Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Golden Wind: Episode 23 [Clash and Talking Heads]

I have to admit, I was extremely frustrated with Mista in these two episodes. Everyone that wasn’t Giorno or Narancia really, because you’d think they’d be able to catch on that there was something wrong from the way that Narancia was acting. Though, it still frustrates me less than Joseph, who was the most paranoid about Enemy Stands being totally okay with a light socket in the middle of the dessert in part 3. So I guess it gets a pass.

This episode picks up where the last one left off, with Giorno being bitten in the neck by the shark stand.
Aerosmith does it’s best to keep track of Giorno, even with Clash teleporting and the intention to stop Giorno from breathing.

Talking Heads is the most confusing stand ability so far. It makes you say the opposite of what you mean and can control the length and movement of your tongue, that’s pretty straight forward. Why though does it mean it can force changes in movement sometimes as well? Such as where Narancia is pointing? Why can’t it change it at other times? Such as stopping Narancia from cutting it out later when Giorno gives him a replacement bit for his tongue? Ah! I am so confused by this stupid Stand. In particular, since I read it stops Narancia from writing what he means in the manga too. I wondered why he didn’t try that in the anime, but I can see why they would cut the scene if it added nothing to the story with the fact it doesn’t work.

If I have to be honest, I wasn’t too invested in these episodes for a lot of the same reasons that Berry stated.
I have SO many questions about the kitchen scene. Okay, so like, I get causing the gas leak to screw up Aerosmith’s ability. Why the heck would Mista just, shoot like that though? Like, first off. Wouldn’t he question it because of how weird Narancia was acting? Couldn’t they, I don’t know, smell the gas?! Like, sure, let’s just run into this kitchen and try to shoot at the enemy stand without accessing the situation at all first. God, anyway…

 The most tense and the most interesting part of both episodes is when Giorno gives Narancia the advice that i’d been sitting there thinking of for a while now. ‘Don’t attack the stand, attack the user.’
Which honestly, i’m surprised he didn’t think of sooner. The minute I knew I was dealing with a teleporting stand, I would of known that I had very little chance of defeating it without tracking down the user. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy to track the user either.
We’re in a highly crowded area and Narancia’s stand picks up the oxygen from all kinds of things. So I can understand where this would be a problem, however, I have to say the solution that Narancia comes up with to look for someone who’s breathing changed drastically when they saw him with their own stand on a knife along with Narancia’s cut out tongue is pretty clever.
In particular when you couple finding that person along with finding someone who is injured from having their stand attacked earlier.

Though I can’t imagine that people would like, not be panicking if they saw three guys walking around covered in blood and collapsing and like suddenly sprouting blood out of seemingly nowhere. I’m aware this is Jojo, but you’re in the middle of a super crowded street in the middle of venice and not ONE person freaked out? Even after they noticed a guy collapse?

Well, after everything is said and done and Giorno is saved. The group heals up and gets back on their feet and begins heading to Sardinia.

oof, I am a little sad. I wanted to like these episodes, because I love Narancia and I really enjoy episodes that are focused on him.
The stand users for Clash and Talking heads were also fairly interesting with their extremely homoerotic relationship.

Still I just felt like there was something missing, and I really do think it can be boiled down to the idea that anyone that wasn’t Narancia or Giorno was acting like a complete dumbass. Mista and Abbacchio, honestly, I almost expect it from these two at this point. However, I feel like Bruno would of been sharper, would of been more observant like Giorno and also been able to sense that there was something wrong and perhaps deduce that there were two stands at work.

I am super excited to see where we go from here though. With us heading to Sardinia to find out about the bosses history, we’ll learn more about what’s going on overall and see more interesting stands. I’m honestly really interested in Trish’s stand, i’m a little sad they spoiled what it looked like in the opening but at least we weren’t given any clues as to what it’s power is.

It’s also nice once again to see Giorno becoming someone that the group can trust. Mista had his episode as they fought against White Album and this is Narancia’s turn. He can see how helpful Giorno is and how much he’s working to help and lead them. Now if only Abbacchio would come around, oh well, not counting on that any time soon.

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