Oh my god, I have a lot of feelings about this. This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions, from despair and fear of Henry’s condition, to elation of his transformation and to bitter uncertainty of the meaning behind the notion “it was only a miraculous dream” by the end of it.


And God, I wish they hadn’t said that.

I was so happy, that I was crying guys, I was crying really hard because I didn’t think they were actually going to do it, and was so ecstatic it was finally happened… that I didn’t even notice he didn’t get a Mirai Crystal, until I had to go back and check after hearing what Ristol said.

And I don’t know about you, but when I realized that, it made me really upset.

I wanted to believe that we will be able to see Henry’s Cure Infini in action, but after hearing that, my high mood just dropped to an all new low. While Henry got to transform into the stunning outfit Hana had designed, all of that happened for the sole purpose of enabling him to skate once more. The fact he didn’t get a Mirai Crystal only solidifies that purpose. The title was more of something he has created for the moment.

Maybe people are fine with that, and it’s okay to be, but for me it’s not.

I freaking loved this scene

A someone who had hoped for Henry to become a Precure, all while keeping expectations low and knowing better not to hold out for it, as a viewer, I can’t help but feel cheated.

Perhaps I am jumping the gun here and everything will be be fine (how nice it would be if that were to be the case), where Henry will somehow, even without a Mirai Crystal of his own, will still be a precure and join the team in their future fights… but as it stands right now, it sure doesn’t look like it (with the one exception of perhaps the final fight, but even that wouldn’t satisfy me).


As you know, from the get go, I have always felt Henry has always been a prime candidate to become a Precure, even more so than Lulu and Emiru. It has always made sense, and while I didn’t hold my breath for it, I had always hoped they would do it. But if this is their way of “debuting” a male precure (that isn’t a fairy mind you), then this is a cheap cop out and it completely contradict the whole “you can be anything” message they have been pushing throughout the series. I mean seriously, if they don’t actually let him be a Precure by fighting with the team, then how the bloody hell does that apply to “you can be anything”? Am I taking it too literally? Maybe I am, but either way, in the end, it still ends up messing with our hearts and expectations, and I can’t help but feel bitter and heartbroken about it.

On top of that, even if he has been granted a Precure powers of his own (without the Mirai Crystal), my fear and scepticism remains due to being severely wounded in that horrible car accident, would end up serving as a excuse why he can’t be involved in their fights. If that were to happen, it would certainly feel a lot like how female characters suddenly get in an accident and are unable to get involved with the group’s fight. Regardless of the gender, I absolutely hate it when this happen under any circumstances. This would only infuriate me even more.

Also, (and this is totally a trivial matter), I would be also pissed off for wasting such a STUNNING precure design on a one shot miracle, because DAMNIT. HENRY LOOKS ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID!

My disappointment aside, it would be a disservice to fail to acknowledge how great this episode was. The emotional impact was on point. I was devastated when we learned Henry has already undergone several surgeries and received medical advice, and has been told his dream of competing as a competitive skater was no longer a path he could take. Then when the accident happened, ultimately ending his dream, preventing him from completing his last skate, they did a good job explaining why Henry was pushing himself despite his injury, and were able to witness his regrets, most noticeably about the point in time when he did neglect his injury. He couldn’t help but think perhaps if he hadn’t, things would have been different, and was consumed by regret and despair. I also love how this event, served as a great catalyst to push him over the end, a prime opportunity for Criasu to finally exploit his weakness.

The support from Masato and Homare, and Hana also invoked a lot of feelings from me. I love the friendship between the three of them, and the support they give him. Better yet, I love how Hana and the others acknowledged they don’t know what to say in this situation, they don’t know how to cheer for him, but nevertheless, continued to fight to prevent him from being dragged to the dark side.

To some extent, it is a bit of a shame how Criasu weren’t able to make use of Henry as one of their own for more than one episode, but at the same time, it really just goes to show just how powerful his heart actually is. In the end, with the support of his friends, Henry has come to terms he just needs time to search for something else he wants to be. (Also quick note, a good point he made about how the girls are like the “wings to the future”.)

In other news, George is quickly escalating to a whole new level of a creepy villain. His obsession with “Mother” and Cure Yell’s connection/similarities with her is really freaking me out now. While Hugtan remains a prime target, is it not to be forgotten that Hana too is a prime target, one he is actively challenging to see her potential, and how he can use her to his advantage. He has also successfully reconditioned Risutol, who now has no memories of Harry, much less Bishin I bet. (If that’s the case, poor Bishin, she is really losing everyone…) He has resumed as George’s reliable soldier, and will required to be saved again. Meanwhile, Gelos continues to be MIA, who knows what the woman is up to besides spiralling further into insanity.

Next week, Homare will be reflecting on the path she wishes to take. While we will also be seeing her work towards her goal of being a competitive skater, I expect to see how she will hopefully find closure for her feelings towards Harry.



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  1. elior1

    this was truly emotional episode and i enjoyed every moment

  2. il-Palazzo

    I feels pretty much the same. The whole “boy PreCure” thing exploded all over the internet and I was so happy, I don’t even mind being spoiled. Then I sat down and watched the episode and all we got is this half-assed temporary bullshit.
    I feel cheated. It’s terribly unsatisfying for all the hype we got.

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