First Impression: ASDJAKSDAJ SO CUTE!

I seriously came into this route thinking we were finally going to have an abundance of fluff, but nah, Cardia’s gut feeling that something bad was going to happen turned out to be true when Saint-Germain first showed up to deliver the bad news. The moment he appeared, I knew would be Idea was going to be involved.

And boy, I was not a happy camper. I literally thought to myself: Oh my f@#!*ing god, what’s their problem now?! And when Omnibus revealed she has come to recruit Victor to become an apostle of Idea, this was my literal reaction: OH FOR !&*@#&*( SAKES! SHE’S RECRUITING HIM?!?!?! THIS MANIPULATIVE BITCH! She basically said: “Hey choose idea, and live with your love of your life for the rest of eternity or die one where she is left alone.”



I would have never guessed in Victor’s route, they would have Idea of all people get involved. To some degree, it was nice to see them address the elephant in the room that other routes have conveniently left out, and that is the subject of Cardia’s lifespan. Because she is a Homunculus, there’s a chance she may life beyond a Human’s lifespan, which is tragic when you think about it. So this time the conflict revolved around how they were going to deal with that.

However by getting Idea involved, it didn’t’ feel like they actually did Victor’s Side Story any favours. Instead, I found that Saint-Germain quickly stole the show (and considering he’s my bias, I wasn’t even mad about it). It is always Saint-Germain that invokes more emotion out of me than any of the other characters, and this remains the same throughout much of my playthrough of Future Blessings.

It is because of that he didn’t want Victor to make a foolish decision that he made sure to be the voice of reason. Saint-Germain knows better than anyone how miserable it is to serve as an Apostle of Idea. He also knows very well that Cardia would not be happy with Victor being bound to kill people for the rest of eternity in exchange for being granted immortality. That’s why he reminded Victor to stop assuming what he thinks will make Cardia happy.

And when Saint-Germain opened up to Victor, revealing he in fact loves Cardia, and how he badly he wants the two of them to have a happy future… my heart!!! But the part that had me bawling was when he told Victor, the day he passes, he would be willing to watch over Cardia in his stead. But he also makes the excellent point, that he doesn’t know if Cardia would be happy with living without Victor. It was truly a bittersweet offer.


And that’s the story how Saint-Germain unintentionally took over Victor’s route…hahaha….

Another peeve of mine was how this decision was how Victor distressed he was over this decision. It was even more beyond me how for a moment was actually considering choosing immortality so he wouldn’t leave Cardia alone. For Gods sakes, it makes absolutely no sense for Victor to choose the bloodstained path of immortality after the despair and devastation he went through during the Vampire War. And secondly, it didn’t need to take three days for Cardia to understand that that would be a dumbass decision, and she wouldn’t support it. 

Omnibus bullshit aside, some of my favourite things about this route was actually both Cardia’s and Lupin’s newfound friendship with Queen Victoria and Leonhardt. It was quite entertaining. Another highlight was also how Cardia isn’t shy of expression her affection with Victor, and how she is able to get him all flustered. It’s so cute to watch, that it’s such a shame we weren’t able to see them have more intimate time together.

Final Verdict: 2/5

Although I enjoyed this route a lot, I can’t say it was for the right reasons, which is why I consider Victor’s route to be the weakest one of the entire game. It is unfortunate, but as soon as Saint-Germain and Idea got involved, Victor quickly became an afterthought. Frankly, I don’t think they should have used Idea as the source of conflict. While Idea’s concern of Cardia’s lifespan is valid, it just didn’t benefit their story at all. Instead, more was lost from it than gained.

This is why It’s also why I have to rate this a 2/5, because I feel like Victor got the short end of the stick, and I don’t think that’s very fair for Victor’s fans. Much like I had wished we had gotten more of in Impey’s route, I would have preferred to have seen Cardia and Victor spending more quality time with each other, and focus more on the growth of their own relationship than being caught up with other characters. And frankly, I came into this thinking we were going to be more fluff in this route, especially since Cardia was already healed from the get go. Sure, they had some cute scenes, but even as I write this, it left little to no impact, that I hardly remember what they were. In fact, I hate to say this, but I actually review my notes to see what I thought to be my favourite moments between Victor and Cardia, because nothing came to mind…

I guess it’s a good thing that Victor had a strong route in the main game, because if he hadn’t, I think I would have been even more disappointed with this one.

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