Intro: An alternative story based on the events that transpired after Finis’ route in the previous game, Future Blessings.

I think it’s an understatement to say Victor’s route this time, was a God-Send, and they absolutely delivered. This was a great way to make up for how poorly things played out for Victor’s route in Future Blessings, where I felt Victor was overshadowed by both Saint-Germain and Idea. Thankfully, this time, they made sure he and Cardia had all~ the time they needed to themselves, and delivered the fluff we have been waiting for! It also served them well to have virtually no distractions whatsoever. Hansel was super helpful by kidnapping dragging Finis somewhere South away from the bitter cold, their friends letting them be because they all know Cardia and Victor like each other, and of course Watson (of all people) gave Victor a point-blank wake up call of: Dude, why don’t you just go and see her and tell her how you feel? 

It starts off with Victor regretting not having the courage to confess his feelings and asking Cardia to stay even when she decided to move back to Wales with Finis. As it turns out, at the time, since Cardia knew his feelings, she had wished he had done so, only to be disappointed when he didn’t. One day, after receiving a letter from his mother, Victor decides to write back about his feelings for Cardia, However to his mortification, his parents assumed he must be dating her, and decided they wanted to meet her. This forces Victor to confront Cardia, but instead of confessing his feelings, he asks her to pretend to be his significant other.

And boy, Cardia was not happy about that. I can’t blame her. She was elated when it looked as if he was about to confess his love to her, only to be told such a thing. But man, I love it when Cardia is angry because she’s no pushover. She has this stern side about her that dissuades anyone from questioning her, probably because she’s usually so soft and adorable.

It was nice to see Victor grow more confident in himself, but much of that was thanks to Cardia’s initiation. Had it not been for her, I’m not sure if he would have ever broken out of his shell. It was because she set the conditions that if she were to act the part of his significant other, he would need to do the same as well, and to do so, they would need to practice. Honestly, it was a brilliant move on her part, especially since it was a clever way to get what she wanted, but also serve as a purpose to give Victor the opportunity to be upfront about his feelings. The only silly part silly part about the route was when Victor had indirectly his feelings for her on a number occasions. Cardia noticed this, but even though she knew how she felt about him, and now had a much clearer idea of how he felt about her, it did surprise me that she didn’t say anything until the very end. Ironically, it was Victor who asked her how she felt, which resulting her confessing first before he did. At least there were no angsty misunderstandings and we were able to see the two of them just have fluffy dates with each other.

And goodness let’s talk about their dates, because we were in for such a treat. First off we had this amazing one, where they go to a cafe and recieve a couple menu where there are three options. Quick Save there and read through every single one of them because they are absolutely hysterical. I almost fell off my chair from laughing so hard! This one was my favourite choice of the three!

This right here, was the best part of the game! KEKEKEKEKEKE!

Seriously, Victor got all the good stuff, that there wasn’t anything left for anyone else!

Final Verdict: 5/5

For Victor fans, this route was undoubtedly the treat they deserved, especially after what they gave us in Future Blessings. Not to mention, THEY ARE TOGETHER IN EVERY. SINGLE. CG! SO MUCH FLUFFFFFF AND CUTENESS OVERLOAD! I would definitely say Victor is the one who has the strongest and romantic route of all the Christmas Stories. This is exactly what I wanted to see in Future Blessings, and thank god they gave it to us here! With this they were able to successfully redeem themselves for Victor’s poorly executed White Rose After Story in Future Blessings.

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