The priest, whom we now know is Abraham Gray, proclaims that Rachel is a witch and must be burned alive so she can be cleansed.

He says that it was “inhuman” for Rachel to play with the hearts of Danny, Eddie and the others, and that’s where I was all Whoa whoa, back the fuck up “Satsuriku no Tenshi.” Victim-blaming is pretty gross. :/    1) she’s a child, and 2)  she is not responsible for their mental stability or well-being.    *gets off soapbox*

Abraham goes on to say that Rachel’s god is not real but that his god is. His god is inside himself, so… does that make Abraham God? O.o   I sure as hell hope not.

With the flames creeping closer to Rachel’s body as she’s attached to the cross, she looks inside herself and tries to imagine being with Zack. She sees him use his sickle to slash away the darkness surrounding her, before he grabs her hand and pulls her along behind him. Then he vanishes and Rachel’s dream body starts to reflect the heat from the flames in the real world. As Zack reappears and walks away from Rachel, she yells at him that she’ll try to remember everything now.

When she awakens, the cross is burning but Rachel is on the floor with Zack’s knife in her hand. She is not incinerated, and there is a safe space around her with no fire nearby. With Zack’s knife having mysteriously appeared in her hand, Rachel seems to feel that Zack might be her God.

Rachel is able to escape the judgement hall and confront Abraham with Zack’s knife. Abraham pities Rachel for how she thinks, and feels regretful that he was unable to “purify” her. Rachel demands that Abraham give her the medicine for Zack, so Abraham leads Rachel to a hidden chamber where he allows her to take whatever medicines she feels she needs. Why does he give her Zack’s medicine so easily? (Rachel later tells Zack that Abraham might have “had a soft spot for Zack”, but if that’s true then why?)

On her way out of the secret room Rachel says that she no longer needs Abraham, therefore she doesn’t need to kill him. However Abraham gives Rachel a warning: she should not lie or be “unclean” because God tends to dislike those things. In other words she should tread carefully in her relationship with Zack if he really is “her God.”

Rachel rushes back to Zack with the medicine where she finds him still sleeping (and possibly still slowly bleeding out) in the large hallway with all of the beautiful stained glass windows. Zack wakes up when Rachel applies some of the medicine to the gaping wound on his abdomen, and she insists on stitching him up. She’s good at sewing apparently; maybe that was one of her chores in her life before this dungeon?

Zack notices her proficiency with a needle and thread too and points it out to her, though Rachel has no answer for him. And when Zack asks why she’s helping him, Rachel answers that he is her God. This answer clearly freaks Zack out, which is a little understandable… ^^;;

Rachel is able to finish stitching up Zack’s wound but she needs to rest for awhile afterwards. This time it’s Zack’s turn to watch over her while she sleeps. When Rachel wakes up, she takes Zack to the chapel in search of the elevator that will take them to the next floor. She leads Zack through to what I initially thought was a secret room (where the medicine was kept) but was actually a long hallway. And at the end of the end of the hallway, hey there’s the elevator. Way to go Rachel – gold star for you!

On the way up Rachel asks Zack about the burns on his chest, and Zack answers that the man his birth mother was dating set him on fire. In a flashback we see the boyfriend, who looks pretty insane, light Zack on fire after dousing him in gasoline. Zack elaborates that he bit the guy and took a chunk of his flesh, but doesn’t specify whether the boyfriend lived or died. But this answers my question about the origin of Zack’s bandages – his birth mother wrapped him in the cloth strips before selling him off somewhere. I wonder why the boyfriend tried to kill Zack?

The duo is nearing the top floor of the basement when Rachel seems to recall a long-buried memory – a man stabbing someone, possibly her mother I’m guessing, in the abdomen and the woman dies. She is unable to tell Zack however, as any answer she gave him that wasn’t the truth would be a lie, and she believes God hates liars.

Zack and Rachel get off on this last floor, but Rachel is frozen in fear. This top floor seems to perhaps be a recreation of her house, and the room Zack is about to answer is where the woman was killed. If he opens the door Zack will know what Rachel is only just starting to remember, and she’s desperately worried that Zack will think she’s a liar for keeping the truth from him for so long.

So, I’m pretty sure Rachel killed someone. I’m assuming it’s the man who killed the woman on the floor, who is perhaps Rachel’smother. Is that such a sinful thing though, if you’re a child and you’ve killed someone who just killed your parent? I think it’s not nearly as bad as Zack’s murderous past (although I’m not including his foster parents in that count because fuck them both for what they did to poor Zack).  I would hope that Zack would be understanding if Rachel explains that her memories have only just started coming back to her, and thus she couldn’t tell him sooner about her past because she couldn’t remember it herself.

But that still begs the question: why is she in this basement dungeon? Why is her one kill (assuming it’s just one) being graded so harshly?

On a side note, this episode showcased a lot of character development for Rachel which has been long overdue. When confronted with her selfish personality and how she really has made most of her decisions based on what she gets out of the situation, she tries to do better. She tries to help fix up Zack’s wound because “he’s her God”, but I suspect also because it was just the right thing to do in the situation. She’s also remember Abraham’s words and trying not to make herself out to be a liar, because it would’ve been so easy to spin some story or give some flimsy answer to Zack in the elevator. But Zack told Rachel he’s never told her a lie, no matter how brutal or gory the truth was, and Rachel’s trying to return the favor. So yay, about frigging time Rachel grew up a little.

I’m actually looking forward to next week’s episode – I want to learn more about Rachel’s past, whether she really did kill anyone, and what Zack thinks of her past. Maybe he really will be mad, maybe he won’t. Guess we’ll see eh?



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  1. Kazanova

    I was disappointed that the anime didn’t include the part Ray threatening Gray with Zack’s knive by pointing it right to his throat like in the game and manga. That would make Ray even more badass and make sense for Gray to give the medicine to Ray rather than just simply admitting defeat like that.

    But anyway, finally they reach floor B1! Time for Ray’s past and the confrontation I’ve been waiting for to watch!

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