You have got to be kidding me.

It is impossible for me to express in words just how royally pissed off I am about this finale. UGH! Just when I had my hopes up, they blow it!

I am, honestly, I speechless. I am speechless by how they somehow managed fuck up the finale this much. It’s painful because there were actually ways to avoid ending as a train-wreck. This finale, could have been salvaged, if they only they used their time properly.

But considering this was consistently a problem throughout the entire series, I really should have known better.
Still, it doesn’t make it any less agonizing to sit through.

Let’s start with the first fifteen minutes of this episode. What better way, to piss me off, than to introduce the next precure heroine and have her get involved in the fight. Like no. Would it kill them to wait a week?! LET HER DEBUT IN HER OWN SERIES OKAY?! The worst part about this, it was such an awful feeling, that now I have a negative association with her, and that’s no way to go into a brand new precure series. I don’t know how I’m going to feel next week, but honestly, varying on how the first episode turns out, I might just decide I want to take a break from Precure after this. That’s how annoyed I am. I’ll probably be cooled off by then though.

Secondly, the whole going back to the future, they didn’t need to drag it out until the fifteen minutes mark. They really didn’t. They could have wrapped it up within the first five minutes, especially since they skipped the opening theme.

Then, once they finally made the time jump, Emiru’s and Lulu’s reunion eats up a huge chunk precious time again, and if it wasn’t painful enough, they decide to shove their bloody friendship song down our throats one last time.
Oh, and we also had to sit through Hana giving birth.
Fun stuff.

Thirdly, the thing baffles and irritated me the most, was how we never got to see George or Hana interact, at all.
They litterally, have no excuses for not showing George. I don’t give a shit about the implication, of seeing him run with flowers in his hands.

Are you fucking kidding me.

No fuck that. This unacceptable.

I mean seriously, if your not going to at least show us how the two met and fell in love in the future, then tell me:



It’s beyond me why they thought it would be okay to ignore him altogether. After all the build up, you don’t just sweep him under the rug and not even show his face in the future! Like come on. That’s just being fucking lazy.

And frankly, they didn’t need to even make the connection between him and Hana thing at all. It could have been for a different woman entirely or just keep it as George doing this purely because he was sick and tired of seeing the precures efforts being in vain. It’s infuriating how they didn’t follow through with it at all! If you’re going to do it, FOLLOW THROUGH WITH IT!

God, I am so disappointed with how they ended this show, I really don’t want to waste anymore of my time and energy talking about the finale. It’s not worth it to me at all anymore. I’m so done with this.

That said: Do I regret covering this till the very end?

To be honest with you, not really. I wouldn’t have continued covering this show if I really hated it. I wasn’t doing this for completion sake, I stuck with it because although I was frustrated, I was always clinging to the thread of hope, waiting for them to finally pull it together, and when they did, it was invigorating. And your support of encouraging me to stick with it did help me during some of the lowest moments of the series. It’s just terribly unfortunate, but this is yet another series with an unrealized potential.

With that said, I think I expressed my disappointment about the finale enough, so let’s go over with what went wrong, and things they could have done better.



The Problem with the Story & Pacing

It’s no secret that this series was poorly paced and managed. They wasted far too much time on fillers and specials that shouldn’t have happened in this series. People wondered why some of us were flipping out about the crossover episodes, well that’s because they were wasting precious time that could have been used to move the plot forward, or flesh out characters like Saaya and Homare.

To get a better idea of just how much time was wasted, let’s do a breakdown.

The first twelve episodes were fairly solid. During this time it’s just the main trio, and we see Hana experience her first hurdle. However within this time frame, the girls weren’t quite united in a way you would probably expect them to be. In fact for many of the episodes (which most of them had the purpose of contributing to Hana’s conflict) they weren’t really hanging out at all. Either they were supporting the other with working towards their dreams, or it was Hana suffering her insecurity of the lack of self worth.

Episode 13 is when Lulu entered the circle. Saaya and Lulu had a hilarious rivalry going on between them, which in turn allowed us to see a different side of Saaya. But unfortunately for us, we never actually get to see the two of them form any kind of friendship because starting from Episode 15, that’s when Emiru and Lulu starts to take over the show.

