards the idea that there is no God in this world for Rachel.

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2 Responses

  1. Kazanova says:

    Wow! The anime reveals Zack’s past that is first revealed in the novel and only recently in the manga! And they revealed it as Zack’s dream! Too bad the manga didn’t reveal it this way but instead as a separate chapter. But I’m sure they’re cutting several things in the anime, so I’m still gonna buy the novel version to read it. Kinda too bad that they ended the episode right when Danny appeared, but Zack’s past is enough to compensate it!

  2. I honestly like shows where not just one, but both or more of the focused main protagonists are, to put it lightly, not exactly pure at heart….Rachel’s case is pretty terrifying, in retrospect, so hopefully we’ll get backstory on her, too
    It’s also nice to see this part of Zack’s past being shown.

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