I can sum up the lesson in these episodes in one sentence, it’s very important, always remember it. Never EVER use Ouija boards! I’M NOT KIDDING! About the episodes or about what i’m saying, they’re dangerous.
Don’t use them! Anyway, getting off my anti-Ouija board soap box, let’s get into these episodes and how they display this exact point.

Another high school gets a swam of hauntings, seriously, my first time through this series I didn’t notice how many school related cases they had. This is like the third one. At first Naru turns it down, but after the student council president comes and impresses on him how grave the situation actually is. He takes an interest and agrees to handle the case. The first thing that Monk and Mai notice about the school upon getting there is how severely strict it is.
Worse than usual for a Japanese High school even, nobody wearing their uniform slightly different, nobody with dyed hair. All of the students seem tense and on edge, and the teacher is an absolute jerk to them. Screaming that people like them are scammers taking advantage of people. Monk and Mai are generally surprised that Naru doesn’t go off on this guy when both of them want to jump down his throat.

The haunting doesn’t take long to present itself to them in the form of a rather solid black dog apparition. Interesting enough, the dog ties back to the suicide of a student from earlier in the year. A boy, who’s suicide note only read this “I am not a dog.”
This is not the only problem at the school though. It’s only one of a very large list, why does this school have so many spirits? Well that brings me back to where I began this review. Almost the entire student body was using Ouija boards. They called it something different, different forms of Ouija boarding all pop up in Japan from time to time under different names but they are all equally as dangerous and shouldn’t be messed with. Though Naru says there is still a missing factor in all of this, even with nearly the entire student body using them a bunch of novices shouldn’t be able to gather up that many spirits. There is something more sinister at work.

Well I don’t know what the force behind it is, but more sinister things are happening because as they try to drive the spirits out. They simply move location and end up getting eaten by larger spirits, making the problem worse. Dream Naru warns Mai that it’s extremely dangerous and warns her to try to learn some warding spells, which she does ask Monk to teach her. It’s a shame when she’s trapped in the Bio lab and everything goes to hell in a hand basket she doesn’t remember to employ any of them. It might of helped.

I love Mai, don’t get me wrong I think she’s extremely fun and she plays great off of the rest of the cast, Naru in particular. At times like this though it’s like ‘Come on, you just learned that for a reason.’. I mean we just complimented her earlier on the fact she’s getting sharper, so why not let that play out by letting her use the warding she learned from Monk to help herself. Well anyway, these episodes were pretty good. I’m not entirely sure I trust the student council kid, Yasu, he seems a little too casual in all of this and it’s a little bit unsettling. We’ll find out next week what’s going on with this school and what darker secret lies behind the hauntings.
See you then!