I gotta say, I am quite relieved this incident didn’t spook me too much (though there were moments where i did cover my eyes because of the uncertainty of how the situation as about to play out), but it certainly does point things are bound to get darker and more ominous as the story goes on. I suppose a big factor in that is the comedic moments in between the dire situation, such as Miyako’s response. This case showed him the more frightening and unsettling part of the job, and how powerless they can be if they don’t have the resources or the backup to deal with it. I can’t tell you how many time I thought, “THANK GOD” when more reinforcements showed up, because this was way more than the trio could handle on their own.
The culprit behind this incident is Kohaku, otherwise better known as Huehuecoyotl, a notorious coyote God known for being a trickster who unleashes chaos and disaster for his own amusement. The scariest part about this is how he really does have a child-like personality where if he doesn’t get what he wants or is ignored, he will cause all sorts of trouble like this particular “surprise gift” of attempting to release hordes of Kyoshi to the surface and terrorize the Humans. After-all, he pulled this stunt because Miyako didn’t recognize him, and refused to say his name.
He also forced Miyako to “accept” the claim he is Seimei because had he not, Kohaku would have killed him and everyone on the spot. (I must say, it was absolutely hilarious how quickly Miyako jumped back on to the Seimei ship!) Luckily, Kohaku had given him an opportunity to save everyone, and thanks to his grandfather’s stories, Miyako was able to recall the one about the “black fox” yokai Seimei had whom he named, but never forced him to serve him: Kohaku. (Funny enough, even though Kohaku repeatedly told Seimei he was not a fox but a coyote, the guy kept on identifying him as such!)
Boy, Miyako definitely has his hands full with needing to deal with such a dangerous character. Press the wrong button and he could be in a world of trouble. However on the flip-side of things, as long as he is willing to assist Miyako, he is likely to play an instrumental role in helping them trace down the demon whom he had obtained the girls to serve as the kyoshi’s energy source, known for kidnapping women. This brings us back to the case that was peeking under the pile of books in last week’s episode, about the unsolved case of missing women in Tokyo. This also opens up a new case involving Sakaki’s lost sister, who he has been searching for over ten years.
Although they were able to safely diffuse the situation from escalating any further, this incident brought the harrowing reality of the organization’s job. They can have investigators and all the sorts, but because they cannot actually arrest or put an Another on trial, their job is to solve the cases involving Humans, and come up with a cover story to continue hiding their existence from society.


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