POV usually isn’t used in anime, only because we have actual characters. It wasn’t until the One Room series came around that we got actual anime where you are in the POV of the character and the other characters talk to you. That’s how Happy Sugar Life went about with the first half of the episode when Satou met the guy that owned apartment 1208 and it was kinda creepy.

We didn’t get as many answers this time, except for how Satou got the apartment. The man from 1208 invites Satou over and lets her bathe after taking shelter from the rain. He lets Satou stay for awhile until she has to go home. The man doesn’t say anything, instead his words are through waves of static, and we get an idea what he says through Satou’s replies. As thanks for letting her stay over, Satou agrees to model for him. Through these modeling sessions, they talk. It’s really interesting that Satou looked a little confused and wanted to make sure if the guy really didn’t want to have sex with her. Which is eye opening how much Satou has used sex to repay guys, or just did it because guys simply wanted to. Having sex with a guy she just met was so normal to her that she thought it was weird that this artist simply didn’t want to. She realized, to him, that’s his normal. That’s actually pretty sad. The artist offers her money for being his model but she refuses, saying her being his model was repaying him for letting her stay in his home until she needed to leave (because of course she didn’t want to go back to her crazy aunt). They have light conversation, and Satou asks him what he thinks love is. She doesn’t know what it is even though she’s been intimate with many guys, she hasn’t really found it or understand it. The artist seemed like a pretty nice guy because he happily brought Satou into his home when he noticed how upset she looked. He didn’t do anything inappropriate to her, he wanted to pay her for her time as his model, and he always made her comfortable. Until one night when Satou barges into his place with an unconscious Shio in her arms. All of a sudden her empty expression had a lot of life in it, and she was blushing and smiling because she finally found what she was looking for: love.

This moment showed the true nature of the artist. He hated the happy expression on Satou’s face. He hated the life she suddenly had and knew the source of it was Shio, and he went to strangle her until Satou came in, grabbed his easel and killed him with it. The artist had grown some sort of obsession with her, I guess seeing her as some masterpiece in her current state. Or at least he had a certain idea about her. But then her demeanor changed and she wasn’t his masterpiece anymore and it angered him.

This first part was pretty creepy, I’ve never been a fan of his POV thing so it just made things more unsettling. It was a unique take and I thought it did pretty well. Unfortunately, this part didn’t tell us how Satou found Shio so there’s still speculation on that part. And while this part was the only part that was creepy, it was absolutely nothing compared to last week’s episode. I’m still trying to get over that…

The next part was kind of hilarious to be honest. It’s really hard to take things seriously when Mitsuboshi is involved because of how over the top he is. He runs off to Satou’s place because of the text Shoko had sent him. He doesn’t go to protect Shoko, no, the only reason he’s worried is because Shoko might fall in love with Shio too. But then Mitsuboshi realizes how fucking crazy he is and realizes that maybe he should have a normal life, but then random older women come up behind him to ask if he’s okay because he was acting weird (lol). He screams and runs off, but stops when he sees a flyer of Shio and starts sniffing it like crazy because he has no freaking control. He says he’ll try to lead a normal life and go to school, with the Shio flyer in his pocket, then go back to work, with Shio in his pocket, and get a good job later on…with Shio in his pocket. Then when Satou appeared literally out of nowhere behind him, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. But then it gets worse when Satou proposes to him to help her out. When he tells her he wants to live a normal life, Satou throws a recently worn Shio sock on his face and he FUCKING LOSES IT. He basically got an orgasm from a sock that smelled…like milk? Holy shit, I can’t tell you how much I laughed. One second he vows to live a normal life, and the other that all goes out the window when a sock hits his face. I just…can’t. I guess I should be more concerned about two pedos, but man sometimes this anime is so weird.

It’s interesting that Satou doesn’t want to resort to violence. She just uses manipulation very well. In exchange for helping her “get rid” of someone, she’ll let Mitsuboshi see Shio so she can pet his head and shit. And by get rid of, she wants Asahi away from her but she won’t kill him. She only wants him physically far away, like in another prefecture and she wants Mitsuboshi to do something about it.

I guess I shouldn’t worry about Asahi, but Shoko was right there when Asahi got the call so maybe she might speak up when she hears his voice since she knows that Mitsuboshi has an obsession with Shio. By the way, Asahi and Shoko are pure as hell! I love them! They’re the only normal ones in this show and I’m rooting for them hard!


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  1. zztop

    The source manga version does cover how Satou found Shio; it also covers the backstory of Shio and Asahi’s parents and the terrible events that lead up to the present day. The suffering is as you would expect. Feel free to read it after the anime if you don’t want to be spoiled beforehand.

    The manga is still ongoing, although recent chapters suggest the story is heading towards its climax.

  2. jsyschan

    I haven’t seen this show due to the yandere stuff in it, but when I read the title of the post, I wanted to comment about it with a quote from a film. it felt fitting given the room similarities.

    “Gerald Olin: No, you misunderstand. Whatever’s in 1408 is nothing like that.

    Mike Enslin: Then what is it?

    Gerald Olin: It’s an evil fucking room.”

    1. Berry

      That’s unbelievably fitting. What film is that from?

      1. jsyschan

        1408 by Stephen King. it’s not bad.

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