Episode 22 contained a lot of info I could of already guessed and the build up for episode 23. As I’ve been predicting since the fight between Todoroki and Yoarashi started in the middle of the fight against Gang Orca, they fail the test and thus have to take a make-up provisional licence exam later on. Bakugo also fails to pass, which I could tell was coming most likely because his complete lack of proper attitude when it came to helping and saving people.
The one thing in the episode that would of been a total surprise for me if I wasn’t spoiled on Himiko’s quirk was that Camie was actually Himiko during the entire arc. The real Camie had never showed up to the exam in the first place, it’s going to be interesting if/when we get to meet her later on and see what her real personality is like. Himiko’s quirk, which is basically Mystique from X-men with extra steps allows her to take on the appearance of anyone she has the blood of kidnapped Camie and used her appearance to get close to Deku. She got a drop of Izuku’s blood, yikes, that’s not good.

Bakugo is struggling deeply with the fact that Midoriya passed the exam and he didn’t. They’d always been so similar, and yet so different. They were both chasing the shadow of All Might, their favorite hero and their desire to be just like him. Yet, Midoriya who had no quirk and Bakugo himself, who had an amazingly powerful quirk and was constantly praised by everyone around him for how strong he was. Out of the two of them, the one that was ultimate acknowledged by their lifelong hero was Midoriya.
Bakugo has been spending a lot of time putting one and one together, ever since Midoriya slipped up early in the series and mentioned that his quirk was borrowed. He’s observed everything around him, from the power of All for One to the way that Midoriya responded to All Might’s speech and came to the only conclusion that he could. That Midoriya’s power was inherited from All Might, there is really no point in denying it now. So Midoriya steps up and says that he’s right.

A fight between these two rivals is about to begin, taking place on the exact same ground that Midoriya first beat him when they had their training when school first began. A rematch for the ages, I can only sit and ask myself who’s going to win? Who’s going to lose? More importantly, are the teachers going to find out? Pretty sure this isn’t a authorized event and they are most definitely going to destroy school grounds.

A special shout out into this episode to the scene between All for One and All Might. I hate to keep coming back to the X-man comparisons, but it had that feel of Xavier meeting with Magneto in the plastic jail. I really adored the feel that the scene had and once again I have to say, I love the theme music for All for One and cannot WAIT for them to release it in full. Now on to episode 23!

God, I think I understand why they needed a filler episode now. It was so they could reserve the budget for this fight. This episode was amazing on all levels, from the animation to the action to the sheer content to the perfect way the episode wrapped up.

The fight between Deku and Bakugo was fantastic, an excellent display of both of their character growth and how they understand each other. As well as a interesting character study into the way the both of them think of the world and one another. It also shows great growth on All Might’s part that when everything is said and done he takes responsibility for the emotional damage he did to Bakugo and understands where he is coming from.

Let’s first talk about Bakugo. Who has been struggling not only with the fact that Midoriya has been accepted by the person that they both admired for their entire lives, but with the idea that it was his own weakness that caused the retirement of their hero. He is under the sincere impression that it was the fight with All for One that caused the depletion of All Might’s powers and his subsequent retirement. A fight that would of not needed to happen if it wasn’t for his own weakness.
He is also struggling with the fact that he can’t understand Midoriya. Midoriya who was always close and clinging to his back, no matter how much he hurt him. No matter how much he bullied him. Midoriya never abandoned him, in the end, he felt like Midoriya was looking down on him. Also, they had the same dream, the same goal in admiring All Might and Midoriya was acknowledged and chosen.Was his way of admiring All Might wrong?

Midoriya vice versa, goes through the development of advancing his power. Allowing him to use Full Cowling at 8% rather then 5%. He reflects about his relationship with Bakugo, how it was one of both hate and admiration. Because Bakugo was someone who was immensely strong, immensely strong and so close to him. He looked up to him in a way, but he also hated him in a way. He wants to beat him, wants to have a victory against him, despite hating that feeling deep down.

It’s a complex feeling for both of them and one that both of them are suffering with. At first, Midoriya tries to avoid fighting but as he realizes that the only way that they can both deal with their feelings is to fight it out. He begins fighting against Bakugo as well. In the end, Bakugo wins. All Might steps in and speaks to both of them and tells them that honestly, they are both right in the way they admire him and what they desire. Though they are two halves of what it takes to make the proper hero.
I am inclined to agree with him. The desire to save people is wonderful and admirable, but it is hallow and empty without the idea of winning because if you can’t win, you can’t save people. If you want to win, that’s great, but you need to be able to save people when you’re a hero.

At the end of the talk, they become proper rivals. Each pushing one another higher and higher to become a better hero. Which works out perfect. Now um, about that whole unauthorized fight. While they get off without a severe punishment because All Might takes responsibility for what happened.
Aizawa still doesn’t let them off easy, four days house arrest for Bakugo and three days for Midoriya. They also have to do all of the cleaning of the dorms by themselves for those days. I was laughing way too hard at the fact the episode ends with them getting their punishment and Aizawa telling them to go to bed.

After the credits, they discuss the fight a bit and Bakugo gives Midoriya some feedback on his abilities. Which I think will really help in the long run. Then we hit the preview and OH BOY, this is going to be fun! I heard that there is going to be a big introduction for a new villain in the next episode! We only have two episodes left in the arc, so it’s interesting that they are going to give us a teaser for next season. I’m looking forward to it!