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I’m very glad to make this a double post because episode 10 is an episode dedicated to setting up 11. In an ideal world, you would watch the two back to back, knowing that episode 10 is putting targets on the backs of many minor characters so you can play drinking games and bet on who will die first. Don’t get me wrong here, some of the characters are ones I am hoping to see live. You have to applaud the genre savvy nature of some of the long-standing characters: “Yeah uh, can we not fight the Ains guy? He might, this is just a theory, kill us and turn us all into very useless skeletons. Yeah, not even good ones. Look, Your Majesty, I don’t make the rules I’m just telling you this guy screams of necromancy and Hot Topic fashion choices.”

We learn a lot about the Re-Estize kingdom: namely, we learn how each of the nobles behaves in the face of a threat. My favorite part is that the biggest target was put on crown prince Barbro, who is an idiot and deserves this response. Everyone except Gazef is on board with fighting the Empire, but Gazef knows what’s up. Gazef knows. I hope that poor, beautiful bastard lives to see how stupid everyone else in the story is. I for one can’t wait to watch the entire kingdom burn!

But episode 11 is like Christmas for me. Man, I have waited all season for people to go dying everywhere. It wasn’t easy, waiting through all these episodes and yawning as Enri went shopping. I won’t lie and say there weren’t points I went “but why? Why do this to me?” and finally, my faith was rewarded. The Re-Estize army threatens Carne village up to and including shooting fire arrows at the village, forcing Enri and children to run away. And finally, after all this time, Enri becomes an amazing character. Enri blows her second horn and meets a set of requirements that summon a fantastic overpowered goblin army. Enri is now the master of a crazy powerful army that is loyal to her: but dang. I approve of you, just don’t go shopping.

Episode eleven has so much satisfying slaughter. Armies are destroyed, princes slain, heads chopped off, Ogres pinned with arrows- it was so delicious that I can’t properly explain it. I can’t wait to see what battles are to come, it’s finally here, the slaughter festival. Join me. . . join me as we watch the ascent of the Overlord!