Oh thank goodness Brandon didn’t die! It seems someone from the visual kei group screwed up, and that someone is Jean, one of the RIS. That makes things a lot more serious as we now know that some of the police work with them.

Brandon escapes with no permanent damage when they explain to Lily and Keith. When Keith signs the slip, the doctor gives him a watch that Brandon had personally asked him to do. There seems to be a mystery that only Keith could figure out, and eventually he did just in time. To get to the point, the numbers and model of the watch were deliberate messages left by Brandon that left only one member of the RIS to point the crime to, and it was Jean Henri Richard. He and Keith seem to have some history with each other and he seems to be the one behind the murder of the woman that used to be in Keith’s life. We don’t know what Jean had against Keith to want to ruin his life and kill all the people around him. Keith had admitted to being suspicious of him 8 years ago when he found the multi-camera program, which we saw when Kaela showed Lily. Kaela was about to try to locate the person who planted the program but the visual kei group, or specifically Yuna, deleted it. In the end, Jean killed himself. Right then, Koku comes up behind Keith and drags him away to the roof.

And Keith knew Koku was Killer B? Or 13? Whatever that means. The show is getting into the weird confusing stuff again. I was already confused as to why Koku’s senses were pointing him towards Keith when they’ve never met, and Keith seems like a normal person. Then again, we don’t really know much about him just yet. I’m curious to know what they’re going to be talking about next episode.

More mystery and confusion added on top of the mystery and confusion we already have. Also, Kamui’s dependence on the shiny gold liquid is interesting. I thought maybe the liquid was some sort of sustenance to keep them alive, but it seems like it’s more of a drug. I don’t know if him requiring multiple vials a day means his life is coming to an end, or it’s simply a drug that enhances their supernatural strength or something along those lines.

Thankfully Brandon is safe, but things are going to take a more interesting turn with Keith and Koku.


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