I am quite pleased with what we got to see out of Madoka’s character. She has a lot of pressure on her shoulder to uphold her father’s expectations of absolute perfection. She must be at the top of just about everything, and has been raised to follow his “guidance” by doing what she’s told. However Madoka found herself conflicted about how to deal with the situation at hand, of having witnessed and met the very Aliens her father (who is the Chief of Space Research Special Task Force) investigating the reports of Aliens spotting, which by the way, is a good thing to see since I made a point about this last week. Hilariously he walked right past Lala with no signs of suspicion, but I suspect he probably thought she was cosplaying, ahahaha. Needless to say, I find it laughable how they haven’t found Lala’s space ship yet. I mean, it’s not like it’s invisible. Not to mention,  The only reason why he didn’t pay any mind to Lala was that he probably thought she was cosplaying, ahahaha, but I digress.

One of the things I really liked about Madoka’s character was while she retains the common trope of as the president of the student council, she is popular and loved by all, I still enjoyed seeing her more conflicted sides where she wasn’t afraid to be tough to uphold her father’s expectations. She had suspicions of alien activity at school after having noticed Lala is not a student there, and there’s a strange fluffy creature hanging around Hikaru and the sorts. She actually went to confront them, and ended up catching them red-handed when Fuwa carelessly revealed herself (FUWA YOU HAD ONE JOB!). Luckily for them, Fuwa was able to successfully charm her with her puppy eyes into agreeing to keep her and Lala a secret. I am looking forward to seeing how Madoka to learning how to take ahold of her own life and decisions over the course of the series.

Madoka also made her debut as precure this week, and oh my goodness, Cure Selene hands down has the absolute best transformation of the group. Gosh, everything about her transformation sequence, from the way it was presented to the motions and poses they used, was breathtaking. There was a simplistic elegance to it, and it really went a long way! On top of that, I am huge fan of Cure Selene’s character design, making it my new favourite to date, oh and because I just love characters who can use arrows, pretty much seals the deal of my favourite attack, ahaha! It also helped that her voice was solid too. And speaking of which, I made myself listen to the transformation again, and with Elena’s voice in the mix, I can’t tell if they re-recorded Hikaru’s part (we will have to wait until we see her transform on her own again to be sure) or her voice was so damn good, that she actually managed to salvage what was a hot mess. And now with Madoka’s voice, it should be solid all round. That being said, while it’s now bearable to listen to, I still disagree with the idea of making them sing during their transformation, and I don’t think that will change in the foreseen future.

Next week, they will be introducing a jet black pen that will play a big part in targeting Humans. Considering the duo (I forget their name) have already been established for developing stuff for the Notraiders, either they figured out how to corrupt the pens (making it black) or they managed to make their own to serve their specific purpose. Regardless, this means the girls are going to need to purify it, bringing back the formula of the usual. It’s not a bad thing though. In fact, I would be happy to have both formula play a role in this, besides, I think most of us already knew it was bound to come back at some point or another, and I think next week is actually the perfect time to do so..


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  1. Ayal92

    I love this season of Precure included a MIB plot with Madoka’s dad. It gives the usual ojousama character a lot more moral conflict since she is actively working with aliens behind his back. I think it should have been a two parters, actually. The episode doesn’t go in depth on Madoka’s opinion on aliens, her dad’s motivations or why asking him to protect Lala and co isn’t an option.

    1. Eva

      Yes, that is something I wished they had spent some time on. A two-parter like Elena’s for introducing her character would have helped us gain some insight. Hopefully they will be able to show us a bit more of her colors, otherwise I fear she will become another flat character :\

      1. elior1

        to me it a bit clear why asking her father is not an option.you heard what his opinion abou aliens so tell him will be bad for lala

  2. littleshogun

    Since you mention the song here, I would say that the staffs probably will remove it slowly in the future if they find out that many audience dislike it, so you didn’t really need to worry about it too much (Just treat it as very loud background sounds if it could help you there). If anything, at least it’s not as much as Emiru and Lulu song in which it’s Tsubota’s Magnum Opus as lyric writer (Or to put it concisely she use Emiru and Lulu to promote her song, so if you still traumatized by that song you can blame Tsubota for that lol).
    As for Madoka, I think Isao need to be rushed a bit in regard of his writing. But rest assured we might know more about Fuyuki (Madoka’s dad name) and Madoka relation in the future, so we could look forward into that although I wouldn’t expect something very heavy from this though. If anything, at most I’ll just expect of how Isao will write on the relationship development between the father and daughter here and possibly what Madoka want to do by her own for the future, but if he (Isao) will write of how Fuyuki managed to find that Lala is the alien and what he’ll doing to her then it’s a bonus. For the last word here, I did find that Selene’s simple design is very appealing (I’m interested with it since I saw the design I admit) although I’m also hoping that the staffs could divide the development between the four Cures equally later.

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