This was supposed to be a parody, but the sad part is, this is exactly what ended up happening.

For the next seven episodes, it is all about Emiru and Lulu developing their friendship. And you know what makes me so salty about this? They didn’t need Emiru’s character for this. You know who could have been just as great as a friend?


Unlike Homare who has Henry, Saaya doesn’t have anyone else other than the girls in the group! Better yet this probably would have helped steer them away from throwing music into the mix. Without a doubt in my mind, these two would have been just as entertaining to watch, if not more. Perhaps we would have even been able to see more of Saaya’s interest in robots, as we have discovered during the Christmas episode. This would have been a great way to balance out the group’s circle, and better yet, offer an opportunity for Henry to properly be a part of it. On top of that, this creates a situation where Lulu wouldn’t have to become a precure, because as a robot, she is fully capable to participate in the fights as she had when she served Criasu.

Now when you take a step back think about just how much of a game changer those six episodes could have been, and if Saaya were the one to have been Lulu’s friend. This series would have already looked radically different, in a better way.

After the reveal of George being Criasu’s Boss, the series enters what I call the “Sluggish Mid-Game” that took place between Episode 25 and 37. Here we had an assorted mixed of character focused episodes and filler episodes. Most noticeably, this stage focused primarily on wrapping up Hana’s past conflict, Saaya’s dream changing and Homare coming to terms how her feelings are unrequited. It was a weird point in the series where some episodes were a hit, others were a miss, and as all of this is happening, my patience and hope for the series was diminishing. Between those twelve episodes, only three of them focused on the main characters, and even then, the writing quality just wasn’t always there. They may have been okay, but they were never amazing.

From episode 38 and onwards we begin the final phase. This is where the series found its footing once again. But at the same time, poor decisions made in both the early and mid game of the series was coming back to bite them. Most noticeably, it was apparent how much both Saaya’s and Homare’s suffered from the lack of airtime.


While it may shock some, when it comes to the number of character focused episode, Homare, Saaya, Emiru all had five, and Lulu had four. However it doesn’t feel that way because even when the episodes weren’t about Lulu or Emiru, they still continued overshadowing both Saaya and Homare presence, and a lot of that time is spent with them shoving their god damn songs down our throats. Needless to say, the episodes Emiru and Lulu had taken up, along with the Crossover Special that took place during Episodes 22 (which ironically, was also Emiru and Lulu focused) and Episode 36 and 37. And then there was also the weak episodes (28, 34, and 45 due to the lousy way they dealt with Gelos character) that really didn’t help the series move forward whatsoever and should have been used more effectively

And that brings us to a grand total of: Thirteen Episodes!

Can you believe it? They could have made better use of thirteen episodes! That’s a big deal! Characters could have been fleshed out so much better, the story could have flowed better, but more importantly: This show could have seriously benefited making use of that time more efficiently, and they wasted it.

Talk about a lost potential!


For me, among one of the most glaring problems of this series was the lack of focus. It was around the mid-series when I felt the show was beginning to lose track of the main message they wanted to get across. The reason for that is because I felt like they were trying to focus on too many things all at once. Some of the most important themes this show started covering various thing such as motherhood/maternity, babies, family, various forms of love, dreams, music, the future, hope, and self-confidence.

HMMMMM. Something doesn’t quite belong there does it?

Ah, that’s right, music.

This is is the source of the biggest distraction of the series. Seriously this show could have been far better without it. I don’t know why they felt the need to add it in, but I wished they hadn’t.

And truth to be told, if someone asked me what Hugtto Precure’s distinctive theme was, I wouldn’t be able to give an answer. There were so many themes being flung around, among the few that stood out were motherhood and encouragement to become who you want to be. Maybe it was easier for others to pin-point it, but for me it just didn’t reach me like it has in other series.


The biggest downfall of Hugtto Precure were how terribly the characters were written. Everyone with the sole exception of Hana and even Hugtan (because let’s face it, this is the only baby I could ever think of done right) was a hot mess.

