This episode of My Hero Academia is special because it introduces three really important characters. These characters will make a huge impact on the arcs to come and also, MY HUSBAND IS HERE! I’m going to be honest with you: these characters are introduced in the last few seconds of the episode and they are not going to be the focus when you watch it. But do you think that matters to me? It doesn’t. I read the manga and they are my favs, eternally, a set of characters that make me sob uncontrollably. Most notably is this dorkaroo:

Look at this kid. He is perfect. He is my husbando. All the rest of these guys are kids, and this is my husband. There is so much more to this episodes because it sets up a lot of important things: The Villains continue their movements and work towards the future with Twice hovering over the events, Deku and Bakugo now co exist and Deku is off house arrest. Look it is very important but look at my beautiful waifu:

Look at her great color palette and her hair. She is my waifu. I can’t. I love the character designs for these three so much – they are the best of My Hero Academia’s designs and the best of their characters. Especially that dork I started out with. People who read the manga know why you should be excited but Deku himself made faces that scream “THESE PEOPLE MATTER SO MUCH OMG”. These are the Big 3- the top students at U.A. who have been absolutely decimating at the U.A. Sports Festival for years. They even have an emo Sasuke elf vampire guy!

Look I’m not judging I’m into it. I just have so many feelings, okay?? I’m trying to be serious because things are going to bad, okay? The Villains are up to sinister things and there are new people we haven’t even seen. You should see the menacing people they introduce and the concepts behind it all. A statement in the show is “I want to be around messed up people like me who make me feel like it is okay to be who I am” with the idea that: I want to be screwed up and be around people who make me think that’s okay. And look really bad terrible things are happening but my faves are here so we’re gonna be okay guys. WE’RE GONNA BE OKAY!

Pay no attention to the menacing figures in this episode. Pay attention to the coolest teenage All-Might, his emo vampire Sasuke friend, and the best use of periwinkle I’ve ever seen in a color palette. I live for these dang teenagers, okay? I’m trash and I’m here to stan for these perfect heroes in the making. I want to be serious but I’m just freaking out because mY fAvES aRe HEre!


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  1. zztop

    I always thought Mirio looked like either Tintin’s bigger, buffer cousin; or a more beefed up Vault Boy mascot from the Fallout games franchise.

    1. Oki

      Yes! Or muscular Lucas from Smash XD

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