First Impression: *SWOONS*

Impey came in swinging this time round. I enjoyed his route so much, that I wished it wasn’t just a read through. One of the main reasons why I loved it so much was how many of the problems I had with Impey in the main game was resolved in this fandisc. He has definitely made a jump in the rankings of my favourite Code Realize characters!

It really goes to show how much better Impey’s character is when he isn’t constantly being written off as a joke. I loved how his passionate convictions, his earnest feelings, and kind personality finally got their chance to shine without any external disturbances. I also enjoyed his interactions with the group a lot more, seeing they were not only supporting him in his dreams, but treating him better without putting him down all the time. Of course we have them teasing about the way they don’t trust Impey with Cardia (Van providing her a gun, Victor giving her tranquillizers, Saint-Gerain built an emergency escape exclusively for her, and Lupin gave her the address to one of his hideouts), but it done tastefully without it being so overbearing.

Better yet, I really enjoyed seeing Impey work alongside Victor, and was even more pleased to hear he had a hand in developing the cure for Cardia. I also enjoyed Delly’s and Van’s interaction with him, and how they were actually willing to help him out when they heard he was facing a fundamental problem with his research, of needing a patron.  It was also great to see Saint-Germain actually make an appearance in this route. It seems he or Guinvere has cleaned up Twilight organization by killing them all and destroying their hideout under St. Paul’s Catheral. He says there are still some loose ends (no doubt, Idea themselves, since at the time Cardia wasn’t cured yet), but now that she is cured, that problem should be nicely resolved. Meanwhile, Lupin surprisingly has been teaming with with Herlock Sholmes, and since Twilight has been destroyed, their investigations are more less wrapped up.

However the biggest downside to Impey’s story was the fact he and Cardia couldn’t be completely intimate with each other until the end of the route, due to the cure not being ready until then. It is such a shame because I had honestly hoped it was something that would be done and dealt with right out of the gates as they did in Van’s route. And seriously, it’s such a bummer because my god, these two were hungry for each other! Think of all the smexy fluffy scenes they could have had.

…Which leads me to the next problem: The Submarine Plot. In order to gain funding to continue their research to go to the Moon, they needed a patron. Saint-Germain introduces them to Queen Victoria, who offers them an opportunity to receive funding by first participating in an on-going project of developing a submarine for deep water exploration. Ugh, it was not the worst per say, but it ate up so much up their time, we never actually got to see them go on a proper date or have any real time of intimacy. Sure their underwater date was cool and all, but it could have been infinite times better had Impey actually given her the cure before they went under the sea. They could have kissed there! Wouldn’t that have been even more romantic? What a waste of opportunity!

But I guess they kind of made up for it with their epic wedding. This one definitely topped Lupin’s because they hosted their vows while using the Gravity Alleviator and it was AWESOME! Seriously, I thought it was adorable! The only thing missing was sealing it with a kiss! How could they leave that out?!

Oh look, Impey’s claims my favourite CG of the game again!

So close, yet so far!

Final Verdict: 3/5

Honestly, there’s not much to say about this one. It makes me happy that I was finally able to fully appreciate Impey’s character after how much I was disappointed in the main game. I definitely felt they struck the right balance with his untimely goofiness and serious nature. My favourite scene besides the wedding CG had to be when he pressed her gloved finger to her lips and kissed it. Ugh my heart, it was so sweet, so creative, I thought it was precious. I just wished we were given more scenes where they could be intimately interacting with each other more so than working on the submarine project.

Nevertheless, it really makes me excited to see what’s in store for Wintertide Miracles! I hope they will be able to fulfill my desires!

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