First of all, let’s start off with the two main culprits responsible for playing a huge part in screwing up both Saaya’s and Homare’s development: Emiru and Lulu. I don’t care how much you love them, they shouldn’t have become precures, or else they shouldn’t have even existed in this series in the first place.

It baffled me how much time they wasted on these two, constantly shoving their bloody songs down our throats just about every week to the point I had to rip my headphones off because slapping the mute button just wasn’t fast enough. I was 100000% done with the musical bullshit. This was without a doubt the biggest distraction of the entire show, and is also their biggest mistake. Their music adds nothing to plot, it was just a waste of freaking time. And in all honestly, these two were one of the main contributors to causing me to almost drop this series very early on.

And this is especially infuriating considering the two second main characters, or were supposed to be anyways, were benched to the point they were never able to be fleshed out.

The Benched Heroines

It saddens me how badly both Homare’s and Saaya’s character were neglected. The moment Emiru and Lulu popped up, these two were virtually benched for so long, by the time they were finally able to see the light of day again, it was already too late. Too much time had already passed, and they lost their time to be properly fleshed out.

Hollow Friendship

The fact the girls never actually had the time to properly develop their friendship is really astonishing to me, especially in a series like precure where the girls are usually tightly knitted together. But this time? I couldn’t find it in me to believe they were friends. It remains vivid in my mind how the beginning of the series started off with the girls each doing their own thing, focusing on pursuing their dreams. I feel like they shot themselves in the foot by doing this, because Hana in particular found herself to be alone and suffering because she felt ashamed that she hadn’t found anything she was good at yet to work towards.

Worst of all, was how they set it up so we have two separate groups, where you basically had Hana going back and forth between them, and rarely (until closer to the end of the series) altogether as a unit.

Pathetic Villains

Dear god, the villains were such a disappointment. The first group I can understand because they are more like the gophers of the organizations. But the second group of the so-called “elitist”? I had a lot of hope in them, but they quickly became a huge failure. With the exception of George, everyone else failed big time to the point their presence was not needed. In fact you know there’s a huge problem when Pupple, who despite her laziness, actually did more than Gelos (who I don’t understand why she even exists, or the point of her story to begin with). It was as if they didn’t put any thought into their characters whatsoever. All they did were simply exist. And this was in particular infuriating because it quickly became apparent how not a single one of them were a threat.

George: Wasted Potential

What made George an interesting villain is how his ideals of Happiness, clashes with the Precure. He doesn’t sees himself as antagonist, in fact what he actually trying to do do is protect the precure (or more specifically, Hana), because he believes their struggle to protect humanity is futile. In fact we learn the ones who are responsible for eventually making time stop, are actually the people of the future. This is why he believes he is doing the right thing. What he wants to accomplish is to stop time when Humanity and Hana are the happiest. However that isn’t to say there is some inconsistency in his character. One hand we see his love for Hana, but other times we see them giving orders to his employees to make sure the world. 

And perhaps the biggest disappointment of all was the lack of build up on George’ side. God this is frustrating, because he ended up proving to be the most intriguing character of the entire show. His character and his backstory were what reeled me right back into this series, so looking back, I sincerely wished they had spent more time fleshing his story out. That’s why I am not surprised seeing that there were some people wishing there were a sequel for this series, but as I mentioned earlier, they actually had 13 episodes to work with, and 14 if you include this one considering how much they managed to screw it up. They absolutely had more than enough time to make something work, so really they have no excuses whatsoever.

One way they could have done that was set it up so Hana would have more dreams about her connection with George. For instance, after their first encounter, they could have made it so she couldn’t initially see him in her dreams but have short conversations dropping hints a long the way. And overtime it would get to the point would suddenly see him as she did in Episode 47. This would have been a great way to pave the path to what would have led to the final fight where Hana would have a better understanding of where his fear and despair stems from, which then could have made it an even more emotional fight, as oppose to going in the circles and continuing their cryptic conversations. Then to top it off, once they did the time jump, we could see how Hana and George meet, and perhaps, without having to actually make us watch Hana give birth, see them altogether as a family instead and end it that way.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one redeeming factor about this show, I would have to say it’s the heroine, Hana. I felt she was really the only character done right. It was rewarding to watch see how much she has matured over the course of the series. Hugtan was also incredibly well done, and not once did I ever consider her to be annoying. It’s just a shame they weren’t able to delivery the same level of quality to the other characters, for both protagonists and antagonists.

