Hello everyone! I will resume blogging for my 3 shows starting today and hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on the seasonal soon enough. I’m sorry for the long wait, but a stream of complicated personal situations came up and it’s only now things are settling. Still, I didn’t want to give up on these shows!

Episode 11

Continuing Toward the Terra from the previous episode, now we see the Mu are slowly stablishing themselves on Naska. One thing about this show that some viewers might find confusing or annoying is that it isn’t very forward with saying when a timeskip has happened or how long the timeskip was. We don’t get neat numbers on the screen saying ‘2 years later’ or whatever, but little clues emerge in the events or what the characters are saying that help more or less create a timeline.

The episode starts with the younger generation of Mu picking their first harvest from Naska soil just as Soldier Shin and the elders arrive. Soon enough a disagreement breaks out as the youngsters would like to continue to live on Naska, but Zel insists they must resume their path to Terra at once. As Soldier is pressured to choose a side, he is informed carina is about to give birth.

Carina gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Tony. During the experience Karina’s mind seal breaks and everyone on the planet is able to share in on the experience of the pain of childibrth and the satisfaction of creating life. The humorous scene of Jomy finally giving Rain a name adds to the touching quality of these scenes. Zel is still troubled by the idea that they might be wrong in wanting to complete the original goal of getting to Terra. but to him it is akin to duty.

While Soldier Shin is pondering whether to stay on Naska or not, eventually a human ship accidentally warps to Silvester Seven. The ship is coincidentially carrying Sam Houston, Jomy’s childhood friend. We see that he seem to be under the influence of some mind program.

The Mu argue about what to do with them, but Jomy refuses to erase Sam’s mind, even though it poses a risk to them. I wasn’t surprised that he would refuse as Jomy as strongly rejected with memory tampering since his adulthood examination, but the fact that he claim he only won’t do it because Sam is a friend was a little shocking to me.

In the end he still tries reuniting with Sam, but while they’re sharing a nice moment, something triggers inside Sam’s mind and he suddenly attacks Jomy, forcing Jomy to defend himself.

The Mu later theorize about their situation, what this means for them and if their location has been found. They can’t really decide on it

Finally we see Keith again, this time as an adult and he looks pretty ruthless. Here we get a hint that a long time has passed since Shiroe. Keith is tasked with going to Silvester Seven in order to investigate if the incidents are related to ‘M’ or the Mu.

It seems like things are about to get complicated for Soldier Shin and his people.

Episode 12

the episode starts off in what seems to be a relaxed atmosphere with the Mu people doing some daily tasks, but then things take a tragic turn when a shuttle accident ends up with Yui, Tony’s father, dying.

It’s a sad moment for the Mu as this is the first time one of them dies in a long time and it was in an unfortunate accident. Jomy shares with Karina and Tony as well as the rest of the Mu the meaning of the flowers Yui took care of.

Next in another tragic moment we see Keith visiting Sam in the hospital. Sam seems to have regressed to the age of a child again after Jomy’s psychic attack on him as self-defense.

As he leaves he meets Swena and they mentione that she is a journalist and Keith is a Members Elite. Swena tells him about the message Shiroe left for him and they agree to meet again. Even after having watched this show so many times I must admit I still don’t really understand the relationship between Keith and Swena. They seem to seize each other up like rivals but also support each other in a strange way… maybe Keith wants to make up for his slip from years before or I’m bad at reading them.

Jomy goes to visit Physis, wondering why she won’t visit Naska. The Mu are anxious and grieving and the issue between the two different generations just continues to grow. The chasm has become quite large and Jomy feels lost as to how to deal with that while he second-guesses his previous decisions as a leader and wishes for Blue’s guidance. Alfred ends up chastising him for taking so long in solving the problem. I don’t envy Jomy’s position. He’s grown tremendously as a leader in all the years that have passed since he was introduced in episode 1, but he’s still struggling with this role that was still technically forced on him.

On the other side of the equation, Keith arrives to Murdoch’s ship where he is going to be stationed while he checks at Silverster Seven. While he’s being welcomed, he notices Jonah Matsuka, a young man who turns out to be a Mu. This is another character I really like and I’m looking forward to being able to talk about him.

Soldier Shin is soon informed that there is an issue with the duty workers on Naska and when he arrives they are mutineers requesting to be able to stay in Naska indefinitely. The argument still revolves around the two options of either Terra or Naska. Jomy is troubled by the choice because he’d want to make both sides happy.

Dangers comes closer as Keith takes off in the ship that was arranged for him in order to go investigate. He takes Matsuka with him, which seems like an odd choice considering Keith’s complicated relationship with the Mu so far- Matsuka is puzzled by the decision as well, but I’m sure there are plans for him in Keith’s mind.

We’re halfway through with the show and I’m still really enthusiastic!