So we’re still crawling along in filler limbo. However, I do think that the quality of content in the filler episodes started stepping up since last episode. As opposed to the episodes several weeks ago where it just has Seth go through nonsense, this one actually showed more about what’s going on in the world. At first I thought that this would be a filler that I wouldn’t care about since it had guys from the Inquisition as the main focus. However, after a while, I started taking back my words.

I actually really like the moral of the episode, even if they literally spelled it out for the audience. Come on Radiant, we’re not stupid, you can show and not tell! While I have my gripes about the show saying (instead of just showing) how not all Inquisition members are terrible people, I do appreciate that it took the time to allow us to see how there are two sides to a group of people. Which is probably a really good message in this day and age. But more on that later.

Remember how I commented how the guy with the eyepatch was boring? Well, I suppose I take that back. When he’s not being a complete douche to Seth, he’s actually a pretty charming guy who loves to treat his men to good food that he personally prepares. I actually thought it was adorable how his men were always so excited for meals because of how good Dragunov cooks. Not only that, but he’s actually very caring and is looking out for the well beings of the people the Inquisition has sworn to protect. Despite his rather laid back nature, he’s EXTREMELY perceptive and was able to see that the people this other Inquisition member captured were not sorcerers like he claimed. He takes his duty to protect the people very seriously and that’s very admirable. Though I do wish that he could look past the prejudice against sorcerers. Since we have yet to have an important character that’s not a sorcerer not treat them terribly.

What annoyed me about the episode however was that one Inquisition member under Dragunov. I really don’t like characters that are working a job and complain about how unglamorous it is when they first start out. And I don’t know about everyone else, but I got annoyed how he just casually said how he thought the job would entail taking out evil sorcerers and winning the hearts of the people. The fact that these people never see sorcerers as people is just so infuriating. I know it’s part of the world’s view but it doesn’t make it any less terrible. But enough about that, this underling doesn’t seem to realize that when you start a career, it’s not gonna be sunshine and rainbows from the get go. You have to work hard to be able to succeed and get a better position. Thankfully Dragunov was able to show this upstart how things aren’t always what they seem on the outside, especially when the underling believed it was a mistake to be under him and was going to ask to be reassigned to someone “better.”

I was also pretty bummed that we didn’t get to see Dragunov and his men take on the Nemesis in person. That would have been pretty epic.

I like how the show took the time to address how there are good and bad people to any group. Yaga’s words about how it’s not about what group you’re a part of but how you are as a person is such a great message. Especially when he goes on to say that if you label a whole group a certain way, you’re not different from those who discriminate against sorcerers. And I literally went: OOOOH HE JUST DROPPED THE MIKE ON THAT ONE. Though he then comments how he’s never met a friendly Inquisitor. But I feel like even if that’s the case, Yaga is still open to seeing the good in individuals rather than cast judgement on everyone in a certain group. It’s honestly great advice for everyone. Don’t jump on the bandwagon to judge a specific group just because of the wrongdoings of a single person. There are good and bad people in every group.

Overall, this episode wasn’t half bad. I’m pretty grateful that this episode explored a little into the world and even into the Inquisition, which I honestly pegged as a bunch of terrible people from the get go. (Though I honestly just disliked everyone who wasn’t a sorcerer in this world initially) So I’m learning along with Seth that not all regular people are terrible in this world.

Also, I’m very curious about this sharp toothed mummy character. Is he a good sorcerer or a bad one? Can’t judge a book by it’s cover so I’m hoping he’ll turn out to be a good guy. I’m also pretty excited for Rumble Town since I heard that arc is supposed to be pretty good. And considering how many times that town name was dropped, it has to be coming up soon.



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  1. Shadow

    Radiant Episode 10 entry will be postponed and released with Ep 11 next week due to excessive recycled footage of past episodes and this filler episode just didn’t have much point to the overall plot.

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