As Rachel and Zack reach floor B-1, Rachel becomes deeply unsettled. She fears Zack finding out the truth of what’s on this level more than anything else, unfortunately for her after a rather bad moment of freaking out and begging for Zack to murder her she blacks out. The living room has two notable things in it, two corpses probably Rachel’s parents sitting up on the sofa and a bloody book that I can only guess is a bible? Though it seems to hold more importance then a bible the way that Rachel freaks out at it and Danny picks it up and points out that Zack can’t read.

After Rachel blacks out Zack tries to wake her up, but gets lured out of the room and locked out of it by Danny who was laying in wait. Who tells Zack he will tell him how to get off the floor, when and only when he learns all the secrets that Rachel is hiding and he can do that by searching the floor.
So he sets out to do just that but the entire thing is booby trapped. He almost falls into a hole in the ground that has spikes at the bottom, but is saved at the last minute by Abraham. They stop to have a talk about what Abraham’s goal in all of this is, what does he stand to gain in helping Zack live? What is the purpose of all of this?

I’ve thought this before, but Abraham and maybe this entire series could be rather insulting if you’re someone religious. As he speaks about faith, in particular, blind faith used to cover for atrocities done in God’s name. God used to justify the death of people they don’t agree with. The unfortunate thing about what he’s talking about is if you take a good look at history, he’s not exactly wrong. I’m not going to sit here and get too deep into it and of course, not every believer is like this.
What kind is Rachel? What kind is anyone? He began using a system to make himself appear as a god himself. A god needs Angels, that’s the purpose of Zack, Eddie, Danny and Cathy. People placed on floor B-7 are to be judged and his angels are the ones who judge them. It’s kind of a sick game to be honest, though if this is the case and he set this up why is he only the floor master of B-2? What is floor B-1? Why does it revolve around Rachel?

That’s why we need to find out everything about her. Abraham tells Zack how to get into the locked room on the upstairs part of the floor, by putting the name plate of the rooms owner on the door. He manages to obtain the name plate and figure out through the recognition of letters that it is Rachel’s name. He goes and puts the name plate in and walks into the room.
In the room he looks around and at first there is nothing out of the ordinary other then everything in the room is fake. Then the TV flickers on with a news report. The parents of Rachel Gardner were found dead, both of them with bullet holes and knife wounds. They were found unnaturally sewn together.

Who else would do that but Rachel?

That also means the bodies in the living room are hers.

Though something doesn’t match up with the information we got and the reaction that we see in Zack’s eyes. There is more to that news report that we didn’t get to hear as viewers. As it cuts to a ‘too be continued’ I have SO MANY QUESTIONS! What is going on? What did Rachel lie to Zack about? What is the purpose of everything on floor B-1? Why is she freaking out so badly? Will Zack really hate her? The title of next episode is “I’m not your God.”
AH! This is intense! I can’t wait to see where this is going!

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  1. Kazanova

    As someone who is religious, yeah, I did find Gray’s statement unsettling and offended. However, he was also right of the fact that in the past and even now there are lots of people misusing God’s name to do horrible things. But I’m not going to argue about religion or the such here. Let people believe what they believe, don’t force your belief on them or else it won’t end well.

    Well, this episode confirms the meaning of the series’ title (Angels of Death, or if translated literally form Japanese is actually Angels of Slaughter). The title refers to Zack and the rest of the floor masters chosen by Gray as ‘angels’ that brings trials that leads to death to the victims brought to the building as Gray’s subject of observation to test their faith in God.

    To the episode itself: Huh, Zack is actually smarter here than in the game and novel (don’t know if he eat it in the manga yet). In the game and novel, he actually eats the pizza (before finally kicked the table)! But here, he jut knocked off the table immediately and found the hidden door. And Zack, when Gray asked you why you want to get out with Ray, you said “Because she’s… No, never mind!” Because she’s what? Come on, Zack! Spill it! I wanna hear it! And child Ray is super cute here! The game and novel never showed her how she look like when she’s a child (don’t know about the manga yet).

    I heard the next episode onwards can be watched on Amazon Prime video…starting from October 5th, which means no episode next week. I’m not sure if this is right, but if this information is not wrong…urgh…that means we have to wait for another week for the next episode! (TT_TT)

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