As expected, this was yet another “filler” episode, but I definitely enjoyed it more than last week’s episode. The only thing that caught me off guard and left me feeling a bit disappointed was how even though Homare is Nobunobu’s owner, the spotlight was actually on Lulu and Emiru (AND THANK GOD FOR THE CHANGE OF SONG, I AM SO DONE WITH THE FIRST ONE!!!). Of course it the most make sense for Lulu to be a central figure in this episode, as she is an android who is still learning to understand ‘love’, she was worried and uncertain of what would become of Nobunobu’s crush on Lily the cat. Needless to say, I wished Homare had the chance to play a bigger role.

Despite the story revolving around a dog’s crush, I still found it quite cute how serious the girls were in wanting to help Nobunobu. Emiru in particular gave me a good laugh because her idea it was super relatable. (The way she scared her brother with the outfit was freaking hilarious!) And frankly, it can be quite easy to forget these characters are supposed to be kids, therefore we really should expect them to act as such.

Did I ever mention how much I love Bishin’s character design?!

And on top of that, to my surprise: Bishin was ended up being the highlight. Sure they didn’t show up until the end, but after their lacklustre debut, I was especially pleased with how they used an Oshimaidaa (and the requisition sequence was STUNNING, I absolutely the tear away of the screen, it looked so good!). After having to sit through Gelos’s and Dr. Trauma’s pathetic showings, it was so nice to see one of the villain actually act like one. Bishin is not a softie, nor are they here to play around and make a fool of themselves. Bishin’s objective is there to make a point and try and persuade Harry to come back the dark side.

However I can’t help but feel a bit concerned about Bishin possibly being the next one on the chopping block. The girls are due to get their next power upgrade, and Bishin right now is really their second biggest threat they need to be worried about. Of course there is always the possibility where George decides he is going to create a different sort of challenge for Hana (since he is deliberately picking a fight with her) to face. Otherwise if it’s not Bishin, it will be Dr. Trauma or Gelos, both who have been failing as of the late, which is silly considering besides one occasion, they haven’t exactly made themselves to be an ‘upgrade’ or appear ‘superior’ to the likes of Charaleet and Pupple.

Actually while we are on the subject of the devils, something crossed my mind when Bishin started talking about Harry: When was the last time the Mirai White Crystal was brought up? It feels like it hasn’t actually been spoken of since the incident where George robbed the girls of their crystals, and at the end of the episode, it was revealed Harry in fact was holding onto it. It’s a bit strange to see it be forgotten or at least not pointed out– unless the fillers are really getting to my head and I’m the one who is forgetting about it. Either way, it’s due to be brought up again at some point or another. Perhaps it will when the next big fight breaks out? I have been told it is due to happen around Episode 31, so we are going to have to be patient with the fillers for a while longer. (In fact, now that I look back it has only been five episodes since they fought George, and really only two of them (last week and this weeks’ were actually the only fillers between now and then) so it definitely feels like it has been longer than it actually has been!).

That being said, even though next week is looking to be another filler, it is actually one I am looking forward to. It looks like it will be a very sweet one with Hana helping out her grandmother, and I have a soft spot for characters helping their grandparents out, so I am sure I will enjoy it.


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  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    TFW not even Homare-centric episodes were a plus for me anymore. It simply upsets me that the writing staff had the nerve to butcher the screentime of the only intriguing character in this almost dysfunctional five-girl heroine team and giving more spotlight to the newcomers who should be full-fledged members that shoulder all responsibility by now instead of promoting their new single. No seriously, drafting Lulu and Emiru into the latest Love Live’s Perfect Idol Project (as the main group’s rival group) and their absence will be no loss at all.
    And this leads to another “laziness” issue I must address: For the first time in Precure history ever, there are NO summer attire for our heroines at all, because in EVERY other Precure seasons the characters often switched between summer and winter attires depending on how Japan’s seasons circulated, but this time Homare and co. are stuck with one attire for one whole year. How lazy can Toei be?!
    Seeing Hana resuming the attention she NEVER deserves next episode, hopeful someone can silence this loudspeaker once and for all.

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