Honestly, as much as I wanted to love this show, let’s be real here: Hugtto Precure is a hot mess. It’s ridiculous how they went from making the biggest comeback, to ending in such a inexcusable way. Hugtto had a lot of potential, but its lack of focus, failing to flesh out the girls friendship with each other, and benching them in favour of Emiru and Lulu, and used them to shove same god damn song down our throats just about every bloody episode— and don’t even get me started how pathetic the majority of the villains were! It amazes me I was able to cover it to the end, and there were definitely moments when I felt it was worth it— but if you haven’t watched it yet, I really don’t recommend this, in fact AVOID IT. There are so many better shows to watch. If you’re looking for a precure series to get into, save yourself a headache and watch Heartcatch, Happiness Charge! or Go! Princess Precure, or hope the next one will be better.

I could seriously use some chocolate right now.


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  1. elior1

    but you know that in every season final episode we see the next season main precure so why is it piss you off and what about her gave you negative opinion?

    1. Eva

      Passing the baton at the end of the episode is the only thing I recall introducing the next precures. So when they had her pop in, it only irritated me because all I could think of is “oh god they are wasting time” when they had so much they needed to cover. They really didn’t need to spend that much time on it. The negative association part is because it will remind me how frustrated I felt, similarly to how ARC-V haunts me. I’ll probably be over it by next week like the crossover episode, but that’s how I honestly felt in that moment when I watched it, and I’m sure I would have reacted the same way, regardless of remembering the tradition.
      Luckily Star Twinkle Precure will have a different staff, so I’m hope it will be better.

      1. curehibiki

        Mahou Tsukai’s final ep introduced Ichika and Kirakira’s introduced Hana. Both series introduced the new pink Cure much better if I say so myself, probably because both shows didn’t have IMPORTANT plot points hanging over our heads. And Ichika and Hana stuck around in those final eps a lot longer than Hikaru had. Hikaru stuck around for… a minute, while the other two stuck around for 3-4 minutes (these two actually demonstrated their powers and stuff while Hikaru… didn’t do much… I’m blaming whoever decided to force so much into the ep tbh).
        It just proves that Hugtto has insane pacing issues and packed way too much things into their episodes. Hikaru’s first impression was cute and she seems like a fun character but the way she felt forced into this ep to follow the previous two season’s tradition was…not the best… I’m optimistic for Star Twinkle’s pacing though since the staff is similar to Maho Girls’ staff (same head writer) and Maho Girls had marvelous pacing, better than Hugtto, that is for sure. So Hugtto’s forced appearance of Hikaru may have given her a rough impression for some, but I am 100% sure Star Twinkle will make her more desirable.

      2. Johtonian

        They’ve been doing “the next pink’s camoe in the last episode” only since Maho. I’m honestly not a fan of this tradition. When it’s a little slice-of-life episode like Maho’s finale, a cameo like this works. Especially when it’s such a throwaway moment like Cure Whip’s first appearance. But when it’s a wrap-up episode like the finales in Kira Kira and Hugtto, the cameo then becomes painful, unneeded filler.
        I have to say though, they handled Cure Star’s first appearance far better here than they did Yell’s in Kira Kira. At least it was short.
        In Kira Kira, Hana/Yell took far too much time and focus, and interfered way too much with the plot. The Kira Kira group was going through a difficult moment of uncertaintity, but nope let’s waste tons of time on how awesome the next pink cure will be instead! It’s such a weird and haphazard way to promote the next time.

