Episodes ten and eleven of Dimension High School basically wraps up all of the plot elements we have been introduced too over the episode nine episode.

As we see Shiroyama down in the dumps from not being able to pinpoint what it is that he lost. The others decide it’s time to try to cheer him up, now what is it that will cheer him up? Plants? Yes, he likes plants but that’s not the right way to go here. Puzzles! Yes, puzzles and a nice relaxed environment to solve them in.
They even invite the minor characters from the garden club. However, there is a problem. It’s at this moment that Shiroyama realizes what it is that he has lost.

His puzzle solving ability.

Well, this is just unforunate for our heroes as they face the loss of their brain blasting genius. Spudio returns from the ocean and is ready to take them to the other side again. Leaving the gardening club members behind, confused and scared.

On the other side, the students are faced with their final battle. All four Sphinx’s at once, joined together in Momoya’s body. A human persona, possessing not just the soul of their teacher but every Sphinx that they have defeated up until this point.

The dimensional level is 2.9. They can’t afford to lose even a single person, but how are they going to manage without Shiroyama’s genius? Well, while he can’t solve the puzzles for them due to what he is missing.
It does not mean he can’t be cunning in a different way. He sets it up as such, they will give each other riddles. The heroes vs the Sphinx’s, whoever loses first is bond to the 2-D classroom forever via the unbreakable rules of the Sphinx.

The two groups begin their battle, solving the riddles until one of them loses. At the 10th riddle, Shiroyama pulls a dirty trick and gives them a riddle with no answer.
The boys solve the riddle from the Sphinx and are sent home, due to the rules of the world and how the Sphinx’s laws work. Though, the Sphinx’s claim they will be back when they solve the riddle.

Before this though, we get a little backstory on Spudio. He was very much like Shiroyama, in fact, he was the person that belonged to Shiroyama’s 2-D avatar before. He was fighting the Sphinx’s along side his friends, but they all lost.
As they had everything taken away, Spudio got his soul taken and put into this rock and made into the Sphinx’s slave. Implanting him with false memories and making him think he was working for Odipus.
With him, the Sphinx’s took Odipus and twisted him on his head. Even his name, Spudio is Odipus spelled backwards.
Boy, did I feel REALLY stupid for not picking up on that sooner. I am really bad at catching things like that, I know a lot of people aren’t watching this show but I feel like the last horse in the tiny group of people still watching. Even if I don’t know any of them and can’t ask. So Spudio, Momoya and the Sphinx’s are left in the classroom to try to solve this puzzle without an answer for all time.

Our heroes return to the 3-D world, everything they had been missing has been returned to them. The surgery plates to Kikawada, the puzzle solving abilities to Shiroyama and dignity to Midorigaoka. Shiroyama explains Momoya’s sacrifice. How he intended from the very start to protect his students and the world. Ten years pass, they graduate.

Shiroyama goes on to work on his parents farm. As he wanted to during high school.
Mizukami becomes a model and actor, who occasionally features on puzzle shows.
Kikawada goes into construction to get the money to become an architect.
Lastly, Midorigaoka becomes a teacher of physics at their old high school. Though the school won’t be around much longer and will be closing down in under a year.

They meet to talk about the old times and as they speak about the puzzle being unsolvable. Spudio is sent to ask for a hint and hears the entire thing, he goes back to the 2-D world with this knowledge and tells the Sphinx’s.
In their rage, they attempt to break free of the sealed off classroom to get their revenge and find themselves destroyed instead. This sets both Spudio and Momoya free, however, the classroom is collapsing as it’s a space made by the Sphinx’s.

Spudio uses the last of his energy to send Momoya back to where he came.
Before that though, he sees something on the border between places. His old friend Shiro, who is so proud of him. Momoya tells Shiro that their manga won the contest and Shiro tells him to continue writing.
Even without him.
Odipus and Shiro became one in the 4th dimension to have this moment and grant Momoya’s wish before sending him back to the 3-D world.

The boys see Momoya laying on the beach and the episode wraps with them running over to him.

Honestly, i’m not sure what we need a 12th episode for. This wraps up the story in it’s entirety, I am going to hold until episode 12 does air to give my final impressions. Just, not sure what to expect at the end. I know from the preview that they will be touring the school as it’s set for it’s end to come.

Next episode: Epilogue – Tutoring 10 years later