Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 8

I am not sure what I expected from this episode, but I was surprised when it ended because I was really enjoying. Although it started off on such a dramatic note, it ending on such a high one, with everybody drunk but Fujita and Mei. It was absolutely hilarious. Poor Fujita though, he ended up being a host of a party at his place after everyone was duped by Koizumi into thinking they were going to an actual cafe.

Fujita is quite a cool character, and although we really didn’t learn much about him beyond his trauma, the reason why he fights ghosts and how he is unexpectedly skilled at household chores, I really have come to adore him a lot. In fact, i couldn’t help but laugh because in the beginning of the episode, we have Ougai and Mei practicing dancing together (with poor Syunso as the third wheel, whose time together with Mei is hijacked by the rest of the guys) where as later, we see Mei interacting with Fujita, and he turned out to be yet another character that has natural chemistry with Mei. I thought it was nice to see him (unexpectedly) open up to her, help fix her clothes and the way he held her hand when he asked her to join his Supernatural Division. There was just something so calming and pleasant about the scene, perhaps it’s because of the stark contrast of Mei’s gentle approach to spirits compared to Fujita’s violent way of facing them.

It seems the time for Mei to return to the future is also approaching, with Mei suddenly passing out when she recalled the girl’s face who offered her to join them the night she had been swept back into time. While Ougai wasn’t there to witness her collapses, it seems based on the preview, he has been aware of how Mei is always looking at the moon, and has a sneaking suspicious that she will disappear one day. At the same time, this also reminded me how this show is almost over. With only four episodes left, there isn’t a whole lot of time before they have to bid their farewells. Certainly Mei might argue with Charlie, saying she’d rather stay, but he will probably list a number of reasons why she would have to refuse. Anyhow, at this point I really don’t care about Mei’s thought process when it comes to the guys, so I’m hoping we will gain more insight on Ougai’s instead.

Overall this was a simply yet really cute episode. While the romance is not living up to my expectations, the show’s humour and endearing characters are certainly what keeps me coming back for more.


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2 thoughts on “Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 8

  1. Checking the source game, it seems the true route uses parts of Ougai’s route as the intro (initial route choices at the start lead you to either stay at Ougai’s mansion, Yakumo’s hotel, or Otojirou’s geisha house. In the true route, Mei will end up lodging with Ougai.)
    My guess is that since Mei already spends more time with Ougai from the start, the director thought it fit to incorporate the romantic stuff from Ougai’s proper route for the anime.
    Fujita Gorou’s real name is Saito Hajime, ex-captain of the shogunate-era Shinsengumi. If you’ve played Hakuoki, watched Rurouni Kenshin or read up on the Shinsengumi then you’ll likely know his story already.
    In a way it does explain his overly strict and near-formal behaviour, especially if he was ex-samurai.

  2. Freaking Ougai when he is creeping over the gate door at Mei and Syunso XD and the whole lot of them getting drunk. And the guy at the beginning of the episode with Kyoka hitting on Mei (Ozaki I think his name was?). Slow your roll there sir. Yeah really good funsy episode. But agreed the romance aspect of the anime is pretty meh and with it ending so soon I don;t see how they are going to make it…I don’t know.. like matter anymore? At this point I just really like watching all these characters interact and do their thing.

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