The end of the provisional licence exam is a search and rescue test. They’ve hired what are basically professional crisis actors, or people who hire themselves out to be saved from situations professionally to act as the people the students need to rescue.
You know, I guess i’d never really given consideration before to the kind of job market a quirk based society would open up. The scene is given to the studio’s as such, a group of villains have launched a full scale terrorist attack. Destroyed roads have slowed rescue crews and it’s up to the heroes to keep the situation under control until they can arrive on the scene. The scenario is far too real for the people who went on the mission to rescue Bakugo. They had been focused on saving Bakugo and not interfering with the pro heroes but they are aware that there had been a lot of casualties in that fight.

Before they head out into the field though. Kiminari and Mineta hear from Sero about Deku seeing Camie naked and jump all over him for it which draws the attention of Ochako Uraraka. Who really starts reflecting on Deku and what he means to her, also, it brings her notice to Camie. Who she can’t help but feel there is distinctly off about. This isn’t the only time in the episode these feelings come up either, as Izuku breaks off from the group to bring a injured ‘kid’ to the designated medical area set up by the students from Ketsubutsu High School she stares after him and contemplates it. What she is chasing, her dream and what her feelings towards him are.
I feel like we’re heading towards some real Ochako development and that makes me happy. I’m excited to see how this is going to shape her.

So while the rest of 1-A begins doing their best to break up into groups and focus on saving people the best they can. It becomes apparent that some people are more likely to pass this test then others, one person I can say with an almost certainty is going to fail is Bakugo. As soon as him, Kiminari and Kirishima come up upon an ‘injured couple’, he snaps at them to ‘save themselves’. Which, is both good and bad, seeing as they were supposed to be acting as low priority victims and they could manage themselves it showed good insight on his part to know they could help themselves. His attitude though, got him docked points and his attitude in hearing that he lost points probably docked him even more points.
I’m pretty sure he isn’t passing this.

Another person i’m sure isn’t passing is the wind guy from Shiketsu High School, he’s got an extreme control of his quirk and good ideas, but he’s far too reckless and that’s going to screw him up in the end.

Interesting enough, my favorite rescue group is team Todoroki, Tsuyu and Hagakure. As Tsuyu goes to rescue someone from the water, Hagakure can go safely and discreetly go get things to burn for Todoroki to use his quirk to make a fire to help warm up the person they rescued from the water. It’s a great combination of their quirks and I think it has a lot of potential.

Of course, if the test was really this easy. It would be no way to properly tell who should get a provisional licence. That’s where the scenario comes in, the villains are back to continue their attack. The ‘villain’ being the number 10 hero, Gang Orca, who is also ranked 3rd in heroes that look like villains. I am immensely curious to know who numbers one and two in that ranking are.
So now the students must save, protect and defend the ‘innocent’ victims of the attack from Gang Orca and his group of ‘lackeys’. Things are getting intense and I can’t wait to see how the kids are going to handle this high pressure situation that Aizawa observed would be hard for even most pro heroes and-

What do you mean next weeks episode is filler?

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  1. exof954

    It’s amazing how just a single preview can change my entire opinion about not just one episode, but the entire season as a whole.

    This is Bleach anime levels of inappropriate filler timing; the least they could have done is saved it for after this arc is over. I mean, there’s a good chance it’ll be well made, relatively speaking, and technically it’s not even labeled as an actual episode, but… I am still greatly distressed.

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