Filler? What Filler? I don’t remember any Filler, why am I covering two episodes in a row? What happened to the episode Oki was supposed to cover? Oh well. Anyway, the provisional licence exam continues on like there was no sudden jerking interruption at all. Gang Orca bursts in to play the villain and now the trainee heroes must focus on rescuing people and beating the threat of the villains at once. Which for most doesn’t seem to be a problem, except for two characters who seem to have a problem with one another. Namely, Todoroki and Yoarashi from Shiketsu High School.
It’s been mentioned that despite having high recommendations, he turned down attending U.A. and this week we get some backstory into just why that is.

To get to that, we need some backstory on Yoarashi. He was a enthusiastic child who had a general love for the things around him. There was one thing he seemed to hate though, and that was the look in Endeavor’s eyes. A look that hated something that was far ahead of him. He found that look again in Todoroki’s eyes, he noticed it when they met at the entrance exams for U.A.

This leads to the two of them fighting and impeding each other now in the provisional licence exam. Their powers as we see later could be combined into a deadly combo, but instead they choose to bicker and keep accidently screwing each other up.
So while the fact that AFTER they get taken down by Gang Orca they team up and cage him in a ring of fire. They still mess up a ton in the middle, even accidently endangering Shindō from Ketsubutsu Academy. Leading Midoriya to rush in and have to save him from being taken down by a stray thing of fire from the other two squabbling and screaming “What the hell are you doing?” it’s needless to say that Todoroki and Yoarashi probably failed to pass the exam.

Everyone else seems to be doing wonderfully. At the end of the episode as it tries to build some tension for next episode by letting Midoriya scan the list of people who passed looking for his name and then gasping with no real conclusion. We can bet that he probably passed. I mean honestly, I can’t see anything he did wrong during the exam.

Meanwhile, I can’t say who from the rest of Class A passed but I have a feeling I can tell you two people who didn’t. Todoroki, as I mentioned probably didn’t pass because despite the fact he learned from his mistake and worked very hard to fix it in the end. He still allowed it to happen in the first place and he needs to get past the struggle of standing in his father’s shadow. I also think I mentioned it the other week, but I have a strong feeling that Bakugo is going to fail as well because of the horrible way he handled the hostage situation.
I’m curious though as to what he was up to when the villains showed up though. He remained with Kiminari and Kirishima as the last group to finish rescuing people and end the exam when I was sure he would want to get in on the action.

Overall this arc was pretty interesting, i’m not sure how it’s going to serve the rest of the story but I look forward to seeing where it’s headed. I’ll miss the exam proctor most of all, he was a giant mood.
It was interesting to see some more Todoroki development and see that the fact you make one step to helping your problems and moving on from your past doesn’t mean you can do it all at once. Life doesn’t work like that, emotions don’t work like that and it’s nice to see that play out and see him learn another valuable lesson. Doesn’t mean I won’t meme all over it though.

Next week, an episode focusing around Midoriya and Bakugo. That’s going to be interesting, glad Oki is gonna get such an interesting episode since I covered most of the exam arc. Really, what happened to episode 20? Can anyone find it?