Zombieland Saga – Episode 2 [Rap Zombie Rap]

OH MY GOD, is five minutes and twenty-four seconds into the second episode too early in the season to mark this as my favorite comedy anime ever? I haven’t laughed this hard since I was watching Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun!
First off, the opening animation with the dancing green zombies, the girls in power ranger get ups fighting against some kind of crab monster and the weird zombie dog eating Kotaro randomly at one point. God, I shouldn’t be laughing this hard at the opening animation!

Second, telling the girls that they can’t be found out as zombies. Which is pretty much common sense, but driving the point home with a clip show of zombie movies with the zombies getting violently messed up is absolutely beautiful. Topping it off with Junko trying to push Kotaro for how much he knows about Saga by asking him how many people live there. He is unable to produce a number other then ‘small’ and tells her to just Wiki the pointless details! Stupid zombie!
The comedy is on point and dear lord, I feel like between this and Steins;Gate I am singing the praises of Mamoru Miyano too much but his delivery is absolutely on point and part of what makes these scenes so funny!

With all of that said and done though, they need to put on a another concert. This one, hopefully not ending in a ton of people being bitten. Though, Tae hasn’t actually woken up with the rest of the girls yet. Sadly for Sakura, she seems to be the only one taking this entire thing seriously.
Saki doesn’t understand it and would rather just do a biker gang rally.
Ai, who previously was an idol seems oddly listless. Because she wants to get out of there! Junko wants to get out too, so they try to leave in the middle of the night and Sakura tries to stop them.

They do end up heading out and as they are walking they run into 3 guys, rapping. I pause the episode and think to myself again, is eleven minutes and twenty-seven seconds into episode two too early to call this my favorite comedy? The officer from the previous episode that shot Sakura comes in rapping at these guys [badly], saying he’ll throw them in jail.
I’m can’t! This rapping is so bad! It’s SO bad that it’s good!

They do get shot at by the police officer and the screaming, the guys are screaming. The girls are screaming, the death metal music in the background. The entire set up of this scene is perfect!
After this, the girls return to the house and Saki continues to be problematic but not too much. Then the show begins and instead of ‘Death Musume’, they are now ‘Green Face’. Why? Who knows! Will this be the permanent name of their band? Probably not, because Kotaro is absurd and seems to do everything on a whim.
During the concert, Tae looses her head. Literally, and Sakura tries to pass it off as part of the act but Saki messes that up. Then Sakura, frustrated with Saki yells

“You could at least try to pretend we aren’t zombies!”

Good job Sakura, they were entirely believing that it was part of the act until you opened your big mouth.

Dear lord on high, they manage to even play this off as part of the act as they begin rapping at each other about it. They do an actual rap throw down! Kotaro from behind the screen adds the beat track by making noises into the microphone. I am dying, I can’t breathe!
The audience loves it! They manage their way out and Sakura gets Saki’s respect. Things might go a little smoother from here, since she managed to get through to Saki, Junko and Ai with that rap.

I’m sad that Tae didn’t awaken in this episode. Oh well, there is still time for that. Besides, given the opening and everything else i’ve seen it’s been made pretty clear from the start that she’s going to be zombie like for a while. This gave us time to explore the other girls a little. I’m liking Saki so far, i’m not too sure how I feel about Ai yet, but I also like Junko. Sakura left a much better impression this episode as well.
I think my favorite line in the episode is at the end where Saki figures that becoming an idol is a good way to take over Japan. She’d be right, idol culture is huge there! Top the charts and you can get anything!

Next episode ‘Dead or Live Saga’, what kind of music are we going with next? Did I also see traditional idol anime 3D dancing in that preview? Please tell me someone is going to break the fourth wall about that or address it. Since this anime seems to have no rules to speak of.

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