  2. Emily

    The tradition of lead cures of the next season appearing during the current season during an episode started on Maho Tuski Precure when Ichika from Kirakira precure a la mode appeared during the final episode and has been contuing since then. Also the writer from this season has said that George and Hana were friends in the future from what someone on twitter has said

    1. Eva

      Ah so that’s explains why I couldn’t recall it, because I didn’t watch MahoTsuki till the end (dropped it), nor did I ever get around to watch Kirakira la mode. Thanks for the clarification on that. Good to know for the future.
      OTL|||| Oh for god sakes, George’s and Hana’s relationship had to be clarified on twitter?! Ugh, would it kill them to clarify that in the show?! They could have easily done that in the finale!!!!! Also, putting Hana in wedding dress in their dream… and they expect us to think they are just friends?! Ugh seriously… What were they thinking?!?

      1. Emily

        They aldo stated that the reason Hana is in a wedding dress in their dream is because to George Hana is married to a future of despair and that its not to be seen as romantic.

        1. Eva

          …I honestly don’t know what to say about that. I wonder how many people actually interpreted that correctly, because I was way off the mark. It left a totally different impression on me. I’m curious to know others thought of it.

          1. Emily

            I interpreted as not romantic but i can see why you see it that way. Also the reason they did not show George’s face and just a shadow in the last episode is because if they showed his face people would think he and Hana were in a romantic relationship with each other in the future.

            1. Eva

              Fair point about blanking his face out, but they probably shouldn’t have had him running though, especially when Hana was in labour. That action made me think he was rushing to the hospital.
              It probably would have been more effective just to have him sitting on a bench reading or painting, because that would pretty much establish since he’s not in a rush to go anywhere, they aren’t in a relationship.😅

              1. Emily

                Well he is a a family friend in the future and he mentors Hana with her job and he is a rechercher for time travel. He is running to the hospital while carrying flowers for Hana to wish her well for the future.

                1. Eva

                  I don’t know if I should be laughing or crying right now. 😂

                  1. Emily


                    1. Peter

                      Do you happen to have a link to those tweets? Would love to get inside the writer’s mind! I thought George and Hana were married too, just like everyone else apparently 🙂
                      And what happened to the people in Traum’s train? Are they going to really appear in 2043 or did they just fade away?

          2. V.

            Let’s be honest here: the director got lazy.
            He/she knew he/she f***** up big time, and the fact that he/she frequently went on twitter to clarify and give more info about the have/have-not, while the anime itself sent a different message and failed to follow up were warning signs of giving up on ending the series in a good note. I don’t like to bring up Arc V again, but it sounds like no one knew what to do once those 13-17 episodes proved to be a huge waste of time. On top of that, I’m not impressed how they tried to clean up the damage by going on twitter… instead of actually showing RESULTS in future episodes. In this digital age, Precure’s known internationally…. so what about us who can’t read Japanese? You can’t just be biased towards home country audience.
            I totally agree with Eva, and that wedding dress scene sounds like it wasn’t done right (aka no one knew what to draw) if the original point was completely different from the results. Also, it’s more interesting to have Hugtto technically be this huge family fight instead of the staff’s unromantic intention.
            Also, Lulu should have just been Nanase Yui+ Prince Kanata of the season. Hugtto had no concrete teamwork whatsoever and remind me…. what was Emiru and her family’s purpose IN THE LONG RUN? Why did her brother have to be an important support to Henri, when Henri’s childhood friends with Homare? It’s creepy to think an android, not a human, became a PreCure….
            Like I said before, PreCure is lately seeing the severe side effects of constantly reusing tropes and messages to the point something that sounds new and interesting isn’t so when actually seen. Hugtto has no real distinct identity that sets it apart from other franchises because of this issue. As you said, Eva, what’s the theme or main message of the show? There is no answer. The cures should have had a unified theme, but they didn’t. Go!Pri had princesses, Heartcatch flowers, Splash Star nature, Dokidoki cards, sweets for Kirakira, magic for MahouTsukai, butterflies and roses for Yes 5, clover for Fresh!, Suite has music, and HappinessCharge has hearts, and Smile had fairytales.
            In fact, I don’t see anything common in their Precure outfits. Is it to be more realistic about changing dreams? Love? Wikipedia says “destiny” but I don’t see that message at all. Love, dreams, and friendships were core values of Precure franchise, but unfortunately they didn’t come to prominence in this series.
            Overall, Hugtto has become…. forgettable. It looks like Toei was more focused on making a lot of merchandise that sells, just as Konami is focused on selling cards. A pity, as Precures have a lot of life lessons and encouragement that Yugioh! doesn’t necessarily have.

