Okay, this episode was a weird one for me, and let me explain to you why.

It was very apparent to me that something felt totally off, and it didn’t take my long to figure out exactly what it was. How should I describe it? It felt empty when I consciously knew it was supposed to be full of feelings. The only time it evoked a response out of me, was whenever Henry’s scenes came up. Everything else fell flat. That’s when I realized, “Ah, I am lacking the attachments to the characters, specifically to Lulu and Emiru.” And it’s rather ironic how it turned out this way, because this was actually something my friend and I were discussing about last night.

As many of you already know, it has gotten to the point where I absolutely cannot stand neither Emiru’s or Lulu’s characters. The presence of their characters have thrown the entire group dynamic out of whack, and the only purpose they seem to serve besides that (since we hardly see them actually interact with the other trio as friends) is forcefully promoting their music on a weekly basis. Maybe if they were written better and we didn’t have to hear the songs so often, I would like them, but unfortunately that is not the case. So whenever their scenes came up, the absence of feeling for Emiru’s struggle were apparent. On the other hand, what they got going on with Henry, had me hooked. That’s why watching the episode was a weird experience, because there would be moments when it feels empty, and others when it feels full. 

But even when I was completely engrossed what was going on with Henry, I still had mixed emotions. Why is that? Well it is because AFTER ALL THIS TIME, now they decided to make Henry’s character matter. It infuriates me because I hate that it took them this long to get around to it, and how they neglected to show us this inner conflict Henry has been facing over the course of the show. Do you know how amazing that could have been?! And what are they going to use him for? Criasu’s trump card!!!! ARG! Henry has always been the only character I did not want to see go dark. Unfortunately it looks like that’s exactly what we are in store for.

Of course as much as I hate the fact Henry is probably going to be exploited and lured to the dark side, I am also super excited for it because Henry has a lot more going on than meets the eye. He doesn’t or at least hasn’t exactly opened up about his struggles. (Emiru doesn’t count because she didn’t get it, at all). He is a character a character who is on track to potentially having more depth than the entire cast (aside from Hana and to some extent, Harry) combined… which is pretty sad when you think about it.

This is why Risutor came to recruit him in the first place. He can sense deep within Henry’s good heart, there’s a part of him that wants to stop time. The changes of puberty, such as his voice getting lower, or growing taller, due to the prejudice of society, it is increasingly becoming more difficult for him to confidently be who he wants to be. Furthermore, he mused how he thought the precure would be recruited by the precures first, only for Criasu to approach him instead. And frankly, I don’t think he was kidding about that. There is no doubt in my mind, he wants to be a part of their inner circle, and it is a shame he hasn’t been ever been properly included. (But again, this is probably the worst precure circle we have seen to date, I actually find it extremely reminiscent of the shallow, nonexistent bonds of friendships between the characters of the so-called heroes in YGO ARC-V)

And let me reiterate: I have always felt Henry has always been the ideal candidate to be a Precure. I don’t want him to be a precure for the sake of it, I want him to be a precure to go along with what his character represents. Also, why not? I never liked the ideology of how only ‘certain genders’ can play certain roles. Why not both? Let the boys and girls be whoever they want! All this time, Henry has been proudly wearing feminine clothing, is a shining example of that. Screw the status quo of society! We have all been wired to be so bloody judgmental of each other, that it’s such a struggle to embrace our individuality! I mean for goodness sakes, stop judging them for it, LET THEM OWN IT!!!

AND HENRY SAID IT BEST: “I look forward to a world and time where we are all free to live as we wishPREACCCHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!

Yet despite all of that, I still can’t hold my breath for Henry becoming a precure, especially when it’s this late in the game. It frustrates me how they might be electing to skip out on this opportunity altogether. At this point, the only possible way— which would be crazy, and honestly I wouldn’t even know how to react to it myself if it were to happen… if they were to make Henry be the on to inherit the Mirai White Crystal that Harry currently has in his possession. It could be they have been foreshadowing this possible development the entire time by constantly having Henry have his shining moments in while he is dressed in white. It would certainly serve as a good contrast to how Criasu wants to turn him into their “dark” Prince.

