These last two weeks of Slime Isekai have been focused on rescuing the children that Shizu-san was raising from their imminent deaths. In a true Slime Isekai manner we spend a majority of the first episode getting to know the kids. You need to see how adorable and great they are so you’ll be really sad when one of them starts to look a little terminally ill, right? This results in some fairly heartwarming scenes where the kids try THEIR HARDEST TO MURDER RIMURU, WATER BLADES OF DEATH AND ALL!

No kidding, these kids warn on several occasions the death they think they’ll rain on our protagonist. Luckily Rimuru is OP and getting more OP as we go along, so he just avoids the death these children try to inflict on him and continues the adventure, trying to show them that he will protect them. He eventually shows them Shizue’s mask and this seals the deal for most of them: they’ll trust him to save them. (Though it seems that they aren’t sure, I could be mistaken, of what he means.)

Rimuru happens to save a castle of people from a dragon monster that is attacking, and they repay him with a trip to eat at his castle/mansion. This is a great example of how other anime might use this opportunity to show how seedy or greedy a merchant could be, with no concern for the lives of others. Nope, Rimuru saved a merchant who can come to town and who is excited to make money. Everything tends to work out for him because he’s clever and he eats things.

And yet I can’t complain because I love that about this little slime face cutie??


So then Rimuru decides to get superior spirits to inhabit the kids to save them. Of course this will make op warriors while also saving them, I’m betting, making his accidental quest for world domination even more successful.  But I just. I can’t okay? Rimuru has to battle a gundam in this world. A magisteel gundam. To prove worthy of progressing. This show just, it’s everything that should be bad but somehow works. How are you doing this to me, Slime Isekai?

we’re the children you’re now becoming emotionally invested in!

The way Rimuru has to solve everything in this show is just comical. That’s why the show works: because the show is just teetering on the uncanny valley long enough for straight man Rimuru to pull it back and go, oh, obviously I can deal with this. I am very clever and good at making sense of this world. He meets a tsundere spirit who he feeds cookies to convince to be on his side, because of course he does, and she tells the backstory of the Hero Leon.


Well, it was very interesting to learn he was a hero. Given we know how much of a threat he is now I feel bad for Rimuru, but it’s also understandable that he would be so significant if he is the series main ‘antagonist’. But afterwards Rimuru’s new tsundere friend helps him start summoning so they can do their best to save the children. He’s gonna save them for you, Shizue-san!


I gotta stop or I’m gonna cry over waifu Shizu again..uwu…