Collection of short stories following the White Rose Side Stories of Future Blessings
To access the Special Epilogue’s CG, click Events on the Special Epilogue menu!


Arsène Lupin

The story follows their wedding where after Cardia aren’t about Lupin’s parents, he suggests they go to France for their honeymoon. There he shows her his hometown and takes her to visit the grave of his mentor and father figure, Theophraste.

The story was nice, I thought it was cute and touching, and I’m glad that Cardia got to visit Theo’s grave. But that’s just about it, it seems they already had their “share” of fun in Guardian of Rebirth and Future Blessings. As result I really don’t have much to say about this one.

Abraham Van Helsing

It was Van and Cardia’s turn to have their wedding. Everything had been going according to plan except on the day of the wedding, Cardia gets dragged off after being mistaken as an actress for a play rehearsal. Poor Van thought she had been kidnapped, and was about to kick everyone’s ass because they were spoiling their day. He was upset about not being the first to see her in her dress, and really, I don’t blame him. He was looking forward to it. Hahaha. (No kidding, Cardia looks absolutely stunning her wedding dress and veil!)

After the doom and gloom of their route in the Side Story of Future Blessings, I really enjoyed seeing Van all affectionate and adorable as I know he is. It was a bittersweet moment when he reflected on how he was finally going to have a family again.

 Victor Frankenstein

Although Victor and Cardia are already married, they had yet to hold a wedding. So finally the two of them were able to do so with the help of Queen Victoria who gave them access to St. Paul Cathedral.

That’s it.
That’s the story.

[Sweats nervously] Sorry, I’m drawing a blank here. It was cute and all, but that was just about it. There really wasn’t much going on beyond planning for the wedding, which was admittedly boring for most part since it was Victor running around doing the preparations. I guess that’s what happens after they went all out with his Christmas Story. I think it’s fair to say that one is a tough one to follow up on! I will say, it is a shame we didn’t get to see Cardia’s dress here, because I absolutely adore her headpiece, she looks so lovely!

Impey Barbicane

Man I loved this short story, I thought it was the cutest thing! Impey had been away on a job for a long time, and on the day he finally came home, Cardia had decided she wanted to go to her mansion in Wales to see if her father had any documents related to space. While she did leave him a letter, she didn’t say why she was going, and Impey misunderstood it as her leaving. Poor guy, though I laughed because I knew it was going to happen. Luckily the misunderstanding was easy to resolve with him rushing to Wales, and they were able to watch the Meteor Shower as he had originally planned to do with her as soon as he had returned, and was able to give her the gift he had gotten her, a ring.

Of the entire group, Impey has proven to be the most creative (go figure) when it comes to selecting a ring. Although they had gotten married, they didn’t have rings at the time, so he had been saving up to a special one. I absolutely loved his idea of leaving the spot where the gem would usually sit empty so that when she holds it up to the moon, it looks like it’s resting on the ring. It thought it was the most endearing idea ever, especially since it’s a dream they now both are pursuing together. I also adore the two CGs, because Impey holding Cardia is always the cutest thing ever. Makes my heart flutter!

Saint Germain

AHHHHHH Saint-Germain’s Epilogue was full of feels! MY EMOTIONS!!!!!!!!! It made me all teary when Omnibus gave them their blessings, especially when Saint-Germain heard Trismegistus’s voice acknowledging their miracle. Damn it, that choked me up real bad. I was ready to cry at this point. What made this scene and gesture so incredibly special was how for the first time (in the main game universe), this is the first time I felt Idea feel like family to Saint-Germain, probably because up until now everything been so hostile and at each other’s throats. It made me heart ache learning that would be the last time they meet, as Idea no longer needs to monitor Cardia.  Now Saint-Germain and Cardia are both truly free.

I always loved the way Saint-Germain looks at her, it’s so tender and loving. Even though there was no kiss CG, the expression in his eyes makes up for it, especially when they widened in surprise, oh gosh I almost cried. We could see how much this meant to Saint-Germain.  I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS OKAY!?!?!


Final Verdict:

Overall, I was really surprised by the amount of content in the Special Epilogues. I thought we were going to get a short story with one CG, but instead it’s two, and the stories are following after Future Blessings’ Side Story of the Main Game’s Universe. I am so glad this was included because admittedly I was a bit salty about what had appeared at the time, the lack of follow up, especially since Impey and Lupin were the only ones who had a wedding. So I was thrilled to see Van, Victor and Saint-Germain all have their turn with their weddings. Cardia looked absolutely stunning in every one of them. It’s almost a shame we couldn’t see her dress in Victor’s route (but her crown was absolutely lovely) and only the back of her dress in Saint-Germain’s (but I loved how unique it looked, Saint-Germain had spoiled her with just about everything custom made). Thinking back of all the wedding dresses we have seen Cardia in as a whole, I still think the overall look in Van’s Epilogue was the most beautiful one of them all.

Special Epilogues unlocks after you have completed a couple of Triangle Dates, Alternative Story: Christmas Tale, and Sholmes and Finis’ Epilogues. And the final CG in the Special Epilogue will only be revealed once you obtained all the CG in the game. It’s easy to get them all but, there is a CG set in Cantarella’s route that requires you to go back to go back and play through the second option (the one where you pick which path you want to take: East or West. Each one has a unique CG). So make sure you save at that point so it’s a quick grab! Once you do, you will be rewarded with this beauty!

Once you do, you will be rewarded with this beauty!

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