            1. Eva

              Yeah I am not impressed whatsoever to hear they have to use social media to clarify the details when these things should have been properly ironed out in the series. The execution just wasn’t there.
              As you mentioned about the wedding dress scene, I wonder if it’s as you say, there was mixed communication because its intent wasn’t clear. The fact that the audience interpreted in two very different ways really highlights that.
              Here’s to hoping there will be a more cohesive vision and concrete theme in Star Twinkle Precure.

              1. Emily

                The dream from episode 46 was planned since Gerorge first appeared and they kept planning until episode 36 when they finilaly thought it out.

            2. Emily

              No your mistakein. There is a person on twitter that traslates article’s on staff interviwes on huggto they have been doing it since happiness charge. Also everthing is planned out before and during huggto they know what they are planning.

    2. curehibiki

      Can you link me that tweet???

  3. smcandy

    Hey there Eva it’s smcandy going to but heads with you a bi but not so much so I’ll let you hear my “Objection” to some of your summery on this episode.
    Take not this is a repost to what I said on and User ToeiPrettyGuardians youtube, take note these comments were posted by me before the subs of this episode were finally up ok (^^):
    Watch out for many precure bloggers and fans saying “I told you so” about the connections between Hana and Hugtan. I wished though as others have taken notice and said that they showed more for George Kurai from year 2018/2019 probably the reason why they kept his appearance hidden or shadows as a lot of animators do for characters by looking at their shadowed appeared or not their faces is because George Kurai’s physical features probably do not change much in the future expect for hair growth.
    They’ll be many fans making their own theories as to why George lost faith in the future to begin with and why he took actions the way he did with tracking down Hugtan in the past. I can guess what fans will speculate might have happened. Also with the train that Doctor Traum used at the end reminded something from a parody to back to the future 3 movie with doc brown better improved time travel vehicle which I liked lol ^^
    But doesn’t this plot line have some familiarities with time travel movie parodies anyone?
    I also wished they show the precure team of Hugtan/Harry’s future they might have been the future daughters of the Hugtto cures including Ruru. Oh well we’ll what fan arts and fan fiction might have to say about this.
    Now after watching the whole episode finally with subs here is my newest comment on this episode. To me I think this series did better then it’s predecessor Kira Kira A La mode. I did watch much of that series because the theme’s and animation revolved around it did not attract me much but I think Hugtto did much better job in the series.
    Now before you say anything more I do agree with you and others few things SHOULD have been EXPLAINED better. Now o for what those corrections are the fallowing, yes this episode that should have been explained/addressed further such as to why George Kurai and Hana’s relationship and past, how they meet and so on should have been explained more in the last three episodes but that’s what fan fictions and theories and speculations are for.
    More should have been shown about how the dark tomorrow company was found ect Since the directors decide to NOT do a official Hugtto movie that they should have made for this past October like it’s presdissors this does leave many holes and WTF’s? on many fan minds as to why so much got left out that could have been stated in a movie or the last three episodes. But that than that I still think this pretty cure series did much better that the last. I again Eve I implore you to not judge a book by it’s cover too ssonand see what’s come on Star Twinkle try seeing how far the newest pretty cure series that will air next Sunday will be at least watch a few episodes before you say you might Drop doing any more summaries on it.
    There will be many more Pretty Cure series that might NOT be to your liking for me I only was able to watch almost full all the episodes and movies from Heart Catch and Suite pretty Cure but there will always be a spin off of a magical girl series that might not be up everyone ally for exceptions. Maybe if fans bitch enough that might try and make out a movie for the rest of Hugtto to be explained if they get a lot of complaints about it at Toei and I mean IF that is.

    1. Eva

      ^ v ^ / Hi smcandy! It’s been a while hasn’t it! Don’t worry, I’ll be checking out Star Twinkle Precure for sure. It helps a lot that there’s an entirely different staff in charge of it, so I’m going to go into it with an open mind. 🙂 Depending on how much I like the premiere, I always give it about 3 – 10 episodes to see where it goes.

