Kakegurui×× Episodes 7 & 8

Yoshi commits tax fraud.

Again these episodes bring back a couple of the past student council members. I don’t know why, though. These episodes did include two more new members of the -bami family, Mira and Ibara but it wasn’t really about them. These two episodes were mostly about Sumeragi and Manyuda and their growing relationship after what happened in their last gamble. This is kind of the same thing as with the Yumemi episodes. I don’t necessarily dislike Sumeragi and Manyuda but I’m not exactly crazy about either of them too. With this second season, I was hoping that we would get more insight on the -bami members, and we more or less have. I think of the characters so far, I’ve only really shown the most interest in Sumia. Mira looked like she could have been a really interesting character but she was only played like a fiddle in the end. Ibara I thought would have had a crazier personality, but again it wasn’t about him this time.

I think I’m just disappointed in this season overall. The first episode was pretty bad but the second one opened up to a possibly exciting second season with this election, but so far it hasn’t been very exciting at all. The only thing that’s really caught my interest was Mary and Ririka teaming up together with Mary’s goal to take down Kirari but nothing with that plot point has moved on. Terano wants to take down Kirari and for once we’re seeing her make a move with this gamble, and Yumeko wants to do the same. Terano does have a point, that if Yumeko wanted to go up against Kirari that she would have done so already, so what is she plotting? I can’t really tell what Yumeko is plotting but we’ve never gotten much in character development for her.

There was one thing that was that could have pushed this and it gave us a little insight in Yumeko’s character but it wasn’t pushed further. Manyuda’s life was pretty much ruined after the gamble between him and Yumeko. He’s billions down the hole, basically disowned by his family and is pretty much a laughing stock. He’s at his lowest and even though Sumeragi is trying to pick him up, he’s not interested. At first. But what I like that he brought up was whether or not Yumeko felt even a bit of remorse for ruining peoples’ lives through her gambles. She was smiley with him before he brought it up, and suddenly her mood changed and her reaction was really interesting. She’s remorseful for not feeling remorseful. Rei hears this and gets angry, because she’s seen firsthand what a ruined life looks like and we get a flashback of her sister folding cranes from money. I was hoping we would get more to that because we still don’t know anything about Yumeko’s sister and her family life that led to all this. I’m guessing her sister risked too much in a gamble that ended up ruining her life and maybe ruined the family name, and it seems to be significant enough that the other -bami characters know about it. Yumeko says she doesn’t feel remorse but there was a bit of sadness in her eyes. I can’t really tell what she’s feeling but at least we got some insight into her character, and I’m glad Manyuda mentioned this in the first place. I’m hoping we got more of this but we’re most likely not.

The gamble itself was fine. It was a more unique and fun game where everyone part of the gamble sort of were working together, while at the same time tricking each other. I was suspicious of Sumeragi from the start because she kept whining, and the liar is always the one that makes the most noise. In the end it was her and Mira that were the traitors and Sumeragi really only did this for Manyuda’s sake. It was a twist that Terano and Sumeragi were betting on the gamble. To Sumeragi, the election really wasn’t important for her. What was important was kicking Manyuda out of his hole and back into the person he used to be, because she loves him. In the end, Yumeko gains some votes while Terano gains a lot, and Sumeragi drops out of the election.

Sayaka looks like she’s going to have her turn next time because she’s tired of being ignored by her precious crazy ass president. I’ve heard from manga readers that this part is a good one but with my attitude towards the anime at this point, I’m not sure.

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