However, what it is looking to be the actual trigger that will push Henry over to the dark side, will likely be his injury. I don’t know how bad it is, but it could potentially end up being something that either screws up his momentum to the Juniors World Cup, or put an end to his skating career. God damn it, he needs to throw away that business card, don’t hold onto it man! BURN IT! Needless to say, although it is a shame Henry has been neglected until now, I am happy to see that he will actually be getting his own arc of a sorts. I know I should be cautiously optimistic about it, but I am still excited for it.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how freaking PRECIOUS the Henry’s scene with Hugtan was? Oh my god it made my heart melt! And we can’t forget how awesome it was to see Henry rejecting the (first) temptation of joining the dark side.


In other news, we learned from Bishin that Risutor was the first to abandon Harry and their home, so there’s that. It’s interesting how Bishin said he abandoned them when they ended up coming to Criasu anyways. Perhaps he was the one to recruit them? Who knows… But there is certainly a story going on between the three of them that has yet to be told.

Next week, Hana’s sister will be getting into the action of following her suspicions about the girls being precure. I am happy to see Hana’s classmates getting involved again, even though I am sure the ship won’t be going anywhere, I am all for seeing whatever interaction between Hinata and Hana. Some of us have been wondering if they will ever go anywhere with that plotline, but eh, we’ll have to see. Right now Hugtto’s biggest problem seems to be juggling wayyyyy too many ideas all at once, so they aren’t actually able to focus on one issue for a period of time without leaving other matters unfinished or wounding up forgotten altogether.

PS: Poor Homare, Harry wasn’t even watching her. Hugtan has his complete and undivided attention.


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  1. il-Palazzo

    If you’re worried that puberty would make you less girly and can’t dress like a girl anymore, then yes, global time stop would fix that. Drastic, but makes logical sense.
    Leg injury? Not so much. I wonder how that would make him go dark. Maybe he would have too much toge power and that allow Resutor to forcefully transform him? That would make the inevitable redemption arc even lamer.
    Yes, it’s very likely that this “Henri arc” will turn into a redemption arc in the end. On the other hand, actually having an arc means his chance to become a Precure is now 40% up!
    I do agree with you, though, that they could have spaced this Henri arc better. Should have included some of these within the main storyline much earlier.

    1. Eva

      Yeah you’re right, the leg injury will probably be (better) used as a sign of weakness in Henry’s heart, waiting to be exploited. Regardless, if it does contribute to him going to the dark side, it won’t be the only reason, but a combination. Henry’s dream is to be a competitive skater, and at this point of his life he feels like he’s losing himself. So if he were told he would no longer be able to compete, it seems like a plausible case to push him over the edge since it would probably feel like time is taking everything away from him.

  2. smcandy smcandycg

    As much as I wold like to see more magical based magical boy animes besides cute high defense club series I’m afraid you’ll have to take what it dished out in anime for the procure series Eva.
    Izumi Todo’s Pretty Cure franchise has probably the same rule per se as the Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon series where probably on females can become magical warriors. So far now no male based pretty cure has been show in any series that has been made by Toei. This tradition might change if new pretty cure teams and series where created down the road. Maybe near the end of Hugtto we might see wither Harry or Henry become such cures in their own right. But remember magical girl anime is still quite in demand for both sex audiences. Now some series are notable for portraying “magical boys” works such in Shugo Chara!, released in 2006, half of the series’ main characters are males that possess the same powers as their female counterparts.

    1. Eva

      Of course, I recognize that, it just makes me sad knowing even though the set up and circumstances for Henry to becoming one just seems so right, it is unlikely to happen. 😭 I can’t help but feel like it was a waste of opportunity.
      At least there are some titles that do that, as you said, Shugo Chara is a great example of featuring both magical boys and girls.

  3. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    “He is a character a character who is on track to potentially having more depth than the entire cast”
    “I have always felt Henry has always been the ideal candidate to be a Precure”
    Those can be said for Julio/Kuroki Rio in Kirakira Precure last year. Seiji (sorta) turned into an opposing combatant, and Yui was ALWAYS attached to the main team (Haruka and co.), but Julio was left to solve his inner struggles without help from his twin sister Ciel.
    “I absolutely cannot stand Emiru & Lulu. The presence of their characters have thrown the entire group dynamic out of whack”
    Like I’ve pointed out several times in the past, those two would’ve been GREAT in the Love Live universe, specifically as a rival group to the latest PDP girls starring Ayumu, Setsuna and the others. They just don’t feel integrated to a Precure team whatsoever.

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