      1. elior1

        now that you heard her voice do you also think like me that hikaru/ cure star voice is a bit too high pitched? i said too becouse we did had characters with voices like that but not that high

  4. littleshogun

    As for the writing, from what I’d read at Kokoda’s reviews the problem was came from the writer Tsubota Fumi who is the drama writer and also the main writer for HugPC. From the writing, I did read that she like to write based on her preferrence (ie Henry, Hana, Lulu, and Emiru) so if you want someone to blame for lack of Homare and Saaya development, it should be Tsubota. The problem is not that she’s the bad writer, but rather she might couldn’t handle the scope of the setting here (Time travel, android, bad future). As for George, I believe Tsubota may want to develop it more, but unfortunately it came too late at episode 46 with the new story that happen between him and Hana. The crossover idea here didn’t help at all though, because while it help to boost the popularity of the franchise, it did made the development suffered and perhaps it reveal the conflict between the staffs.
    As for STPC, while the changing staff is good I believe that seeing that you dislike MGPC (Or Mahou Tsukai) I think you better don’t expect it too much. That’s because the writer is Isao Murayama who is also the main writer of MGPC, and that the writing may not fit with you (It’s still interesting to me though to see of how he’ll write four PreCure seeing that back at MGPC we only have two PreCure (Later three)). So if you want to drop it later, then don’t be hesitate to do that.

  5. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    “What better way, to piss me off, than to introduce the next precure heroine and have her get involved in the fight. Like no. Would it kill them to wait a week?”
    Starting from Mahou Tsukai Precure, Ichika began the trend of having limited cameos for the next lead Cure in the final episode, similar to how the current Kamen Rider TV series (another one of Toei’s primary franchise) who established such trend since Kamen Rider W or OOO almost ten years ago .(And 2019 was the end of Heisei-era where a new Japanese emperor will ascend to the throne.)
    “Do I regret covering this till the very end? To be honest with you, not really. I wouldn’t have continued covering this show if I really hated it.”
    I myself had officially gave up after the cluster crossover episodes, so whatever. Heck I only returned for the last 3 episodes just to see the grown-up versions of Hana (meh), Not-Rikka (meh), and Homare (well she looked slightly better than Ichika’s adult self but that’s because she’s the only character I truly cared about.)
    “If you’re looking for a precure series, save yourself a headache and watch Heartcatch, Happiness Charge! or Go! Princess Precure”
    Add in two other: Suite Precure & Kira Kira Precure, especially the latter, it delivered many good moral lessons and minus the hiccup on Rio/Pikario, the other characters were also allowed to be fleshed out. The best factor of it was also my fondness of Ichika, still my most favorite Precure protagonist to date, (Personally I’d just avoid Happiness Charge though.)

  6. Bibi

    From what I’ve read about Fumi Tsubota, who’s in charge of the series composition: she has a tendency to add unneeded stuff such as mentioned fillers, that don’t add to character developments, drama and favoritism (such as Emiru).
    Although I can’t really confirm this to 100%, but seeing through the reviews about it can I see this might be the likewise cause as to why things sucks the way they do.
    I just hope she’s improve form here inin future projects because, damn,… And other folks that worked on the show (can) have just as much fault at it, too.
    With concepts such as our first male Cure (flipping the fingers at standards) I was hoping for a better handling.
    Not in a sense of stellar writing but decent enough…
    Hence why I dropped Hugtto at episode 25 (an unfortunate trend staring at Mahou [although there I stuck up to 35 Episodes]) and yet I stand here through reviews all because of certain fave of mine (Hana.)
    And speaking about Hana and George’s relationship – even without the twitter confirmation “George” didn’t have a wedding ring as someone pointed out here:
    All thanks to the changes in the present time…

    1. Eva

      🙁 Yeah Hana was the only one I felt done right in this show. Thanks for the tweet, we’ve been looking for that haha!
      I’ll probably be a lot more skeptical about the works Fumi Tsubota is involved in the future, because damnit this was frustrating.
      I definitely didn’t notice the lack of ring on George, let alone the ring on Hana’s. At that point, my head had already exploded.😂

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